Re-Blog: “When Deplorables Fight Back…”

Authored four days ago at, “Normal American“.  Imagine the ‘fermentation’ since this was posted.  The justifiable anger is palpable.  Here’s a taste from the blog, “The Intrepid Reporter,” here to demonstrate how hot the anger has become.

Do read the Intrepid Reporter’s entire post – it provides illuminating perspective.   The level of ‘heat’ the Left is generating from, “Deplorables” is unparalleled.  And the anger is controlled to this point, while the left grows further and further unhinged evidenced by Satanic rituals eating President Trump’s heart in effigy..on an American flag no less…in BOSTON, you know, North Church, “Two if by Land one if by Sea,” home of Paul Revere and where the USS Constitution is moored?  THAT Boston.  You can read that, here.

Here’s the video for your edfication:

I also agree with the author the people he categorizes and mentions in his post should be called what they are:  Traitors.  And dealt with as such, according to the Constitution.

It should be evident even to the most Normalcy Bias infected mind that people are damn sick and tired of living under the threat of communist ‘purges’ in the United States of America.  I  truly hope the left has a moment of pause and their leaders step back into  courteous disagreement, vice calling for executions.  Most Deplorable Americans I know are at the point of, “I  didn’t want a fight, and I’ve shown that by remaining peaceful….for now.  If you (the Left) go hot, you’re really going to regret it.”

When Deplorables Fight Back

Oct 27, 2020

The left is preparing for their long-planned purge of the deplorables. What they have not yet realized is that the chumps may decide to fight back.

Our betters envision a glorious new era in which childless middle-aged harpies run the show. We should expect Robert Reich’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to feature live-streamed humiliation of the undesirables. Sins to be confessed include driving F-150s, reading Kelly Turnbull novels, and spurning the advances of overweight trannies. Afterwards deplorables will be put to work as field laborers on the solar plantations and America’s cultural revolution will be complete.

The ruling class believes they can keep cops, agents, and soldiers in line during the messy but needed eradication of America’s underclass. West Point’s commie infiltration and police being okay with arresting churchgoers outdoors makes them think they can pull it off. This guy probably would be on board.

Deplorables are preparing. The Western Rifle Shooters Association warns: “Don’t lose. You really won’t like what the Communists have planned for you and your family.” American Partisan is telling readers to get trained for the inevitable. The Captain’s Journal has a post up on tactics for “American Civil War II.” T.L. Davis is more pessimistic.

A few years ago everyone might have yawned if a leftist operative posing as a journalist at the New Republic casually suggested it’s time to ditch the Constitution. Today nerves are raw. One response to the operative’s proposal got sporty:

A couple of newsrooms hit with 3-4 deathsquad style hits and that’ll shut them down quickly. Target the local newsmen/wimmen with precise assassinations and they’ll shortly get the idea. Right now, they feel impervious b/c -no one- has legitimately targeted them.

A libertarian writer proposes the same approach to topple the left’s stronghold of academia:

Send the tanks into Harvard and knock down their newer and uglier buildings… Once Harvard and Yale is rolled up, the schools will roll up… The enemy pretends to have decentralized and dispersed power, but its power is in fact highly centralized and concentrated, and thus highly vulnerable to a small amount of precisely targeted violence.

This type of talk once was limited to essays like Dear Mr. Security Agent, or maybe private conversations among Oath Keepers or Three Percenters. Now it’s mainstream.

Angelo Codevilla, a former U.S. Navy officer, Senate staffer, and Boston University professor, warned his readers last week they are “living in territory controlled by enemy tribes” and should form armed “self-defense groups.” Retired U.S. Army Infantry colonel turned lawyer Kurt Schlichter says the left is “co-opting the ingrained sense of duty in our cops and warriors as a means to manipulate them into being the enforcement mechanism for the tyranny the elite left dreams of imposing.” A Chicago Sun-Times opinion article predicts a “full-on purge of ‘deplorables’ by any means necessary.”

This is a warning sign blinking blood red. If the left were rational, it would give them pause. But that is not happening. Our betters are talking up “guillotines” and becoming increasingly unhinged. As author James Howard Kunstler writes, the left is “not just having a tantrum, now they’re chewing up the furniture, ululating, beating their flanks, discharging gobs of snot, peeing their panties, and foaming at the mouth.”

We must acknowledge the possibility that our would-be rulers are divorced from reality. After all, elites denning in coastal enclaves need only interact with the underclass when their $20,000 Rancilio Classe 20 espresso maker requires repairs. One hopes the maid can handle the service call and will remember to air out the kitchen wing afterward.

In the real world outside coastal enclaves, plenty has been written about what happens when normal Americans decide that anti-constitutionalists have seized power and will never relinquish it voluntarily.

In Absolved, by the late Mike Vanderboegh, the problem of anti-constitutionalist federal lawyers is solved ballistically. The result:

The federal regulatory enforcement machine ground to a screeching halt. Tens of thousands of court cases, enforcement actions, civil forfeitures and investigations were stopped in their tracks. Federal judges quit too, by the dozens, electing to get out of the line of fire until this Fourth Generation civil war was settled, one way or the other.

The mid-1990s novel Unintended Consequences introduced an anti-constitutionalist congressman to a “16-ounce Estwing framing hammer.” The Bonner Incident: Joshua’s War describes a nationwide uprising against anti-constitutionalist federal agents, who soon switch to an honest line of work. These are not the left’s chimeric white supremacists. In Enemies Foreign and Domestic, it was a black retired sergeant major who responded to the anti-constitutionalists by blowing up the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge in Virginia.

Knowing a train wreck could happen is not the same as preventing one. A 1990 National Intelligence Estimate predicted: “Yugoslavia will cease to function as a federal state within one year and will probably dissolve within two. Economic reform will not stave off the breakup.” This was made public through a leak to the Washington Post.

The NIE was stunningly prescient. Yugoslavia imploded a year or so later. Everyone knew the train wreck was likely. Nobody stopped it.

Our elites could reduce tensions. They could rein in their street commies, renounce threats of court packing, and reverse their position on abolishing the Electoral College and statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Perhaps they could even say they will accept a President Trump electoral win, agree that it’s unacceptable to be fired for attending a Trump rally, and so on. Congress could reprimand, censure, or expel its members who endorse violence against political opponents. Longer term re-stabilization could devolve power from Washington, D.C. to state governments. California could ban pickups and mandate abortions, while Texas could do the opposite. Nobody would love it, but the republic would survive.

None of this should be taken as endorsing violence. Predictions are not wishes. There still is time for our would-be rulers to step away from the precipice.


4 thoughts on “Re-Blog: “When Deplorables Fight Back…”

  1. Mr deplorable

    The left will have the military to back them up. odummer purged patriots out of leadership positions in the military. If you think just out fbi, and the like are corrupt, remember he did the same to the military.

  2. Defensive Training Group Post author

    I’d agree from Brigadier and up; Colonels and down are still, for the most part, loyal to the Constitution and will not move against the President. At least IMHO. Those that do will be under attack by the loyal military.

    I could be wrong, but that’s my position.

  3. Mountain Rat

    The military will follow orders, same with the cops. The military has changed far more than you realize.

    We are on our own and most likely will be smashed without too much trouble. That doesn’t mean I won’t go down fighting, I just don’t have any false hopes or expectations that the enforcement arm of our rulers will magically see the light and do the right thing.

    I have had a good run and what will be, will be. I look to Christ and will do my best to be obedient to his will.

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