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Interesting Note from the Rifle Range Today…

There were more .22 adapters in AR’s than actual AR’s firing the full powered round.  There were also more bolt guns in 6.5 Creedmoor than there were in .308.  I took my recently repaired and re-scope ring based (steel) and rings (steel) to wring it out to check accuracy and zero.  Had a great time.  Best group?  Federal, but it was out of a clean, cold barrel.

Here’s the first confirmed zero target at 100M.  The grid is 1/4 inch.  Not too shabby.

Now I gotta get out there with my .22-250 and my .243 and see what they can do!

If This Poll is Accurate….

Things will go kinetic very, very soon.  With one third of the country indicating they won’t take a vaccine (that’s about 110,000,000 people), and 28% refusing to wear masks or at least don’t prefer to wear masks, should laws be passed penalizing those who refuse to comply with this draconian pavlovian conditioning, I’m betting things get out of control really quickly.  And the charge will be led by one person……”Karen.”

(Natural News) A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico claims that a majority of Americans support forced muzzling under the penalty of fines or jail time in order to placate their own fears about catching the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Supposedly 72 percent of those asked indicated that they either “strongly” or “somewhat” support allowing the government to implement mandatory face mask edicts that are punishable by fines or prison time for those who violate them.

“Based on what you know about the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus), would you support or oppose your state instituting a face mask mandate in public spaces, where not wearing a mask could be punishable by fine or jail time?” the questionnaire asked.

Interestingly, the group that indicated the strongest support in response to this question was Baby Boomers, which generally lean “conservative” and claim to support minimal government intervention into people’s personal lives. A whopping 78 percent of them indicated that they support mask mandates based on these terms.

Next in line were millennials at 68 percent, followed by Generation Z at 63 percent. In other words, the younger the person, the more likely that he or she opposes mandating that people cover their noses and mouths with cloth or plastic.

As you might expect, nearly all of the Democrats polled – 86 percent, to be precise – expressed support for mandatory masks, while only 58 percent of Republicans support mandatory masks, demonstrating the partisan aspects of mask-wearing.

Why wear masks when there’s already a coronavirus cure?

Since this is a Politico poll, it is important to take it with a grain of salt. There were maybe a few hundred people who were asked this question about masks, which is hardly representative of the population at large.

At the same time, some suggest that masks might be a hot-button political issue this November, with an alleged majority supporting measures to keep them on people’s faces indefinitely.

Still others, including Dr. Stella Immanuel, a medical doctor in Houston, contends that masks are unnecessary, and that all people need to do if they are worried is to support their immune systems, including with the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Be sure to watch Dr. Immanuel speak below (around the 5:25 mark):

What more people in this country need to hear and watch are videos like the one above, which offer a fresh perspective on the plandemic that goes beyond the rote fear-mongering about social distancing and masks.

“We need your help,” Dr. Immanuel petitioned a day after the America’s Frontline Doctors press conference video was banned from the Big Tech gamut of platforms. “We are being attacked, ridiculed, and discredited. We need our patients to speak up.”

“If you have been cured by this drug (hydroxychloroquine), share your story online using this hashtag. #HCQWorks,” she added.

One Twitter user responded to Dr. Immanuel’s video tweet with additional information about how hydroxychloroquine supposedly also helps against HIV, fungal infections, rheumatological and cardiovascular conditions, kidney disease, diabetes, thromboembolic events, lipid problems, cancer, insulin issues, and graft-v-host disease following bone marrow transplants, along with much more.

“Now ‘they’ know how easily led are the American people,” wrote one Big League Politics commenter concerning the face mask poll. “Are we going to wear these for the rest of our lives or just until the next election that Dems want to win?”

“This shows me that the majority of Americans are brain dead and will just follow orders of convenience,” wrote another, adding that the next step will be for the “sheeple” to line up and get vaccinated. “They deserve the FEMA camps coming their way.”

More associated news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at


Ammo Availability Impact on Live Fire Training

Here we are, months into this ‘thing,’ and favorite brand ammo (whatever your favorite is) has become more scarce than hair on a frog.  I’m on about a dozen, “notify me when back in stock,” lists, and I’m sure I’m on the light end of people on ammo availability email lists.

