Facts Behind the Denver Murder….

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Matthew Bracken@Matt_Bracken·There are a lot of Antifa/BLM tactical coordination “tells” in these videos.

Michelle Malkin’s Twitter feed has a lot of photos and questions about the “orange vest person” who appears to be an approved Antifa photog.

In this video clip, Matt Doloff, the shooter, seems to be flying “wingman” for another person with the orange “tactical tell” backpack.

These are, IMHO, Antifa leadership stripes. We see these orange vests, orange straps, etc etc, over and over, city to city. The people withe the orange vests or straps/packs are never hassled by Antifa, even when they are doing close-range photography. Other times, “orange vest” Antifas appear when an Antifa/BLM is getting out of control, to chill them out, to prevent “bad optics.”

In this pre-shooting clip, watch “orange vest person” on the left signal with his hand to his face, his head on a swivel, then he loops behind Doloff and “orange backpack,” just before the shooting.

Twitter: “Video of shooter walking up to the incident. Looking very sketchy.”

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6 thoughts on “Facts Behind the Denver Murder….

  1. h0neyc0mb

    He should get the death sentence (for this murder) .. though I doubt Co has it.

    Summary ..

    Lethal force was not justified. And .. Denver Co probably has Socialist DA’s .. so no charges will be filed.

  2. Brad

    This shooter was better trained then the LE we’ve seen recently involved in shoots. This guy had a perfect grip, followed his victim to the ground with his muzzle like an old pro. His guns got to much hardware on it for my liking, but you don’t just bolt the optics on and instantly start putting everything in the ten ring. This guys done some reps. That’s our enemy.

  3. Defensive Training Group Post author

    I noticed his technique as well, and thought,”this guy’s had some training…,” even though at close range, he chose the ‘T’ Zone (eyes, nose, mouth) to ensure instant incapacitation.

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