BREAKING: Denver area “2020 is a political revolution”

Via Bracken at Gab.

This is in Denver.  These people are serious about wanting to, ‘burn in down.’  The telling statement to me is at the end, when Kristopher Jacks states that we (conservative, traditional Americans) have no idea how many people on the extreme left are armed, trained, and ready to go.  

Ya might want to consider having a gathering to discuss how you’ll defend your homes and neighborhoods.  How you’ll stop these communists from dragging your friends and families out of the house to kill them by decapitation or a death from a thousand cuts.

The normalcy bias won’t save you, your spouse, your kids, or your extended family.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Denver area “2020 is a political revolution”

  1. Walter Sobchak

    I was in Denver last year, and definitely it seemed to be the perfect breeding ground for antifa cockroaches. So for years people on the right have debated what event would be ‘the balloon going up’? So I wonder what this will be for the left? I suppose whatever it is for the left, it will be for the right as well? The left does seem to have some overall command and control, some overarching structure that the right lacks. They may have a ton of numbers but this is a big country, it’s hard for me to imagine these mobs venturing way way out in rural KS when I’m out and about. Still, maybe bugging out is going to look like an option to be ready for.

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