Time on the live fire range is becoming more dear and time between sessions is getting much longer.  Gone are the days of expending 500 rounds in a training course for combat pistol/rifle.  Besides the ammo cost, the course and travel cost could go for purchasing ammo, right?

So if you’re like me, and are not independently wealthy, meaning you have to watch where you spend your money, what are some things that can be done to mitigate less time on the range?

How can you make the ammo you have last longer while not giving up live fire completely?

Here’s a few ideas, none of which are ‘the best idea ever’ – these are just to get started:

  • Bite the bullet and use what disposable funds you have and pay the higher cost for the ammo.
  • Increase the amount of dry fire you do, and if you have a regularly scheduled time to go to the range, make that particular dry fire session reflect your range time as much as you can.
  • Lessen the amount of rounds you fire.  I usually expend 150 to 200 rounds per session.  I could drop that to 50 and thereby shorten my range time.  That’d extend the amount of  time my practice ammo is currently projected to last a long time.
  • If you are performing services or selling things, take ammo in trade.

I’m sure you get the idea; there are many more things that can be done.  List your suggestions in the comments.

Mask Efficacy

From Phil’s site.

It’s ALL about power.

And some back up information from a liberal rag, USA Today.

The real reason:  “The Mayo Clinic says cloth masks can be effective because surgical and N95 masks are in short supply and should be reserved for health care workers, ”

Another thing they keep saying is, “MAY

“But the CDC does note, “A cloth face covering may not protect the wearer, but it may keep the wearer from spreading the virus to others.”

In other words, they don’t have a flipping clue.


If You Are Serious, and You REALLY Want to Know Why the USA is Where It Is….

Taken from WRSA.  Emphasis is mine.

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov

The journalist and Soviet defector long ago pegged the current left-wing moment.

Joe Biden on June 26 (YouTube screenshot)


It’s important to understand that this is a revolutionary moment in American history, and it isn’t a bad idea to act in ways that would fall under the traditional description of “accordingly.”

But it’s also important to understand that the revolution taking place in America is not yet a “kinetic” one [that means you still have time to get what you need, but you’ll be paying through the nose]  It may come soon, or it may not. The battle taking place presently is a war of information — or disinformation, as the case may be.

And the revolution is a Marxist revolution. You should make no mistake about that. The groups fomenting it, the intellectuals promoting it, and the money financing it are all quite open about who they are.

In any other time in American history a presidential candidate would have dumped Duckworth as a potential VP the minute she came out against George Washington.

The object of this information revolution? To begin with, defeating Donald Trump and installing Joe Biden as the Hard Left’s puppet president. Biden is, for now, palatable to the American people in ways that actual communist Bernie Sanders, spawn of a communist Pete Buttigieg, Sandinista sympathizer Bill de Blasio, and other far-left revolutionary (remember: Sanders has spent years traipsing around the country calling for a revolution) figures were not. But despite his lack of bona fides, Biden offers something quite beneficial to the Left — he is wholly incapable of executing the duties of president of the United States owing to a clear deficiency of mental function that shows itself every time he makes a public appearance. Couple that with Biden and his handlers being so utterly devoid of principle and scruples that he and they are willing to serve as an empty vessel into which might be poured whatever horrors the Left is willing to use him to bring on.

Joe Biden isn’t Vladimir Lenin. Biden is Alexander Kerensky, the Russian politician who served as the vessel for the revolutionaries to overthrow the old guard in 1917 and then, once he had proven himself useful toward that end, was shuffled aside so the real power could assume control. And as in Kerensky’s case, what comes after will bring the end of all that we know.

They’re not even trying to hide this anymore. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrice Cullors repeatedly says “We are trained Marxists.” Antifa’s imagery, dogma, public statements — all straight from the Marxist playbook. The bleatings of the Democrat Socialist crowd, including AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and the rest — unabashedly Marxist. What do you think every one of these “community organizing” outfits catching oversized checks from the Soroses of the world are teaching to their new recruits? Where do you think critical race theory, repressive tolerance, and intersectionalism, the tools of the cultural revolutionaries setting fire to all our traditions and institutions, came from? They came from the Frankfurt School, all of whom were Marxists.

