Want to See if You’re on the ‘Target’ List?

Go here. You can search by name or location. Forewarned is forearmed.

Read the article describing the site as well as incidents of, ‘night letters’ to a few Trump supporters threatening to burn their houses down on an embedded video.

Truth be told, even if you didn’t support the President financially or have signs in your yard or wore a MAGA hat, your liberal acquaintances know where you stand, and won’t blink when turning your name in to the ‘reconciliation’ committee that’s formed for your little corner of the country.

These  communists mean business.


2 thoughts on “Want to See if You’re on the ‘Target’ List?

  1. mark

    No fair. I donated more money in 2016 than all of the others in my area combined, and I’m not on the map. What’s up with that? Are they still adding donors to their list? Is there still time for me to make another donation to the Trump campaign and get included on the map? Will all my past donations make the list? There were dozens of us that I know of that donated money to the 2016 Trump campaign, but only 3 show up on the map as of this morning. Are the rest of us going to start appearing on the map like popcorn. Do these cowardly crybabies know that every republican in my county carries a gun? In fact, Iowa just made no.3 in the nation for highest percentage of adults with concealed carry permits according to the latest report (2020) at the Crime Prevention Research Center (crimeresearch.org). This is going to be fun.

  2. mark

    Looks like these violent cowards are really scared right now. They set their domain to redirect visitors to a different website with a similar name and appearance. Notice the redirect domain name. The thugs’ website was named (https://donaldtrump.watch/) and the new site that visitors are directed to is called “donor.watch” (https://donor.watch/) and looks similar to the thug website. Or could it be that the thugs’ website was modeled to look like the donor.watch website?

    On the (donor.watch) website it is not possible to just type in a zip code or city and state and see a full list of markers populate and then ciick over each marker to get the name and address.

    Apparently the exposure of their website (donaldtrump.watch) didn’t go over so well. Myself and others contributed more money to the Trump campaign literally immediately after seeing the (donaldtrump.watch) website. Could it be that they were trying to terrorize us out of contributing money to Trump’s campaign, and it backfired so they took it down to prevent more campaign donations to Trump? Or maybe they got scared that their victims would check the site to see if they were identified by it – and then immediately arming up and preparing to take out any terrorists that showed up on their property? Or was this debacle simply too hot for the Chinese communist scumbags that owned this website and they were ordered to take it down?

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