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UPDATE: Winter is Coming! – Time to Make Sure Your Rifle is Prepared

Originally posted 13 Dec 13; follow up re-post on 30 Nov 15 and then again on 4 Nov 2016.

And now again, FOUR YEARS LATER!   Why?  This is a subject worth reviewing every single year, ‘lest we forget’ and find out the hard way.

It’s that time again.  Contrary to what some say, your rifle (and your sidearm AND your magazines) needs to be prepared not only for hot weather, but for cold weather also.  It’s not that difficult or time consuming to do, and the dividends will be superb, in that the rifle, pistol, and mags will work when you need them.

Make sure you strip your the rifle and/or pistol; disassemble the magazines, and wipe off any excess lube (grease) or oil so that only a slight film remains.  The reason is simple:  In very, very cold temperatures, excess lube or oil can freeze and cause a malfunction when you need your rifle, pistol or magazine to function flawlessly most.  Virtually dry weapons and magzaines are happy in the winter.

If you’re the “maintenance averse” type of person, and you’re shooting an AR platform, consider the ‘Fail Zero’ Bolt Carrier Group, which can be found here:


Here’s the product description from their site:

“This Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) comes fully assembled and ready to drop into most mil spec M16, M4 or AR15 upper receivers.  All critical parts are coated with EXO Nickel Boron technology that provides permanent dry lubricity, extreme durability and increases both wear and corrosion resistance.  Our patented Nickel Boron coating will reduce friction and improve the overall performance of your rifle.

Nickel Boron treated parts include:

  • Bolt & Extractor (5.56/.223 compatible)
  • Bolt Carrier
  • Extractor
  • Cam Pin
  • Carrier Key
  • Firing Pin”

DTG staff have been using these for well over a 2  8 years now, and they perform flawlessly in hot, warm, cool, or cold weather.  They’re spendy at $230 each, price has come down quite a bit at $159 for a complete FA or Semi BCG, and you’re certainly getting a deal but, and as with everything else, you get what you pay for.  Snap one or two up while you can, especially in light of the precipice society stands on the brink of…

If you’re not a 5.56 fan, check out their offerings for other calibers in the AR family.

When I do add lubrication in the winter (which is rarely), all I use is Gunzilla on both the upper and the BCG when cleaning, leaving a light coating when finished (meaning wiped off almost completely).  My bottom line? It works first time, every time, and I don’t need to carry a gallon of CLP in my gear when not operating in winter.  A side note on Gunzilla is that it is are superb rust inhibitors.  So much so that we coat our knife blades and tomahawk edges with it as well.

Once your rifle has been winterized, make sure you go to the range and confirm your zero on a very, very cold day and note the change in point of impact between temperature ranges.  You will most likely have to adjust your length of pull, depending on the outer garments you’re wearing.

For those of you who have M1A type rifles, make sure you wipe all the grease out of the bolt raceways and off the top of the hammer, the top of the inside of the receiver, the bolt lug (you can leave the bolt roller alone, though) and generally leave only a very, very light coating.  It would also behoove you to clean the gas tube and piston.

Let us know in the comments other things you do to winterize your platform or winter shooting tips.

Re-Post – Because this Reference is Essential!! Available for Order Now! Jack Lawson’s “Civil Defense Manual, Volumes 1 & 2

You’ve got yours and a spare, right?

Times being what they are, this is your opportunity to hedge against the on-coming communist ‘purge’ of the USA.

This is your ‘go to’ manual for protecting your community and training your neighbors! I think these are going to go like hot cakes – so order yours today!!

Order here.  Make SURE you check out the table of contents!!

The definitive guide to preparedness and civil defense for homes and neighborhoods.  Two volumes comprising 950 pages of detailed information from authoritative sources.

Jack Lawson, pseudonym of the writer, served in the United States Air Force as a missile guidance and SAFO nuclear arming controls electronics technician and was later a member of a Foreign Legion rapid response anti-terrorist unit during an anti-Communist guerilla war in Africa.