This playbook was written long ago. If you think that Bernie Sanders or Kshama Sawant or Alicia Garza are smart enough to dream up a plan for taking down the greatest society the world has ever known, you are out of touch with reality. The only way they could have been as effective as they have so far is to follow somebody else’s plan. Which they are doing.

The reason you believe a Marxist revolution on these shores is far-fetched is that your faith in America’s institutions makes you believe the loss of your freedom and prosperity are impossible.

That confidence isn’t a flaw in your character. To the contrary, it’s a sign of your patriotism. But this moment makes that confidence unwarranted, if not obsolete.

Joe Biden is telling you that if he wins in November he will “transform” America. He’s telling you that he will institute massive, crushing tax increases. He’s talking about getting the Post Office into the banking business (not just putting the Post Office in charge of ballot security, banking as well), while his fellow Democrats are talking about creating a cashless society — the combination of which will effectively eliminate private finance and the cash economy, meaning no escape from the tender mercies of the IRS and government regulators who will then be able to audit and analyze all of your financial transactions.

Now is where you should be thinking about China’s new social credit scoring system, elements of which are already creeping into our society, and how that might merge with government banking and the elimination of cash.

The frightening promises Biden is making to the Hard Left in this country while he vets anti-American loons like Tammy Duckworth — who openly discusses the defenestration of George Washington and calls Abraham Lincoln and Jackie Robinson “dead traitors” because Trump praised them at Mount Rushmore, then pretends to be insulted when people rightly call that the offensive idiocy that it is — as his vice presidential choices, show that he is the Left’s puppet. Biden jumped in to defend Duckworth after her insane ranting, in case you missed it; in any other time in American history a presidential candidate would have dumped her as a potential VP the minute she came out against George Washington.

You shouldn’t believe the polls that show Biden with such huge leads. But the reason those polls are delivering the numbers they do should make you concerned.

Those polls are trash, because Trump voters are “shy voters.” If you’re voting for Trump, are you really going to tell a stranger over the phone whom you’re voting for? Doing so might put you on a list, get you doxxed, get you fired from your job, beat up, or worse.

Why do you as a Trump voter worry about that? You, and everyone else in America, are being demoralized.

There is a video interview from a long time ago that you should see if you haven’t already seen it. It’s one of those things that many of our readers may have seen years ago and then forgot about — but all of a sudden it’s incredibly relevant again. The interview dates back to 1984, and it was conducted by the author, filmmaker, and John Birch Society gadfly G. Edward Griffin with a Soviet defector and former KGB operative named Yuri Bezmenov.

Forget about Griffin’s background. He was something of an Alex Jones of his time, and he’s still around in his dotage, obsessing about things that cost him his relevance. It’s Bezmenov who matters. The Russian was involved at relatively high levels as a propagandist par excellence before leaving the USSR for Canada, and he laid out in excruciating detail the process by which a free society might be brought to collapse.

Bezmenov didn’t dream that up. It wasn’t even a secret. Nikita Khrushchev, who ran the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1964, was quite open in predicting the destruction of the United States and furthermore said it would happen in the way that every society eventually collapses — internally.

“We will take America without firing a shot,” Khrushchev said. “We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

Khrushchev and the Soviets weren’t just bragging. What he was talking about was an entire system of Marxist indoctrination and takeover they had perfected and executed in country after country during the 20th century. Eastern Europe. North Korea. North Vietnam, then all of Vietnam. Cuba. Nicaragua. Later, Venezuela. Various African countries, including South Africa, the communist bloom of which has only recently come to pass. Some of those countries went communist because the Soviets rolled the tanks in; most went communist because the pre-communist society collapsed for various reasons. All went communist after they had been infiltrated with Marxist revolutionaries.

The point being that there was a template in place for how to penetrate a society with Marxist ideals and implode it so that the revolutionaries would control the ruins. Bezmenov, whose father was a high-ranking Soviet military official and who was trained to be an elite KGB overseas operative, was taught the template and put to work in India attempting to infiltrate that country and bring it into the Warsaw Pact. He also worked at the Soviet RIA Novosti news organization, editing and planting propaganda materials into foreign media. The man knew exactly what he was talking about when he outlined how a Marxist revolution might be America down without firing a shot, just as Khrushchev had predicted.

