Abbreviations, Terms and Acronym Reference

The following is a list of various abbreviations, terms, and acronyms used on the DTG blog and training.  The list will continue to grow as appropriate.

NPT – Neighborhood Protection Team

NPP – Neighborhood Protection Plan

NPAO – Neighborhood Protection Area of Operations

AFOC – “A Failure of Civility,” by Mike Garand & Jack Lawson

AR – Stoner sytem carbine/rifle, such as any AR-15 type rifle/carbine clone.

Personal Defense Rifle/Carbine – Politically correct way of saying ‘AR’ or ‘M-14 type rifle’ or ‘FAL’ or ‘AK series’, etc.

LBE – Load Bearing Equipment

Ruck – Back Pack

3 Day or “Assault” Pack – Smaller pack, typically mission specific.

NPTDOC – NPT Defense Operations Center (the nerve center of the neighborhood defense initiative)

NPP – Neighborhood Protection Plan

PT – Physical Training, ie, exercise of varying intensity with the objective of increasing the physical capabilities of the practitioner.

CPL – Concealed Pistol License

EDC – Every Day Carry

IIRC – If I Recall

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary

DILIGAF – Does It Look Like I Give A F#%K?

MZB – Mutant Zombie Biker (Bad Guy)

SHTF – Sh%t Hits the Fan

WROL – Without Rule of Law

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