A Call for Justified Civil Disobedience…

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In my state, Michigan, our Supreme Court has ruled that our Governor decreed a multitude of civil rights violations by issue of her Executive Orders, that had NO basis in law after April 30, 2020, the day the time limit for the Governor’s declaration of a State of Emergency expired. The State Attorney General, Dana Wessel, has stated her office will not enforce any requirement of the COVID 19 Executive Orders, which translates to, “it’s over,” because the police won’t be looking at the citizenry for violations.

One day after that ruling, the Governor and various unelected bureaucrats, such as Leigh-Ann Stafford, doubled down for Whitmer and instituted, “mandatory” mask wear for all residents of Oakland County with the penalty of a misdemeanor citation for disobedience.

These liberals do not understand, or worse, do not care if they have the authority or not to issue unliateral ‘demands’ on the citizenry that is NOT in accordance with either the Michigan or US Constitution.

Therefore, it is incumbent on the citizens to institute justifiable civil disobedience by refusing to obey another edict. Period.

We are either free Michiganders and Americans or we are not. There is no middle ground. If you are a statist, and believe the state owns you, fine – do as they order. If you’re a free man or woman, you need to let them know by your non-compliance with these ridiculous edicts.

“But masks help other people,” you say….well, wear one then – don’t think you can stipulate what others do with their freedom.

Oh…on masks? Here’s Fauci on 60 minutes on how much the masks will help you…or others.


6 thoughts on “A Call for Justified Civil Disobedience…

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  2. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Then explain the state Supreme Court ruling and the utter chaos it caused in the communists’ offices. They’re imploding. Even the commie state AG refuses to enforce now. That means the police won’t enforce.

    We’re several iterations away from extreme measures.

    My .02; YMMV.

    As always, thanks for stopping by.

  3. h0neyc0mb

    You mistake public intentions that are temporal at best and virtue signaling at worst.

    They’ve not changed their ideology.

    Also, the supreme court has zero ability to enforce their decisions. That is up to the Tyrants themselves. What happens when they just ignore those same justice’s? Or, pack the court / cheat at the ballot box?

    We can’t be a nation (of united states) with the enemy within our gates. And, don’t forget the PR wing of the Socialist National Party .. the media. They need helo rides too.

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