Of course, the Soviet Union didn’t take America down. We won the Cold War and they lost. The USSR collapsed before we did, mostly because America had a leader in Ronald Reagan who had the vision and will to pressure the Soviets into collapse and openly talked of a day when Soviet communism was on the ash-heap of history.

But Reagan also warned that freedom is a fragile thing, and that it’s never more than one generation from extinction. That warning expired when Reagan did, as Americans grew far too complacent after the USSR fell apart and forgot what communism means. And as the cold warriors of the 20th century passed into the history books, what replaced them was an American cultural and political elite either ignorant of the Marxist threat and how it might materialize, or far more concerned with the rise of Islam.

That’s how you got a red diaper baby like Barack Obama elected president of this country for two terms. It’s also how you got Republican state legislators, governors, and congressmen fully invested in throwing money into education, and particularly higher education, without a second of thought as to what they were funding. The teachers’ unions were the largest donors to Bernie Sanders. What do you think that tells you? Why are you surprised the schools are turning out students who think Washington and Jefferson were villains?

Back to Bezmenov, who warned us in 1984 that a free society collapses in four stages, and the first is demoralization. What he meant by demoralization is a process by which students in schools controlled by disciples of leftist thought would be indoctrinated into a set of values and beliefs foreign to those of the American tradition. Bezmenov said, in 1984, mind you, that this would happen when the 1960s and 1970s student radicals began to control the educational institutions, and their project would be to throw out traditional Judeo-Christian morality, classical education, and American patriotism. Is there any doubt this has happened? Our young people are the least patriotic in our nation’s history, and the most ignorant of the cultural, intellectual, and ideological patrimony of which they are heirs.

It’s even worse than that, because the cultural Marxist project not just in our schools but in our media and entertainment institutions has poisoned those against the country. Remember when the NFL was an escape from politics? Remember when the movies Hollywood made extolled American values and made viewers feel good about their country?

When was the last time you saw anything from American education or corporate media that made you feel good about your country?

The first goal of revolutionary propaganda, particularly the Marxist variety, is to demoralize. It’s to depress you and make you believe your civilization is lost. Once you succumb to that, you are, in the words of Ming the Merciless, “satisfied with less.” Why do you think ordinary white people are so willing to apologize for the sins of their ancestors and to confess to being racist without even knowing it? Why do you think corporate America is blindly endorsing a Marxist revolutionary organization that openly declares war on the nuclear family?

That’s demoralization, and according to Bezmenov it’s the first step in engineered societal collapse.

What’s the second step? Destabilization.

Bezmenov describes that as a rapid decline in the structure of a society — its economy, its military, its international relations. We’ve discussed in this space the unquestionable impetus on the part of Democrats to keep the economy as hamstrung as possible with COVID-19 shutdowns, and those continue despite a precipitous decline in death rates as testing ramps up across the country. It’s clear the virus is no longer a significant threat to the health of Americans who don’t already have serious medical issues, and yet COVID hysteria is increasing, rather than decreasing. Just Wednesday the Ivy League shut down all its sporting events planned for the fall semester, an absurd decision that is nonetheless likely to be copied by other universities dominated by leftist political activists (the Big Ten, ACC, and SEC are all in various stages of planning conference-only schedules this fall, which makes no sense whatsoever). The virus is the perfect platform by which to impose the economic destabilization the Left has wanted all along.

No, that isn’t a conspiracy theory. They’re telling you it’s what they’re after. Do you believe Ilhan Omar was off-script when she suggested dismantling America’s economy as a system of oppression earlier this week? Ilhan Omar, who paid a political consultant $900,000 in fees last year, money that came from somewhere, isn’t smart enough to say these things without having the script written for her. She’s being trotted out to introduce them because she’s already radioactive and a lightning rod for criticism, and also because she’s (1) black, (2) Muslim, and (3) an immigrant, and even an illegal one. To criticize her statements as cracked bears the signature not of incisive reasoning but rather racism. So when other Democrats join her call you are no longer allowed to object.