He was trained by British Commonwealth SAS and Israeli commando instructors and took part in counter insurgency operations and commando raids on Communist training camps in a number of African countries. While there he became a bodyguard for a farmer’s cooperative association in his off-duty time.

Jack is an Honorary Member of a U.S. Army Special Forces Association Chapter and for seven years served on one of the largest metropolitan police department Review Boards in the country. As a member of that Review Board, he judged the justification of Officer Involved Shootings and use of deadly force incidents.

He was also a consultant to the Officer in charge of the United States Marine Corps evaluation of Fire Force procedures for heliborne vertical envelopment anti-terrorist tactics.

Pre-Election Ordering Lull

If you think ammo, magazines, AR’s and pistols are hard to get now, wait until after the election!  Especially if Biden wins.  Should President Trump be re-elected, the threats from the Left (all lumped together as they’re all one degree of communist or another), the last of the ‘late sleepers’ and ‘OH CRAP! I don’t have enough _________________ (fill in the blank) are going to descent like locusts on the current stores which are just now making a comeback.

If there’s anything you really think you need, today would be the time to order.  Not tomorrow, today.  Weekends give people time to think and reflect….and then panic about buying things.

No complaining when on November 4th, you decide you want a couple cases of ammo and there’s NONE to be had…..just sayin’…..

Beretta OEM 17 round magazines are $24 each on gunbroker.

Glock 19, 17 and 21 magazines range from $12 (Magpul 15 rd – G19). $15 (Magpul 17rd – G17), and $20 for a Glock factory 13rd magazine.

AR mags – Palmetto has them for $11.99 – D&H Aluminum.  Don’t know about the free shipping threshold.  Usually it’s $100, so take it from there.

I know as of yesterday, had IMI 62gr M855 for .66 per round in 500 round cases, limited to 2 per purchase.  Just checked them at 1045L EDT, and they still have some.  You might want to check it out.

So, the panic hasn’t started just yet – good opportunity to get a few extra magazines – remember, they’re expendable, and without a good mag, you’ve got a single shot pistol, or a nice paperweight.

And while you’re relaxing this weekend, you may wish to duplex a few magazines following Bracken’s advice/example if you haven’t already done so.

The above is GREAT for carrying an extra 6 pistol mags.  Very discreet under your jacket; you can also release the cover and use the hook and loop to secure the magazines if you wish.   6 extra mags just gives one peace of mind.

Get your supplies while the getting is good.

Jack Lawson Interview on “Civil Defense Manual”

H/T to Matt Bracken on Gab.  Great Interview!!

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Go here and get your copies!  Yes, COPIES!  Two volumes, 930 pages. Best $100 you’ll spend!!


Apropos of Nothing Whatsoever….

Y’all got yerselves an ammo rationing plan worked out, right? You know, so you can intersperse live fire with dry fire while not putting a huge dent in your supply? As we know, shooting is a perishable skill, so while we do our dry fire, disassembly/reassembly drills, parts inspection, and other light maintenance, we need to work out a way where we get live fire in as well.

One way, with an AR, is to shoot a 22 adapter. Lots lets expensive, and it puts lead down range, albeit not a lot of lead, but still, it’s fun, and is a solid way to train noobs on marksmanship fundamentals….

So…I’ve Got a Little Disposable Income – Should I get Another Pistol or AR???

Liberal media admits: The ultimate goal is gun ...


Presuming you already have a functional pistol in a standard caliber, such as 9mm, .45ACP, .40 S&W, or 10mm, you should definitely NOT fall prey to marketing to get yet another pistol, for the following reasons:

You rarely, if ever, will leave your ‘new sidearm’ or rifle as it comes out of the box.  There’s tritium sites, better connectors, triggers, magazines, optics, etc.  You name it; upgrading your pistol or rifle will take every dime you have.  That’s fine in ‘normal’ times, but these are NOT normal times!! 

Your current stash of disposable income should, by necessity, be spent on the fuel for your current self defense weapons, meaning ‘ammo’ if you have less than 5K rounds per weapon, and then, items that will help economize your ammo expenditures, such as a good 22LR adapter for your AR’s, or dry fire tools, such as lasers, etc.

