BREAKING NEWS: ATF Reclassifies AR Pistols as SBRs!

So far, it’s only the ‘Honey Badger’ model, but I’m sure more will follow. Make sure you write your congress critters and President Trump and tell them the whimsical actions of the BATFE against LAWFUL gun owners on a previous legal, and interpreted to be so by the BATFE on several occasions.

If this is allowed to stand, about 5 million or more law abiding citizens become felons overnight.

Timing on this is telling, especially when many top ATF managers/executives were appointed by Obama and Holder.

They just won’t stop. Ever.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: ATF Reclassifies AR Pistols as SBRs!

  1. Joe

    Most of us don’t have a spare $10K, and none of us have a spare 10 years. There maybe some who will decide, fuck it, if they want to make me a felon, I’m going to be the best felon I know how. Probably a tactical Charlie Brown moment( pissing one’s self in a dark suit) but it would be a strategic blunder, as the intent of this is to generate a violent response to this newest of BATFE bureaucratic provocations to justify more “common sense gun laws” and possibly taint Trump in the election.

    This will not end, until it does not end well.

    Best of Luck

  2. anonymous

    Was why I decided to forego this option early on. I figured at some distant time, the Feds would not only close it down but require registration of owners of them. You know – to keep us all safe.

  3. h0neyc0mb

    I have not seen .. nor heard of any other Cease & Desist Orders ..

    Has anyone else?

    Frankly .. IDGAFF about their letters .. nor should anyone else.

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