Google Omar’s statements and what you’ll find is a loud cacophony of gaslighting by left-wing media outlets like Common DreamsThe Nation, the Washington Post, and others attacking Republicans for reacting to what they saw and heard on video as “meltdowns” and “losing their minds.” Even Snopes, the left-wing site purportedly acting as a fact-check operation, declares that Omar didn’t actually say what she said.

That’s destabilization. They’re fully engaged in it, whether you believe they’ve been successful or not. But ask Mark McCloskey, for example, whether or not he thinks it’s outlandish to suggest the American order has been destabilized. McCloskey told Tucker Carlson that after the police told him they couldn’t protect him after the incident where he and his wife used guns to protect their property from a mob of Black Lives Matter trespassers, he called around to private security firms for help and was given advice to get out of his house and let the mob do what they would. Does that sound like a stable society to you?

The third stage is crisis, the catalyzing event that builds on the first two stages to bring on the change the revolutionaries are looking for. Looking for a crisis? Take your pick. We barely even remember the fact that we just had only the third presidential impeachment in American history half a year ago, a constitutional crisis that was wholly and completely manufactured directly out of thin air. We progressed immediately from that to COVID-19, which was unquestionably a manufactured crisis — not that the virus itself isn’t deadly to a certain portion of the population, but if you think the panic and destruction it’s caused doesn’t smack of manufacture then it’s clear you’ve been demoralized.

And then the George Floyd riots and the paroxysms of violence and virtue-signaling those have brought on, complete with the current campaign to bowdlerize American history and culture in an increasingly indiscriminate fashion. That’s a crisis, everybody, and it’s a completely manufactured one. The speed of the cultural collapse that followed Floyd’s death — when the legal system moved very swiftly against the police officers responsible for it — makes it undeniable this was planned and only needed a catalyst.

What’s the fourth stage? Normalization. As in, a “new normal.” The statues and monuments are gone, the ball games are out, or at least you aren’t allowed in the stadium to watch them (and you’ve got to watch them on TV interspersed with commercial spots and in-game messaging pushing whatever memes and narratives the ESPNs and NBCs of the world and their Madison Avenue partners wish to implant in your mind), the schools have purged American history and culture, the Universal Basic Income checks have replaced your job, which you can’t do because the small business where you used to work has gone under thanks to the virus.

And Biden is president. For a little while, until it’s clear he’s incapacitated per the 25th Amendment, and then somebody else that you didn’t vote for is in charge of the country.

Out goes Kerensky. In comes … who knows what?

Let’s hope your confidence none of this can happen is well-placed. Let’s hope Bezmenov was a crank like people think G. Edward Griffin is.

But just to be sure, let’s make damned sure Biden and the Democrats take an historic beating in November. We don’t want to find out what’s behind the curtain in Biden’s basement. Too many nasty things are already peeking out at us from there.


Dear Governor…Speaking of ‘Dialing Back….

Apparently, in her bid to out tyrant other tyrants still trying to foist the, ‘We’re ALL gonna die!’ if we don’t wear masks and don’t let the economy implode ‘panplandemic,’ our ‘Dear Leader,’ Gretchen Whitmer, while smiling (as many dictators are wont to do when announcing things are going to get worse (except for HER haunts (Traverse City – No Restrictions), said, as reported on Fox, here:

““I want to reengage this economy more than anyone, but I’m not going to do it if it is too risky to do so,” she told CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday morning. “I’m not going to be bullied into moving before it’s safe, and if we have to move back, we’re gonna.”

Well, gee, Guv, all I can say, and i’m sure more than half the state population would echo this sentiment, is:

                                                                               DIAL THIS BACK!


There’s Nothing New Under the Sun….

Including the subject of this post:

The Modern Minute Man Kit

Why a “Minute Man” kit, you ask?

Well, we got riots, we got supply chain issues, we got civil unrest (where there are no riots in many places), we got recons going on (even in my relatively unimportant and mostly peaceful AO, we have BLM/ANTIFA on street corners in 1’s and 2’s asking for money.  In places they’ve NEVER been seen before.  The coming and going from those places is where the recon is happening.)