Let’s face it – it’s a LOT cheaper to shoot 200 rounds of 22LR at a 50 meter target with a 22 adapter in your AR than it is to shoot 50 rounds of 5.56NATO at a 200 meter target.  You’re practicing breathing, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger depression, and follow through; the shot is simply the aftermath of your practice when you’re on the practice range.  

When it comes to pistols/revolvers, same thing.  You may not have an adapter, but your dry fire will take care of training your eyes, hands, lungs, and the collaboration between them just as well as live fire.  

Use what funds you have on what will count most when it all becomes, ‘unobtanium.’  Remember, ‘cost’ is what you pay – ‘value’ is what you have.  Yup, ammo is through the roof expensive right now.  You’ll be glad you paid what you did today a month down the road, though.  I’d bet on it.

Different Types Of Ammunition. Bullets Of Different ...



CMMG AR15 .22LR Adapter Field Test Results

                                                                          CMMG 22LR Adapter in my AR

Sometime between this past January and April, when the lock down was getting into full swing, Brownells had the CMMG 22 Adapter with three 25 round magazines on sale for $174, down from $225 or so.  So I bit the bullet and bought it.  I really had held off on buying one for a LONG time, as I had some experience with the concept on active duty, as back in 80 and 81 there was a shortage of 5.56 rounds for any use other than, ‘the real thing’.  At the time, I was a combat instructor for the Air Force’s ‘Air Base Ground Defense’ school at Camp Bullis, Texas, and we probably went through 25 to 30K per month in 5.56 on the various live fire ranges with the students, and this didn’t take into account our own fam fire (USAF speak for, “I wanna go to the range and shoot…”).  Well, somebody came up with the 22 adapter for our M16’s and 203’s.  They weren’t very reliable, and the ammo they gave us  was really the worst we could get.  Problem with ours were that they wouldn’t extract all the time, and when that happened, as we couldn’t get into the chamber, the rifle was useless unless we could get the jammed 22 case out of the adapter chamber.  For whatever reason, they didn’t want us popping the rifle open, removing the adapter, and taking a section of cleaning rod and popping the casing out.  Article 15 offense if you were caught.  Anyway, they gave us long brass rods, probably 30 inches, and had us insert it into the muzzle, run it down the barrel, and push it out of the adapter chamber.  Another instructor had to hold the charging handle to the rear to open up the adapter so the case would come out.  Then you were back in business….till the next time.  It would happen a dozen times during the firing of  4K rounds or so.  PITA.  Well, I figured manufacturing QA had come a long way by now (40 years) and thought I’d take a gamble.

In this case, it worked out well.  I did a mini reliability test on the range yesterday and fired 4 mags of 15 rounds as fast as I could pull the trigger, hoping to replicate the problems of yesteryear.  Didn’t happen.  Worked flawlessly.  I did, however, oil the operating spring as suggested in the paperwork.  Seemed to make a difference.

Anyway, my only nit to pick so far is that it doesn’t have a bolt hold open feature unless you have a mag inserted, in which case the mag follower performs the function.  So, before I was loading a mag into the well, or after I had completed firing or the range safety officer called a cease fire, I had to stick a flag in the adapter, which is what you see in the pic above.

Accuracy:  I shot at 25 yards at a 3 inch ‘Shoot and C’ target pasted on an AQT silhouette.  I had the scope set at 100 yards for 5.56 and didn’t feel like adjusting down for the 22.  Lazy, I’m sure, but anyway, I knew it would shoot an inch and a half to 2 inches low at 25 yards, and that’s why you see two separate groups in the pick below.  I did shoot 10 rounds slow fire once I got the impact point down, and that’s where you see a really large hole in the upper target.  So, it’s pretty accurate, for a 22 adapter.  I would caution that I was using really good ammo, so you get what you pay for in the accuracy world.

If you’re looking to be able to live fire without diminishing your supply of 5.56, this is a good way to do it.  Also great for teaching your kids/grandkids/wives/girl friends/significant others how to shoot an AR without using up ‘real world’ ammo.

I’d like to hear in the comments your experiences with 22 adapters.