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Majority of People Are Already Resistant to SARS-CoV-2


Using the ‘Down Time’ to get back in Shape

                                                     My hair’s actually thicker, and I’m older than this guy!

Just a couple years ago, I was routinely carrying a 65 to 80 pound ruck sack up to 10 miles on occassion, but typically around 6 or 7 miles.  I was also doing about 150 to 300 push ups in sets of 25 or 30 on my ‘chest day.’  I interspersed with lighter free weights and focused on different muscle groups when it was ‘weight day.’

Then, work and life got me too busy to do it.  Transparent honesty here:  I basically got lazy.  2 years worth.  So, this year, after an outpatient surgical procedure (which I would probably not had to have if I had kept myself fit), I grabbed myself by the ass and started my PT again.

I started slow, just doing a single set of 20 push ups on the first day, and then walking 2 miles quickly on the 2nd day.  Then I didn’t do anything for 3 days because I was very sore.  Went back and did 2 sets of pushups followed by 4.5 miles walking.   Still sore for 3 days.  Went back and did 2 sets of 25 followed the next day by 6.5 miles @ 17 minutes and a few seconds per mile.  It’s coming along.

Next week, I’ll start with a light ruck, maybe 20 pounds and drop the distance down to 2 miles as fast as I can walk.  That might put me in the 16 minute range.  I’ll still increase push ups for another month, then add dips to the routine.

I was fortunate in that I didn’t gain much weight; I need to lose 15 pounds, and the exercise will take care of that, so I’m grateful.

I’ll keep this up, slowly, as fast as my body wants to go, until I’m back doing what I did two years ago.  Hopefully, I’ll keep my motivation up to continue no matter what.

I hope you find a routine that you can work on, starting slowly, even 1 pushup at a time or walking around your block.

Just don’t quit.  Don’t let yourself go like I did.

Especially now, with the projections of a 2nd wave of this virus, and the implications on the supply chain and potential unrest.

This situation is a clarion call to get thine self into decent shape, if you’re not already there, like me.

This is a test – It is ONLY a Test!

Productivity Counts!  There ain’t NO time to be simply layin’ about if you haven’t done something productive for ‘Team Freedom’!!

No matter what level of preparedness you’re at, you might consider kicking it up a notch.  Doing something.

If you can afford it, get a AR kit and build one (just this act alone causes 3,952 liberal heads to overfill with air and burst).

Palmetto has kits for $289 and lowers for $60.  Less than $350 for a ‘better than decent AR!’  The lower below is for someone I know purdy good.

Buy some more ammo!  I just picked up a case of 9mm 124gr Winchester FMJ from SG Ammo for $206 (less tax) shipped!

Go to the range and PRACTCE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Re-do your kit!

Teach a kid to shoot an AR!

Teach anyone how to properly sharpen a knife!

Get some more non-perishable food and water filtration that works (Sawyer, anyone?)

Take long hikes with heavy packs (you be the judge on ‘heavy’)

Plan, plan, plan!

Refrain from beating your chest on the various data collection sites (aka ‘social media’)!

Let your reward be the nice, comfy, warm feeling you get from doing the above.

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming….

                                             Lee Marvin Guest Star with Vic Morrow on “Combat!” tv series


Better Weather Can be YOUR Motivator to a Fresh Start in Your Training

Posted at AP 6 Jan 19 as ‘A New Year Can Mean a Fresh Start in Your Training”

Simply put, sometimes life will get in your way, and pretty soon, you’re not training like you should in any area, and then, even with a couple attempts at getting back on schedule, you might feel overwhelmed…..and then just lay off for a few or more months.  Then, if one isn’t careful, the habit of no longer training will become routine, rather than the forced discipline of training becoming routine.  And then comes the end result pictured below:

                                And this is before TOO much damage has been done!!

Not a good outcome for you OR your family, if you are the leader and/or protector.  Not good from any perspective that you might have if you’re a regular DTG reader.  Here it is, already the 3rd week of April, and you haven’t gotten serious about being in shape, because ‘weather.’

Right now, anyone (used to include me – I’ve been at it now for about 6 weeks) who’s slacked off for whatever reason have an opportunity to motivate themselves and get back on track.  The hardest part of the journey is making the first step, and that’s getting off the couch.  Use the mild weather to help you.  Open some windows, walk around outside.  Add some stabilized oxygen to your drinking water a couple times a day.  The more oxygen in your blood stream, the more you’ll be energized.

The second step is to start doing ‘push away’ exercises (push yourself away from the table).  The third step is to restart your PT program.  Now.  Today.  In the rain if necessary.  No matter how inviting and warm that chair or couch near the fire place, wood stove, or TV looks!

Each step comes easier following that extremely difficult first step.  And yes, you’re going to be sore, possibly even cranky as your food intake decreases.  Persevere.

In addition, consider cutting back on sugar/carbs/starches/alcohol.  They have one purpose beyond the very little bit your body needs:  Make fat.

Increase your intake of natural fat, vegetables (especially green ones) and natural protein.  Natural fat is necessary for good brain function and also will help jump start your metabolism again.

And, if it needs to be said, check with your doctor before doing anything rigorous.  Personally, I’ve got a clean bill of health, but I’m also starting out again gradually, on that long, hard road to fitness.  Being able to move without screaming is actually a positive!

My first phase still includes increasing numbers and sets of push-ups, walks of increasing distance (no weight) and speed, and abs all summer.  About a month ago, I started rucking again in addition to more rigorous PT.  Right now I’m at 5 miles with 50 pounds at about a 17 minute mile.

It can be done without too much agony.  Remember, science shows us that we can rebuild muscle mass, strength, and stamina into our 90’s… there’s really no excuse not to, especially in the preparedness world.

Here’s a couple of good resources if you like guided programs (like I do).

Buy it here for less than $9.

Here’s another for pure body weight exercises that cover entire physique conditioning that can be done in a small space.  It’s called, “Convict Conditioning,” and it can take you from no strength whatsoever to powerhouse strength.  When I bought mine it was almost $40; now?  It’s less than $24 on Amazon, here.  Such a deal!!

For abs, my favorite reference is, Legendary Abs – Gold Edition.  I’ve been using this routine since my early martial arts days, and it really does work without stressing or hurting your back.  It also provides the science behind the routine.  It’s just under $24, too, if you want to try it out.


Once I get to April, or possibly mid-March, I’ll be adding this back into my routine.  Up to 10 miles, eventually, most likely by August/September, and, as I’m purging my ruck, probably 65 pounds.

80 lb ruck – Prior to a 7 mile walk – 2016 – I was 60.  Still rucking 3 years later.

Whatever you choose as your primary routines, the most important ingredient will be your resolve to see it through and form the habit of exercising so that when you have to miss it, you feel guilty.  It helps.

So, what will your routine be?