Our first concern is the provision of meaningful knowledge and fundamental skills necessary for our readership to learn to protect themselves, their families and their community in any contingency they may face.

Our secondary mission is to train others to effectively train their own students in their Neighborhood Protection Associations, and by doing so, help those folks learn preparedness, home and personal security, and self-defense. Simply put, we train ‘Force Multipliers’, if you will. No matter the method, whether it’s in-person hands-on instruction or through the use and application of on-line classes and training references, our calling to help others is satisfied by the increased expertise of our clients.  We believe we have the same objective as our clients:  Safeguarding our lives, our liberty, and our property for ourselves and our posterity against the common foe of modernism, progressivism, socialism, and communism.

Our staff are dedicated people experienced in disaster preparedness and mitigation, survival, effective training methodology (the art and science of teaching), combatatives, marksmanship, local area defense and security, and small group tactics.

DTG’s Chief Instructor gained his expertise during a career in the USAF; his achievements relevant to DTG include a five year assignment as an Air Base Ground Defense instructor at the USAF Security Police (now Security Forces) Academy, attaining the coveted “Master Instructor” rating while there, and later selection for another five year teaching assignment at a major command NCO Academy (300 Level In-Residence Leadership course), with both schools having accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the University of Maryland.  When not assigned as an instructor, he taught SUT, marksmanship, and command center operations at various units.

Associate DTG instructors receive regular training and evaluation in Adult Education theory and practice as well as on-going training in all subject areas taught at DTG.

We are a ‘user friendly’ initiative, too! We treat folks who come to us the way we want to be treated–courteously and professionally.  We are open to feedback and are always happy to discuss ideas or concerns as appropriate.

Thank you for stopping by!

– The Defensive Training Group

Feel free to comment! Debates are welcome, so long as they add to the discussion. Ad hominem attacks, accusations, uncontrolled vitriol, thread hijacks, personal threats, or any comment that otherwise detracts from DTG's stated mission will not be approved or posted. Repeat violators will be banned.

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