So, what’s the prepared person to do when it concerns the defense of hearth and home from ‘flash riots’ or ‘flash mobs’ or ‘flash social justice protests’ in front of your house?  Remember, these folks are very, very fond of Molotov cocktails (when they don’t end up burning themselves to death with them – who knows?  They could get lucky at your place or business….)  They also happen to like the 50 or more to 1 odds with bats and clubs for beatings, and sometimes, they even pull a weapon out, aimed sideways, that might hit something or someone you care about.

This idea is a simple solution for two main concepts.  Primary armament for simple every day activities, and transition to a light, but functional and sufficient rig that is decidedly NOT your ‘SHTF’ harness/gear set up.

Primary Armament:  You should be carrying your primary service pistol every day, 24/7 if you’re not already doing so.  Example:  I carry any one of a few different pistols chambered in either 9mm or .45 caliber.  Depends on my mood.  I have one up the pipe, a full mag, and 2 additional mags.  For me, that’s anywhere from 44 rounds all the way up to 65 rounds on my person for the pistol.  That’s just for standard activities – working in the garden, cutting the lawn, going to the store, etc.  If you’re going to travel, for each hour you’re traveling away, take ano extra mag, as my good friend, JC Dodge, counsels.  I’ve upped that to 2 extra mags per hour, but that’s me.

Second, have a rig set up and close by (in your car, in your home; where ever you are that’s either a quick/light H harness/chest rig, and a small pack with necessary accessories including an IFAK, water, and other items appropriate to your AO.

Mine has 9 mags – one with the optic equipped, confirmed zero AR – 8 on the rig), a full tang fixed blade combat knife, multi-tool, water bladder (treated against bacteria), and a few other things.  Something bad happens, and the first thing I do is get the rig out.  Remember the old adage here:  “Pistols are for surprises; if you know there’s a problem, get your rifle!”

This is in addition to the EDC things I have on me, like a USGI green triangular bandage pre-washed and folded for use as a sweatband, arm sling, or whatever, some ‘Mechanix’ brand gloves for hand protection, spare flashlight, EDC folding knife, local map, and so forth.  Note:  All these things are carried on my person and do not look all bulked up.  Of course, I wear old, well worn, surplus OG107 jungle tops over a t-shirt, as is the style with some older former and retired military.  Nobody ever questions a thing.

Make sure you can get your gear on and your AR up in a minute or less.  Might be all the time you have.

Oh, and apropos of nothing whatsoever, you ain’t doing this if you’re toting a large, mobile food storage unit.  Get off the couch, get out of the fridge, and start getting yourself back in shape.

Just sayin….

Jeff Knox Nails It!

From Ammoland Shooting Sports, here.  The article also includes a video appearance by Texas Representative, Dan Crenshaw.  I vehemently disagree with some major points on the restriction of Due Process Representative Crenshaw endorses, such as the Red Flag laws, to be specific, but in his video appearance, he is on point.

Do read the whole thing.  Again, Jeff Knox nailed it!!

Since When are American’s Rights Not “Allowed”!?

Human Rights Lawsuit
                                                 Since When are American’s Rights Not “Allowed”!?

USA – -( In recent weeks, American adults have been subjected to the word “allowed” at levels they’ve not seen since elementary school.

America’s gun owners have had this word thrown at them for decades, and many have, unfortunately, gotten used to it. Some of us have always bristled at the cavalier way this word has been bandied about in reference to our fundamental rights.

Now more Americans are discovering that it’s unnerving and maybe a little ominous to hear politicians, bureaucrats, and “reporters” explaining what we are and are not “allowed” to do.

While the word “allow” is sometimes chosen out of simple laziness, the word contains a disturbing presumption of authority, which suggests that its use is not always accidental. When a reporter talks about whether the Governor will “allow businesses to reopen,” that statement, unconsciously or not, grants as fact that the governor has the authority to decide whether businesses can be in business. When bureaucrats say that lawful carry of firearms has been “allowed” in the Michigan State Capitol for decades, the use of that word implies a privilege that was bestowed upon the people by a higher authority, and which can be revoked by that authority at any time.

Americans should be outraged whenever the word “allow” is applied to almost anything that they might choose to do.

The word “allow” rightly belongs almost exclusively only to parents, teachers, and property owners. Parents might not allow certain words to be used by their children. Teachers might allow a designated amount of free time for students to work on personal projects, and property owners might not allow smoking on their premises. Those are all valid and acceptable uses of the word “allow.” What is not valid or acceptable is the use of the word “allow” in relation to what a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, may decree regarding the rights of the people.

The government of the United States and the governments of the several states, along with their subsidiary governments, derive their authority from “we the people.” We allow these governments certain powers and privileges, for our convenience and the general welfare. We allow them to institute certain laws and regulations for the public good. We do not authorize politicians and bureaucrats to manage our lives or dole out our God-given rights as they might see fit.

Whether the media and government operatives are using the word “allow” intentionally to suggest certain authority, or they’re just lazy about how they express themselves, the result is the same. They are reinforcing the idea that “the state” is the authority, and “the state” may mandate or proscribe virtually any action or behavior of “the people.”

That’s not how it works. Not under our Constitution and the philosophy of liberty upon which our system of government is founded.

Under our system, “We the People” allow government specific authority and duties, but the government doesn’t “allow” us to do anything. We might allow the government to establish laws and regulations, such as the penalty for a serious crime or a speed limit. But we wouldn’t – or shouldn’t – say that the government “allows” us to drive 65 MPH on the freeway. Instead, we would say that driving faster than 65 MPH is prohibited. It is semantics, but the semantics are important. We, the People, have given the government the authority to set speed limits on public roadways. That’s very different from the government granting the privilege of driving and setting restrictions on our exercise of that privilege, but that is what is implied when the word “allow” is used. The word “allow” assumes wide authority and implies that anything falling under that broad authority, is a privilege granted by the “allowing” entity.

Long-time AmmoLand News readers will recall that I’ve raised this issue in the past. When I’ve raised it before, only a few people, mostly within the gun rights community, have seen the significance of this argument. With the whole Chi-Comm virus mess going on now, more people are seeing the word “allow” used against them, and they’re beginning to understand the nefarious nature of that word.

For many, it’s just a feeling. They’re not sure why, but when they see or hear a report that uses the word “allow,” they feel somehow insulted. The same thing with the term “Essential Workers”. Well, all workers are essential, but that is another debate.

Well, they should feel insulted. We should all feel insulted when any reporter, politician, or bureaucrat suggests that our rights are actually privileges bestowed upon us by a benevolent state, and which the state can revoke for any reason, or no reason at all, at any time. The suggestion is an outrage, and we should all be livid every time we hear or see it.

Rights, liberty, freedom – these are not things that the state “allows.” These are core human rights, and they run through virtually everything we do.

Just a few months ago, it would have been outrageous for any reporter or politician to use the word “allow” in reference to churches meeting. Still, today, we have governors, mayors, and the media openly discussing whether or not to “allow” church services. A major metropolitan police force has declared that “Protest is not essential,” and only essential activities are “allowed.” Gun shops and ranges have had to sue to demand that they be able to remain open and operating lawfully.

Suddenly, thanks to fear of this latest Chi-Comm Virus, the word “allow” is being applied to virtually everything we say or do. That must not be allowed to continue. Every time you see the word “allow” in a news story unless it is talking about what “we the people” allow the government to do properly, you should be outraged and should leave a comment or write a letter to the editor calling out the writer’s use of that word. If the reporter is quoting a politician or bureaucrat, challenge the reporter to question the use of that word, and then send a letter or email to the politician or bureaucrat – and their boss – demanding that they stop using language that suggests subjugation of the American people.

Rights are not “allowed” by politicians or bureaucrats. While the word “allow” can be convenient when reporting about government restrictions, it is lazy, inaccurate, and undermines the perception of rights across the board.

So be outraged. Be angry. Be indignant, and let the reporters, bureaucrats, and politicians know that you’re outraged and that you demand that they stop undermining rights and misinforming the public with their sloppy, lazy, or intentionally subversive choice of words. Demand better. Don’t allow them to get away with this reprogramming effort. Spread this message far and wide, and demand that our rights be respected – in deed and in word.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit: