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How Long?

Do you think it will be before we’re in the top two levels of this pyramid?  This year and last, all these levels seem to have been checked off….this chart was done in September – with the General Election 3 days away, I think we can see the top 2 happen in a NY minute.  Might be wise to check your preps and touch base with those you rely on….just sayin’


It’s Rare that I Re-Blog Denninger, but this is one of His BEST Rants in a LONG While!

He also makes some excellent points on how corrupt the whole system is now. The piece is somewhat long, but an enjoyable and interesting read!  Original at  Some of the comments are pretty good, too!

The Ridiculous Choice*

I thought I’d seen insane in 2008, and then again in 2012 and 2016.

In 2008 we elected a Black Man as President who had exactly zero qualifications to be in that office and, by the black letter of the Constitution, was ineligible.  On the manifest weight of the evidence he bought, with other people’s money, his Senate and Illinois Senate seat.  In other words he bribed his way into office with other people’s money, which means that it was not his ideas being put forward, it was whoever funded him.  It matters not whether he presented a fraudulent birth certificate which, by the way, the evidence is that he did.  This is the same man who (like Senator Warren) claimed to be something he was not whenever it suited him, including to get preferential treatment in college.  Then he sealed the records that would prove all of this one way or another, a blatantly and outrageously illegal act available to no common person, and we let him get away with that too.  Leave the rest aside because it doesn’t matter.  You are selecting who you would like to be the person who, if they’re going to lie, will do so in the best interest of the United States population not their personal best interest.

In 2012, after he gave away several trillion of your dollars to the industry that has been violating US Anti-Trust law (15 USC Chapter 1) for decades, got sued over it twice, lost both cases at the Supreme Court and yet has not been prosecuted once nor has any of it been stopped, we re-elected that same ******* for another four years.

I don’t recall anyone who got assaulted or their business burned over any of that, however — and make no mistake as millions of Americans were in fact victimized and continue to be screwed by said medical monster on a daily basis.  Where was the burning of businesses and looting the local Nike store?  Today people do that when someone draws a knife. advances on police for several hundred yards refusing to drop it and then charges one of the cops with said knife and gets (justifiably!) shot.

In 2016 one of the chief architects of that theft by the medical industry ran for office against a bull****ting Commercial Real Estate developer who, like basically all of them, strong-arms people and structures things so that he can blow up anything that’s not working without winding up penniless in the street.  I don’t fault him for doing it, by the way, including the shenanigans with Deutsche Bank and the Chicago Trump Tower, on which there is plenty of documentation.  Why not?  Because this was not either party’s first rodeo and they both entered into those transactions willingly; Deutsche Bank knew how Trump behaved (Atlantic City anyone?) and Trump knew how Deutsche Bank behaved too.  Never mind that Black Jesus could have had his DOJ take Deutsche Bank out back and shoot them in the corporate head for their role in the housing bubble blow-up and resulting mass-foreclosures with fraudulent chains of title which they “reconstructed” (that’s not legal, by the way) after they (and many other financial institutions) literally destroyed the originals on purpose so as to make impossible real audits of what paperwork borrowers submitted and what the banks made up before securitizing the paper.  Do you really believe that an industry that has for several hundred years relied on hard, documentary records to enforce recourse suddenly got “sloppy” or did they do it on purpose to evade a criminal standard of proof after they knowingly sold trash to others as alleged “good investments” and by doing so ruined the global economy?  But no!  Black Jesus didn’t blackball that foreign corporation for their part in screwing Americans blind; in point of fact he took one of the chief “see no evil, hear no evil, stop no evil” architects of that bull**** from the NY Fed (Geithner) and made him Treasury Secretary.

You want to bitch about Trump and his financial shenanigans?  Point your ire at Black Jesus who made possible every last bit of it not only continuing but ramping up on the day he took the Oath of Office when he had every legal right to stop all of it by destroying the bank responsible for not only that specific load of bull**** but a huge part of the 2008 blowup.  Again: Barack Obama intentionally refused to do so and let literally all of the crooks, which number in the thousands, walk away scot free and many of them not only kept plenty of stolen money but Obama and his administration bailed them out and gave them even more money — your money.  While you’re at it point your ire at Nancy Piglosi and ChuckyBoy Schumer too, both of whom are still in office and between them wrote and passed the tax law changes which GAVE Trump a perfectly-legal retroactive $70 million refund from the IRS.

If you demand that no bank may have an armed guard nor any cameras and the cops may not show up if the burglar alarm goes off there would be a line out the front door of every bank in the nation and virtually everyone in line would be both packing a pistol and brandishing a hold-up note.  Duh!

Now, running against said CRE huckster and self-promoter we have an obviously mentally-compromised old man who doesn’t even know who the President is or what State he’s “campaigning in”, with his wife telling him it’s not Bush while on camera.  He’s had at least three strokes that have been admitted to.  His son was thrown out of the military for failing a drug test and rather than get his crap together he not only apparently continues to abuse hard drugs but has a thing for walking around naked in front of under-age girls in his extended family.  What has his family done about this?  Nothing, despite irrefutable evidence they know about it they’ve tried to cover it up and allow said young woman to be screwed, perhaps literally, rather than send the cops over to apply a little Graybar Motel reformation to his “lifestyle.”  Never mind nearly-irrefutable evidence that he’s been taking bribes from a Communist nation that was the source of Covid19 either through rank recklessness, filthy 3rd century “wet market” practices or perhaps even something worse while Joe, the candidate, appears to have at least known all about it and might have personally profited from it.

That’s right — we have a man running for President who, the evidence says, screwed his own ****ed-up kid by turning him into a money mule peddling influence in multiple foreign nations, all of which by the way is extraordinarily illegal.

Junkies will do all sorts of unlawful things because their mind is basically gone; the drugs are all they give a crap about.  Having seen it in my own family I know damn well what happens and exploiting it, which the evidence says Joe Biden did with the full knowledge and support of his immediate family including his wife is Dante’s 9th Circle of Hell level evil.

Do I need to remind you that this particular foreign nation, beyond being Communists, also enjoys running literal concentration camps in their own country, never mind using near-literal slave labor and wild-eyed intellectual property theft as competitive weapons against us?

You don’t think this is a singular instance, do you?  What, Ukraine and China is not enough?  How about right here in America?  Is the Biden family a corrupt, serial criminal enterprise?  If you’ll exploit your own junkie son how about trying to scam other businesspeople across the country?  And when they sue you?  At random threatening mail with blood-soaked foreign currency shows up at their house?  Really?

Shall we talk about Covid19 a bit in respect to both of these clowns?  We knew in March that this virus was much more deadly to seniors than others, and that among young people it rarely killed anyone.  In fact, if you’re young dying is so rare that among those under 19 only three in one hundred thousand who get it die.  This age cohort comprises 28.6% of the American population of roughly 330 million, or about 94 million people.

If we deliberately infected all of them a grand total of 2,831 kids would be dead but we would have population immunity and the threat of logarithmic spikes in cases would have been over months ago.

More to the point your Grandmother would still be alive.

Instead we closed schools, bars, raves, threaten kids who are in college and go to a kegger, break up parties and even arrest the people going to them while issuing “mask and distancing” orders, all of which are designed to and do decrease social interaction between the very group of people who the virus, statistically-speaking, cannot kill.  And our media grabs the handful — literal handful — of young people who have succumbed and plasters them all over social media and the news to stir up fear and further intentionally shift infections to older people — which damn well ought to get them indicted.

But never forget that Donald J ****ing TRUMP made all of that possible and stuck his Presidential Seal on it by putting Fauci, Birx, Redfield and everyone else involved on his so-called “Task Force” and he directly empowered all of it by signing Executive Orders and paying the states to take actions that disproportionately shift infections from young people to old people.  I remind you that he has reversed exactly zero of these orders nor has he disbanded anything or fired anyone despite his very own CDC publishing the data above proving that what we did caused 200,000 people to be dead and millions to be unemployed.

Then Trump went even further, along with the states, and in several states sat back and let Governors deliberately force infected people into high-risk conjugal living situations (nursing homes) where the risk of dying was 1,800 times higher than for that school-age kid.

If you or I did something intentional that multiplied our risk of killing someone by 1,800 times, and tens of thousands of people did die as a consequence, we’d get the Federal Needle for it — and deserve it too.  There would be a ticker tape parade for the cops who caught you and strapped your ass in on the gurney.

Well, Governors Cuomo, Witmer, Wolf and others?

Oh, and let’s not leave off Governors DeSatan, Lee and myriad others.  In fact would you please identify one Governor who did not close schools and discourage young people to go out and do what young people do?  Governor Noem may not have instituted a mask mandate but she did shut down the schools and scared the kids, so throw her ass on the gurney and give her the federal needle too because she caused a large number of those who have died in her state to expire just like all of the rest.

We are talking about comparative manslaughter totals here folks because all of these *******s are guilty of the crime.

Every one of them.

Where is Mr. Law And Order and why aren’t all of those *******s sitting on death row right now?

How about Biden and Covid19?  He has no more recognition of the mathematical facts than Trump does, or doesn’t care.  He’d go even further through arm-twisting to issue more lockdowns and mandates.  He has said so publicly, and when a politician tells you that he intends to kill your Grandmother you damn well better believe him.  Given the level of cognition Biden has I’ll go along with an insanity defense for him — provided he gets a permanent Rubber Room assignment along with his Cum Dumpster running mate and Piglosi.  Otherwise they can all be strapped to a gurney and get the needle for mass-manslaughter as well.

Don’t even get me started about people like Vanderbilt’s John Graves who just put forward another lie about “masks.”  He knows he’s lying too, because the data he is using is what I’m using from the same source, the Tennessee Department of Health — and he’s deliberately ignoring anything that doesn’t fit his thesis.  Like these four counties, all next door to each other and collaring Knoxville.  One has a mandate and has had since early July the other three do not.  Which one, from this data, has the mandate?  Did it do anything?


When do we start locking up those who run notorious, public frauds and generate more than 200,000 corpses as a direct and foreseeable consequence?  These mother****ers killed more people in nine months than four Vietnams!  When does someone with a pair of balls lease dozens of Cat D8s and turn them over to pissed-off Americans so they can level so-called “institutions of higher learning” and “policy organizations” like IHME that put out deliberate, rank lies and cause people to die by the tens of thousands as a consequence?

Said pissed-off Americans can practice their bulldozer-driving with the same sort of accuracy that our so-called “medical universities” practice when it comes to public health.

Knox County has UT and has made a lot of noise about breaking up keggers and stopping college kids from doing what college kids do.  Said college kids (and plenty of school-age kids too) have gotten Covid.  Guess how many went to the hospital, say much less died thus far?  As far as I’m able to determine the number is zero.  Is this surprising when the CDC’s claimed fatality rate for that cohort is 0.00003 and 0.0002?  May I remind you that 0.0002 is an expected death rate of two in ten thousand and that Knox County has reported roughly 12,000 cases in total; they’ve yet to reach 5,000 college student cases yet, so that none have died is unremarkable.  You’re much more-likely to be killed in a car wreck at that age, probably associated with drinking, or through violence (e.g. gunshot) than by Covid19.  In fact I’ll bet at least one student there has this year by now.

You think this article is all bull**** and a fantasy-laden rant by some dude who just used to run an Internet company?  Look at Japan then come back here and grovel for forgiveness.  Japan did exactly what I have advocated since March and what we should have done — no mandates but they told people to be adults, and people did what people do there.  Japan is a nation where they actually wash their hands, don’t “welcome” tens of millions of turd-world invaders and then bless them by forgiving every lawless act, including but certainly not limited to raping and killing A Girl in Iowa.  (You do remember her and how fast that evaporated from the news, right?)  Yes, lots of people wear masks; it’s a cultural thing if you think you might have a bug — you mark yourself as biologically dangerous.  Such does not stop influenza deaths, by the way — Japan has twice our flu fatality rate per 100,000 people.

Did all those masks stop Covid19?  Nope.  A fairly-recent serological survey strongly suggests 50% of those in Tokyo have had the bug!  That means that well over 100 people got Covid19 in Japan for every person who they count as a “case” — and the virus harmed almost none of them.

If we had done here what they did there we would have about 5,000 dead Americans and the threat of overload of hospitals and similar would be long over.  We’d have never lost our normal way of life and nearly all of the 200,000+ who have died would still be alive.

But there would have been no industry created to sell tests and headstones, never mind the several trillion dollars given away to this constituency and that with only a tiny bit of it going to actual individuals.  Then there is the nascent industry forming right now under the government’s protective wing which will use fear ginned up from lies to sell annual shots of a vaccine that will be unproved for years and will provide them a permanent revenue stream for a product of dubious value at best.

In point of fact some of my earlier estimates were that in China and other “initially infected” nations there were somewhere between 100 and 300 asymptomatic infections for each “case” reported.  These would have naturally skewed toward younger people by a huge percentage and if we had let it happen this would be over.

Do remember that I have been calling bull**** on all of this since the so-called “15 days to slow the spread”, arguing, now proved correctly-so, that this was an intentional lie.  This entire nation should have risen in revolt immediately on the first day of April.  Had we done so most of those dead would be alive today.

Young people by definition are more-social and have more “exposures” than old people.  The average 10 year old kid in school takes dozens of exposures to other kids before he gets to school while riding the bus and then takes a couple hundred more between being in class, the lunch room, gym class and recess.  The average college student takes a hundred or more exposures between their Friday classes and the chow hall and then goes to a kegger Friday night and takes a couple hundred more in the hope of having a really, really intimate exposure risk by taking a cute girl home with him that night.

Your average dude like me in middle to early older ages takes a half-dozen exposures a day because I go to the pub and have a beer or two.  The average Granny takes 2 or 3 exposures because she might play bridge with three friends or needs to stop at the grocery store.

ALL constraints — from lockdowns to mask orders to closed businesses to banning college keggers, raves and concerts along with any other sort of restriction on social interaction shifts cases from those who are naturally more interactive with other people in a “more dirty” and at closer range (the extreme is of course a passel of toddlers playing in a sandbox or at a daycare!) to older, more-morbid individuals.  60 year old people do not go into the mosh pit, say much less attend a rave in the first place.  22 year old young adults do.  Ditto for nightclubs and packed-to-the-walls bars.  Even more-stupid is any sort of “protective measure” in schools like closing them, mandating masks, closing lunch rooms, erecting plexiglass on the desks and banning recess.  This is closely-followed in stupidity by mandating masks in the general public because it inhibits the much-closer social interaction that young people engage in much more-frequently than older people and in addition for shift workers and school kids by mandating masks be worn for hours at a time you are increasing the risk of severe bacterial infections.

I remind you that bacterial pneumonia does kill young kids unlike Covid19, which rarely does.

With a virus that kills 3 in 100,000 kids but 5 in 100 grannies who do you want to take the cases that must occur to reach population suppression?  You’re insane to do anything that inhibits, blocks or otherwise tampers with those who are very, very unlikely to be harmed by getting this bug; every single person who gets it and survives becomes a firebreak that prevents others from having it transmitted to them.

All of those alleged “mitigations” do not mitigate anything — they in fact kill grandmothers by the busload because every single case that a kid doesn’t take and which doesn’t harm him or her gets taken by his grandmother.

The “mitigations” do not just incrementally increase death — they result in an exponential explosion of death.  We have suffered several dozen times as many dead people as should have died by direct and provable consequence of these policies.




I can read. Why is that you can’t?  Why is it that you allow the media, social media mavens and others to peddle flat-out bull**** to you on a daily basis for more than six months?  Did America suddenly become 99.9% illiterate along with being innumerate?  It certainly appears that way.

Your mother, if you were born before about 1990, knew all of this.  There was an endemic virus that was 25 times more dangerous in older people than in children.  In children it had a fatality rate not far off from Covid19.  Your mother took you over to the neighbor kid’s house that had said virus and infected you on purpose because by doing so she protected those adults in the community that had not had it.

The virus is called varicella and the disease Chicken Pox.  I was intentionally infected when I was young, as were most other kids — by our mothers, every one of them capable of basic arithmetic and not interested in killing their mother, unlike Fauci, Birx, the entire faculty of Vanderbilt, Governor Bill Lee, Mayor Larry Waters and both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  I remind you that every single one of those people is old enough to know ******ned well that I’m right and their mother did the right thing when she took them across the street to get the little red dots on their faces and a nasty little fever for a week.  Yes, today we have a vaccine — a fully-tested and validated vaccine.  Then we did not, just as today with Covid we do not.  Nobody hid in their ****ing house, closed schools for months, closed bars and restaurants, cancelled concerts — or wore a mask.

Covid19’s risk among older people is not 25 times higher — it’s over 1,000 times higher.  If the risk to children was acceptable until we had a vaccine 20 years ago to protect older people from a 25 times higher risk why isn’t it now when the risk is 1,000 times higher or greater?

“Wear a mask” you say?

**** YOU.

You killed your neighbor’s grandmother with your mask, school closure and “scare everyone” bull**** while Jeff Bezos made another billion by exploiting that fear, *******.  Never mind the testing labs are making $100 a crack for worthless tests while you can’t get the CT number they’re using and they appear to have been tampering with that number over time too, which is almost-certainly producing a huge number of false positives.  This is in their best interest because it generates more fear, more tests and thus more business.  If it winds up forcing you to quarantine for 10 days when you’re not really infected that’s just tough crap for you along with $100 from all of your friends you’re so “kind” to name when the nice government goon comes around.  Of course you cooperate with said jackass instead of telling him to go **** a goat — right?  If the labs had to pay your salary and living expenses for two weeks every time they reported a false positive you could prove with a 2-week later negative antibody test they’d stop that **** instantly so why hasn’t the government mandated that be done?

You know the answer as well as I do.

All you screaming fools are lucky my mother wasn’t killed by this bull**** — she died a couple of years ago of colon cancer — or I’d shove your mask so far up your ass you’d taste it.

What “choice” am I supposed to make this coming Tuesday?  I never vote early unless I’m going to be out of town and know it.  Why?  Because through my life I’ve seen countless political candidates blow up in the last days of an election, either personally for me by taking a position I cannot vote for or through something so heinous that you might as well list Beelzebub on the ticket instead of their name.  Biden has had that happen here and yet Rah-Rah Orange Man BAD so he’s still on the ticket and people still think he’s going to win too and by the way, Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary and the rest of the Democrat machinery all knew about his and his family’s bull**** four years ago.  How many of them are also on the take?

The last thing I’d like to point out is that going all the way back to the 1990s I have talked about how the government medical system is going to blow up and when it does it will hose the economy and everyone in the United States.  I’ve written countless articles over the last decade on why you must do everything in your power to never need a single medical service because if you do you will be either dispossessed of everything you have or be denied it and die.  I personally decided to quit being a fat-ass nearly 10 years ago because after Black Jesus was elected and rammed through yet another giveaway to the extortionate and felonious “medical system” in this nation it became quite clear that there was a zero probability that if I became reliant on it everything would be ok — I would instead die slowly and horribly. Since there were things I could do that would materially change those odds, including getting rid of the extra 60lbs I was carting around, I did them. In addition to reducing the risk of needing said criminally-corrupt enterprises I’m enjoying things in my life on a daily basis that I was flatly incapable of 10 years ago.

Many people think I’m crazy.  I assure you I’m not.  Medicare and Medicaid have had even more damage done to them by this intentional circus of death caused by our politicians and academics who profit mightily from all of it.

In 2009 I pointed out that the reason Obamacare was rammed through was that the Medical Industry had reached the limit of being able to scam people; there simply wasn’t enough money to keep paying for it and the entire edifice was teetering on the edge of collapse.  Obamacare was an attempt to prevent that collapse, which would not have stopped you from being treated, but it would have put an immediate and permanent end to ripping you off wholesale.

Covid19 is just another in a long line of examples.  At $100/crack you do the math on the number of tests from the Hopkins or Covid Tracking Project site to tell me how many dollars have been stolen.  Leave aside everything else, such as remdesivir (large study showed it worthless, but it just got approved at $3,000/crack by the FDA!) and more and just look at the test numbers.  A test that does not come back immediately, within an hour or so, is worthless to both you as a patient to interdict viral replication and from a standpoint of trying to stop transmission through tracing.  Forward tracing of contacts with a virus that is not universally transmitted in some sort of linear way, which we know is the case for Covid19, is worthless; you have to trace backward and find the person who infected you, not who you might have infected when 9 times out of 10 the answer to the latter question is NOBODY!

Why?  Because with a stochastic disease a backward trace is compact since it seeks only one person and whoever gave it to you is probably still giving it to other people too so finding them actually does something to slow down transmission almost 100% of the time. On the other hand forward tracing expends an enormous amount of resource since it is an exponentially-expanding problem and usually finds nothing.  All of the so-called experts know this; again, it’s simple High School level math.

And Japan proved it works because that’s exactly what they did — but they did not stop transmission; in fact they built immunity and thus most of the Grannies are still alive.

They just stopped the death.

The entire reason we cannot test and trace our way to a reduction in infections among those who the virus can kill while leaving everyone else alone is that we have allowed the government and medical businesses to intentionally design a testing and tracing protocol that is mathematically guaranteed to fail to do anything useful but makes everyone involved tens of millions of dollars a day.  They’ve stolen every single penny of the money spent on it while governors, mayors and the general public cheered it on while intentionally skewing infections into people who the virus can and does kill.  That’s the behavior of monsters and you’ve sat back and let them do it or even worse, cheered it on despite having overwhelming evidence stuck in your face on a daily basis that this is exactly what is going on.

So tell me why we’re doing any of this again?  Why are you putting up with it?  Why hasn’t the American public woken up and told every one of these evil rat bastards that they will stop it now or they will be forced to stop by whatever means are necessary?

What choice am I really being presented with this coming Tuesday?

Being violated by a Donkey or an Elephant?

Where’s the option to not get it up the ass at all?

Re-Blog: “When Deplorables Fight Back…”

Authored four days ago at, “Normal American“.  Imagine the ‘fermentation’ since this was posted.  The justifiable anger is palpable.  Here’s a taste from the blog, “The Intrepid Reporter,” here to demonstrate how hot the anger has become.

Do read the Intrepid Reporter’s entire post – it provides illuminating perspective.   The level of ‘heat’ the Left is generating from, “Deplorables” is unparalleled.  And the anger is controlled to this point, while the left grows further and further unhinged evidenced by Satanic rituals eating President Trump’s heart in effigy..on an American flag no less…in BOSTON, you know, North Church, “Two if by Land one if by Sea,” home of Paul Revere and where the USS Constitution is moored?  THAT Boston.  You can read that, here.

Here’s the video for your edfication:

I also agree with the author the people he categorizes and mentions in his post should be called what they are:  Traitors.  And dealt with as such, according to the Constitution.

It should be evident even to the most Normalcy Bias infected mind that people are damn sick and tired of living under the threat of communist ‘purges’ in the United States of America.  I  truly hope the left has a moment of pause and their leaders step back into  courteous disagreement, vice calling for executions.  Most Deplorable Americans I know are at the point of, “I  didn’t want a fight, and I’ve shown that by remaining peaceful….for now.  If you (the Left) go hot, you’re really going to regret it.”

When Deplorables Fight Back

Oct 27, 2020

The left is preparing for their long-planned purge of the deplorables. What they have not yet realized is that the chumps may decide to fight back.

Our betters envision a glorious new era in which childless middle-aged harpies run the show. We should expect Robert Reich’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to feature live-streamed humiliation of the undesirables. Sins to be confessed include driving F-150s, reading Kelly Turnbull novels, and spurning the advances of overweight trannies. Afterwards deplorables will be put to work as field laborers on the solar plantations and America’s cultural revolution will be complete.

The ruling class believes they can keep cops, agents, and soldiers in line during the messy but needed eradication of America’s underclass. West Point’s commie infiltration and police being okay with arresting churchgoers outdoors makes them think they can pull it off. This guy probably would be on board.

Deplorables are preparing. The Western Rifle Shooters Association warns: “Don’t lose. You really won’t like what the Communists have planned for you and your family.” American Partisan is telling readers to get trained for the inevitable. The Captain’s Journal has a post up on tactics for “American Civil War II.” T.L. Davis is more pessimistic.

A few years ago everyone might have yawned if a leftist operative posing as a journalist at the New Republic casually suggested it’s time to ditch the Constitution. Today nerves are raw. One response to the operative’s proposal got sporty:

A couple of newsrooms hit with 3-4 deathsquad style hits and that’ll shut them down quickly. Target the local newsmen/wimmen with precise assassinations and they’ll shortly get the idea. Right now, they feel impervious b/c -no one- has legitimately targeted them.

A libertarian writer proposes the same approach to topple the left’s stronghold of academia:

Send the tanks into Harvard and knock down their newer and uglier buildings… Once Harvard and Yale is rolled up, the schools will roll up… The enemy pretends to have decentralized and dispersed power, but its power is in fact highly centralized and concentrated, and thus highly vulnerable to a small amount of precisely targeted violence.

This type of talk once was limited to essays like Dear Mr. Security Agent, or maybe private conversations among Oath Keepers or Three Percenters. Now it’s mainstream.

Angelo Codevilla, a former U.S. Navy officer, Senate staffer, and Boston University professor, warned his readers last week they are “living in territory controlled by enemy tribes” and should form armed “self-defense groups.” Retired U.S. Army Infantry colonel turned lawyer Kurt Schlichter says the left is “co-opting the ingrained sense of duty in our cops and warriors as a means to manipulate them into being the enforcement mechanism for the tyranny the elite left dreams of imposing.” A Chicago Sun-Times opinion article predicts a “full-on purge of ‘deplorables’ by any means necessary.”

This is a warning sign blinking blood red. If the left were rational, it would give them pause. But that is not happening. Our betters are talking up “guillotines” and becoming increasingly unhinged. As author James Howard Kunstler writes, the left is “not just having a tantrum, now they’re chewing up the furniture, ululating, beating their flanks, discharging gobs of snot, peeing their panties, and foaming at the mouth.”

We must acknowledge the possibility that our would-be rulers are divorced from reality. After all, elites denning in coastal enclaves need only interact with the underclass when their $20,000 Rancilio Classe 20 espresso maker requires repairs. One hopes the maid can handle the service call and will remember to air out the kitchen wing afterward.

In the real world outside coastal enclaves, plenty has been written about what happens when normal Americans decide that anti-constitutionalists have seized power and will never relinquish it voluntarily.

In Absolved, by the late Mike Vanderboegh, the problem of anti-constitutionalist federal lawyers is solved ballistically. The result:

The federal regulatory enforcement machine ground to a screeching halt. Tens of thousands of court cases, enforcement actions, civil forfeitures and investigations were stopped in their tracks. Federal judges quit too, by the dozens, electing to get out of the line of fire until this Fourth Generation civil war was settled, one way or the other.

The mid-1990s novel Unintended Consequences introduced an anti-constitutionalist congressman to a “16-ounce Estwing framing hammer.” The Bonner Incident: Joshua’s War describes a nationwide uprising against anti-constitutionalist federal agents, who soon switch to an honest line of work. These are not the left’s chimeric white supremacists. In Enemies Foreign and Domestic, it was a black retired sergeant major who responded to the anti-constitutionalists by blowing up the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge in Virginia.

Knowing a train wreck could happen is not the same as preventing one. A 1990 National Intelligence Estimate predicted: “Yugoslavia will cease to function as a federal state within one year and will probably dissolve within two. Economic reform will not stave off the breakup.” This was made public through a leak to the Washington Post.

The NIE was stunningly prescient. Yugoslavia imploded a year or so later. Everyone knew the train wreck was likely. Nobody stopped it.

Our elites could reduce tensions. They could rein in their street commies, renounce threats of court packing, and reverse their position on abolishing the Electoral College and statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Perhaps they could even say they will accept a President Trump electoral win, agree that it’s unacceptable to be fired for attending a Trump rally, and so on. Congress could reprimand, censure, or expel its members who endorse violence against political opponents. Longer term re-stabilization could devolve power from Washington, D.C. to state governments. California could ban pickups and mandate abortions, while Texas could do the opposite. Nobody would love it, but the republic would survive.

None of this should be taken as endorsing violence. Predictions are not wishes. There still is time for our would-be rulers to step away from the precipice.


Pre-Election Ordering Lull

If you think ammo, magazines, AR’s and pistols are hard to get now, wait until after the election!  Especially if Biden wins.  Should President Trump be re-elected, the threats from the Left (all lumped together as they’re all one degree of communist or another), the last of the ‘late sleepers’ and ‘OH CRAP! I don’t have enough _________________ (fill in the blank) are going to descent like locusts on the current stores which are just now making a comeback.

If there’s anything you really think you need, today would be the time to order.  Not tomorrow, today.  Weekends give people time to think and reflect….and then panic about buying things.

No complaining when on November 4th, you decide you want a couple cases of ammo and there’s NONE to be had…..just sayin’…..

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So, the panic hasn’t started just yet – good opportunity to get a few extra magazines – remember, they’re expendable, and without a good mag, you’ve got a single shot pistol, or a nice paperweight.

And while you’re relaxing this weekend, you may wish to duplex a few magazines following Bracken’s advice/example if you haven’t already done so.

The above is GREAT for carrying an extra 6 pistol mags.  Very discreet under your jacket; you can also release the cover and use the hook and loop to secure the magazines if you wish.   6 extra mags just gives one peace of mind.

Get your supplies while the getting is good.

Then There’s THIS Idiot, Calling for Open Revolution if the Election Doesn’t Go HIS Way….

Meet former Adjunct Instructor, David A. Walsh, formerly of George Mason University, if his archived page can be believed.
This guy is a PhD Candidate at Princeton.  That translates to, “Never had to support himself, worry about where his next meal is coming from, and so forth.  “Topple the government,”????  What is that?  Snowflake for ‘revolution’?  This guy has no idea how many people would die from that kind of a bonehead move.  Hey, “Professor,” try and picture your peaceful protesters’ lying all over the street, not as an act of protest, but because they’ve had the shit shot out of them because they were attempting a violent overthrow of the government for no cause other than they didn’t like the outcome of the general election that many of them swore they’d, lie, cheat, and steal’ to make sure President Trump didn’t win.  

You don’t think the military will back President Trump?  They’re sworn to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic (which you just declared your self).  But let’s count them out for just a second.  What are you going to do about the 10 to 15 million veterans who can still, ‘shoot, move, and communicate?’  Add to that the MILLIONS of civilians who love this country and its Constitution.  You think THEY aren’t going to back President Trump?  You need adult supervision when you decide you’re going to grace the world with your ‘wisdom.’  

Here’s the article on this POS.   It’s from Breibart, here.  Interestingly, and wisely enough, George Mason dropped this guy from their rolls like a bad habit, and also stated they ‘disagree with his views.’  

Communists…they’re SO predictable.

Without further ado, here’s the piece.

Former George Mason Prof. Says Americans Should ‘Topple’ Govt if Trump Wins

US President Donald Trump greets supporters as he hosts a Make America Great Again campaign event at Des Moines International Airport in Des Moines, Iowa on October 14, 2020. (Photo by Alex Edelman / AFP) (Photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

A former adjunct professor at George Mason University ignited a backlash on Twitter this week when he argued that Americans need to “actively topple” the government if Donald Trump wins November’s presidential election.

Former George Mason University instructor and academic David A. Walsh came under fire this week for a series of tweets in which he called on Americans to take down the government if President Trump wins reelection next week.

“Here’s the thing: if the worst-case scenario happens next week, Americans don’t need to just “protest.” They need to actively try to topple the government,” Walsh wrote in a tweet.

“Also worth noting that the military has already made it clear that in such a scenario, they’re not going to back Trump,” Walsh added.

Walsh’s faculty profile page is no longer active on George Mason’s website. In a cached version of Walsh’s faculty profile from October 10, he is listed as an adjunct faculty member. His faculty profile claims that he did his dissertation on the “far right and the origins of the American conservative movement.

In a tweet, George Mason Univesity said that Walsh no longer teaches at the university. Moreover, the university wrote that they don’t agree with Walsh’s statements.

“Contrary to earlier reports, @DavidAstinWalsh does not teach for @GeorgeMasonU nor is he a Mason faculty member,” the university wrote in a tweet. “He did teach one class as a part-time instructor last year, but he is no longer an employee of the University. That said, we do not agree with his statement.”

Contrary to earlier reports, @DavidAstinWalsh does not teach for @GeorgeMasonU nor is he a Mason faculty member. He did teach one class as a part-time instructor last year, but he is no longer an employee of the University. That said, we do not agree with his statement.

— George Mason University (@GeorgeMasonU) October 29, 2020

Breitbart News has reached out to Twitter for a comment on Walsh’s tweets. Additionally, Breitbart News has reached out to George Mason University to clarify the status of its relationship with Walsh.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.

An Interesting Perspective on Civil War…

Original, here.  Check out the comments, too!

Yes, We Are Headed for Violent Civil War

On October 1st, with little fanfare, Politico published an extraordinary opinion piece that may be the most important thing I’ve read all year. Titled “Americans Increasingly Believe Violence is Justified if the Other Side Wins,” the essay was penned by three “senior fellows” at the Hoover Institution, New America, and the Hudson Institute, as well as a professor of “political communication” at Louisiana State University and a professor of government at the University of Maryland (that’s five authors, in case you lost count).

The major takeaway is presented in the graph that appears below:

Way back in November of 2017 (my, how long ago that seems . . . ) a mere 8% of both Democrats and Republicans held that it is legitimate to use violence to advance their political goals. Actually, there’s nothing “mere” about it. It ought to surprise us that such a sizeable percentage of both parties could hold such a radical view. Also surprising is Republicans running neck and neck with Democrats. Contrary to how they are perceived by Leftists, conservatives are slow to embrace the idea of violence, or any sort of punitive measures against their opponents. Their Achilles heel, in fact, is commitment to “fair play.”

We must remember that when these numbers were compiled it had been a year since the 2016 election. A year of unhinged rhetoric by the Left, and repeated calls for Trump to be assassinated. Madonna spoke about her fantasies of blowing up the White House, and “comedian” Kathy Griffin held up an effigy of Trump’s severed head. Of course, those were the unserious, tongue-in-cheek threats. Countless other people made similar threats, quite openly, and seemed to be pretty serious about it. To my knowledge, none of them was charged with a crime.

As Trump Derangement Syndrome continued to spread, it was actually a healthy sign that more Republicans began to entertain the idea of using violence as a political tool. Leftists presented themselves as having no boundaries. There was no low to which they would not stoop, no trick too dirty. They were threatening to attack and kill not only the President, but his supporters, and, in fact, the entire white race. They made it quite clear that they could not be reasoned with. Faced with an enemy like this, violence was bound to become more attractive, or at least more justifiable, in the eyes of even the most mild-mannered Republican voter.

Almost a year later, in October 2018, the percentage of Democrats condoning violence had jumped to 13. It had become obvious to them, at this point, that the results of the 2016 election were not going to be reversed, though many still held out the hope that Robert Mueller would uncover some dirt that would prove Trump’s undoing. True to form, conservatives lagged behind (see what nice people we are?), with a mere 11% condoning violence. Still, the number had risen. At least part of this has to be attributed to the Kavanaugh hearings (of September-October), which were a wakeup call for many Republicans, including Lindsay Graham, who seems to have sort of lost his innocence as a result. The hearings proved once and for all, if any more proof had been needed, that liberals have no principles whatever, and that attempts to play fair with them will only backfire. One can’t really blame Republicans for that 11%. Please pass the ammo.

But we hadn’t seen anything yet. That was before COVID and BLM. By June of the current year, these percentages had doubled, and Dems and Republicans were now equally in favor of breaking heads: 30% of both groups now condoned violence to advance political goals. Let us pause to consider this number once more: 30%. Let us also pause to consider that this poll was conducted at the beginning of June, when the George Floyd riots had just gotten going.By December 2019, things had gotten genuinely scary. The trend had continued. And how. This was the month that the House approved articles of impeachment against Trump. Earlier in the year, in April, the Mueller report was made public, revealing that we had been subjected to two solid years of hysteria about “Russia collusion” for absolutely no reason whatever. The libs were frustrated, to put it mildly. 16% of them now condoned violence. Republicans were behind the curve again, but not by much, with 15% of them thinking the same way.

By September 1st, the percentage of liberals condoning violence had risen by just three points. Still, at 33% this constitutes one third of all Dems. The more interesting result came from the Republicans, however. The percentage in question had risen to 36%, and for the first time Republicans rated as more violence-approving than Dems. If you will read the fine print, you will find that the September poll’s margin of error is 2.0 percentage points. Thus, the three percentage points separating Republicans from Democrats are statistically significant; conservatives are now demonstrably more in favor of violence than liberals.

Has the sleeping giant awakened?

We were slow to consider violence an option. Unlike liberals, after all, we really do have principles, and we did not want to be like them. But they have pushed us to this point, and it’s difficult to see how there can be any debate about that. Months of watching our cities burn. Months of our history being torn down. Months of draconian lockdowns and arbitrary rules imposed by Democrat governors and mayors. Months of being told that we had to shelter in place, while BLM was given free rein to loot and burn. Months of being told we have no right to defend ourselves; that if you are white, you are automatically guilty. Countless lives and businesses destroyed. Given all of this, and more, it’s surprising that the number isn’t 56% — or 76% or 86%. But since many conservatives are probably afraid to say they might condone violence, I think we can round that 36% up a bit. Quite a bit.

The other day I spoke with a friend who lives in New York. He told me that he recently drove to his local rifle range, which he has visited many times in the past. He had not been there for several months, however, and when he arrived he was shocked to find a line stretching out the door (made up entirely of white people) and what wound up being a 45 minute wait. When he finally got inside, he asked the proprietor about the large turnout and was told that it had been like this every weekend since the BLM riots began, and that the numbers were increasing. I hope all those folks brought their own ammo, because my friend also told me the store was completely sold out. And this was New York, not South Carolina.

Two weeks prior to the Politico essay, The Hill published an opinion piece by a former federal prosecutor titled “Why Democrats Must Confront Extreme Left-wing Incitement to Violence.” It’s a weak and cowardly piece of writing but is nevertheless interesting on multiple levels. The author begins by asserting that Right-wing groups “by far pose the greatest threat of violence.” He bases this on a study by something called the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). This group looked at 900 cases of politically motivated plots or attacks since 1994, and concluded that Right-wing extremists had claimed the lives of 329 people, whereas “Antifa members haven’t killed any.”

This is like somebody saying, in January of 2020, “Over the last 25 years, seasonal flu has claimed the lives of 890,000 Americans,[1] but COVID-19 hasn’t killed any Americans. Therefore, the flu is the real threat.” This would have been a ridiculous position, because COVID was something new and entirely unknown. We had no way of knowing, in January, how dangerous COVID was going to be. And, since then, it has, in fact, claimed far more American lives than the flu ever takes in a given year.

Similarly, since May we have seen Left-wing violence the likes of which this country has not seen since the 1960s. And this phenomenon is fundamentally new because it has been condoned and encouraged by state and local officials, prominent Democrats in Congress, and establishment journalists and pundits. The authors of the CSIS study warn of the dangers posed by groups like the “boogaloos,” a group of “Right-wing, anti-government extremists” bent on “creating a civil war in the United States.” Oddly enough, I’d never heard of the boogaloos until reading this article, and I think I’m pretty “plugged in.”

I know nothing about this group, but I do know one thing for certain: if the boogaloos, or any other “Right-wing extremists” took to the streets and behaved as BLM and Antifa have behaved – looting, burning, assaulting, threatening, or even just blocking traffic – they would have been crushed within twenty-four hours. All the might of state and local police forces and federal law enforcement would have been unleashed against them, and the cops would not have played nice. Many “Right-wingers” would have wound up dead or injured, and the survivors would have faced extensive criminal charges.

This, gentle reader, is why “Right-wing violence” is not the greater threat. Left-wing violence is taking place with the approval and support, financial and otherwise, of the establishment. It is a threat to all ordinary Americans, especially white Americans. Right-wing violence only poses a threat (so far, a very mild one) to the establishment.

The author of The Hill piece, while claiming that Right-wingers pose the greatest threat, wishes nonetheless to warn liberals that their own people are becoming far more violent and that they need to address this problem. This is after referring to the riots we’ve seen since May as “overwhelmingly peaceful social justice protests.” But he fears Democrats aren’t listening:

Perhaps Democrats are afraid of leaving the impression of a false equivalency between extreme right- and left-wing violence. Perhaps they are fearful that acknowledging the threat posed by extreme left-wing incitement gives credibility to Trump’s false narrative that Democrat-run cities are burning because of left-wing violence (they are not burning) and his promotion of outlandish conspiracy theories, such as that people in “the dark shadows” allegedly control Joe Biden.

In other words, the author, a Leftist in deep denial about the threat posed by the Left, wonders why the Left is in such deep denial about the threat posed by itself. You can’t make this stuff up.

If Biden does win, and if the Democrats manage to gain complete control of Congress, we can look forward to an assault on the first and second amendment rights of Americans, in the form of hate speech legislation and gun control. Further, Biden and Harris have signaled that they will pack the Supreme Court – simply by repeatedly refusing to answer the question of whether they will. Democrats are also likely to grant statehood to the District of Columbia (thus increasing their numbers in Congress), amnesty millions of illegals and put them on a fast track to citizenship, and abolish the Electoral College.In August, Joe Biden asked “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” This was widely interpreted by conservatives as a threat. The truth is that the violence will continue regardless of who wins the election. Trump’s reelection will guarantee further violence by the Left. But since Democrats have encouraged the violence and done nothing to contain it, there is every reason to believe that it will continue if Biden wins. Indeed, the “hands off” attitude the establishment has taken to Left-wing violence makes it almost inevitable that the violence will escalate, meaning that it will become more deadly. The Far Left has been emboldened.

This is, quite simply, a recipe for civil war – of some kind or other. It is certainly a recipe for the further fragmentation of the country. 62% of white men voted for Trump in 2016, and none of them wants what I have just indicated the Democrats have to offer. The elimination of the Electoral College, if it happens, could be the country’s tipping point toward dissolution. It would mean that millions of Americans in the heartland of the country (most of them white) would be politically disenfranchised. The situation in the US is already volatile; the disenfranchisement of large numbers of citizens would make it much worse. This is particularly true given that those citizens are the backbone of the country: their decency, hard work, and tax money keep it afloat. It is unlikely that those people would readily accept living at the mercy of a combination of urban elites and non-white freeloaders.

Of course, the same situation would be created if demographic projections are borne out, and whites become a minority by 2044, regardless of what happens to the Electoral College. And the re-election of the hapless Trump would not even slow this process. Given demographics, our long-term prospect is a Democratic takeover. So that even if Democrats lose in 2020 – even if they lose big – everything I projected above about what the Democrats will do when they take power is still going to happen, it just may take a little longer.

My own prediction for what will happen to the US is that it will eventually split up along racial and political lines. Already, there is hardly any “union” to assess the state of. Further, all signs now indicate that this is not going to be a peaceful process. The Left began the violence, and they have now succeeded in pushing a whopping 36% of conservatives to approve of answering violence with violence.

My readers on the Right, who are far more discerning than average folks, may be skeptical for different reasons. According to some of them, the chances of violent civil war or revolution are zero, since the establishment has far greater firepower. As I said above, if the Right took to the streets like BLM, they would be mercilessly crushed. But suppose they did it again. And again. And suppose the anger that sent them out into the streets did not diminish, but increased. It is naïve to think that determined individuals, through persistent guerilla warfare and other forms of resistance, cannot destabilize a government – especially when the government is run by decadent, out-of-touch elites who inhabit an ideological and social bubble. It has happened before, and can happen again.Some of my readers will greet these claims with skepticism. Average Americans find it impossible to imagine their country disintegrating in violent conflict. This is the result of years of propaganda about the “stability” of our Republic, the “miracle” of our peaceful transfer of power every four years, yada yada. Average Americans are bizarrely oblivious to just how violent this country really is and always has been (something that has not escaped the notice of the rest of the world): sky-high rates of murder, rape, and assault; urban riots every few years; the assassination of political figures; regular “spree killings”; and a civil war that claimed the lives of around 700 thousand people. Average folks may not want to think about it, but a second civil war is quite plausible.

Of course, the goal should not be “revolution.” There is no reason to want to “take over” the United States, because it is not desirable that the United States should continue to exist. We don’t want to live with these people anymore, even if we are the ones “in charge.” Instead, what we should aim for is independence – in other words, the partitioning of the country; carving our own country out of this country and saying goodbye to those other people. Folks, it’s either that or persuade the Europeans that we have the right of return. But that’s not going to happen.

So here are my predictions for the near future:

Left-wing violence will continue, indeed it will escalate. However, white conservatives will be increasingly willing to challenge Leftists in the streets. The Politico numbers persuasively suggest that this is likely, and we already see signs of it (notably, the Kyle Rittenhouse episode). A Trump loss will further radicalize many white conservatives. A Trump win will also radicalize white conservatives, because the response will be even more violence from Leftists. The continued anti-white rhetoric, which shows no signs of abating, will also do the work of radicalization. I predict that we will see more acts of domestic terrorism perpetrated by Right-wing groups, and that many new such groups will spring up in the next several years. These acts will be heavily condemned by all the usual suspects, but this will have little effect, since the double standard is now too obvious. Even Mom and Dad, drinking Snapple and watching Hannity, will now approve of Right-wing violence. Unlikely? Look at that chart above and think again. How likely is it that the trend has peaked at 36%?

I also predict that we will see cases of mini-secessions, in which towns, cities, and counties that are largely white and Republican will begin resisting the power of state and federal governments (e.g., not enforcing certain laws). This will make parts of the country hard to govern. These areas will become a mecca for white conservatives. They will grow in population and geographic reach, as new arrivals take residence just over county or city lines. Tired of the dirty looks they get, many non-whites and liberals will go elsewhere. In short, there will be de facto secession before secession is ever made official.

By the way, had I made prognostications about “civil war” as little as a year ago, I would have done so with the caveat “probably not in our lifetime.” Now I am definitely not so sure. It’s hard to believe, but the scenario envisioned by Chuck Palahniuk in Adjustment Day is becoming more plausible with each passing week.


[1] A guestimate: each year the flu claims the lives of between 30,000-50,000 Americans.

A Couple Thoughts….

From the interwebz….first one, I agree that doing away with government, media, and corporate censorship is a good thing and will kill the left. I also stand with the belief that self-censorship is essential for a civilized society to endure. Simply because one can do a thing it doesn’t follow that one should do a thing, especially when it may harm others.

The second is absolutely true!!

Wise Words from “Splendid Isolation” – Kim DuToit’s blog…

Here.  Re-posting two of his entries – they provide excellent information and points to  consider. Know this, when they come, it won’t be like the picture below…they’ll come armed, with flankers away from the main body who’s job it’ll be to engage those trying to block their path.  Kinda like the guys in the second pic….

SATURDAY: Antifa Cells Announce Day Of Retribution Across ...

As Usual

Following on from yesterday’s news about Chile voting to “change” their constitution — really, overturning the one passed into law by Augusto Pinochet and putting in a new, “progressive” (Marxist) one — the Left in Chile did the usual:\

Violence, looting, and disorder erupted in Chile on Sunday evening after an overwhelming majority of people voted in favor of destroying the country’s constitution, replacing it with a new document more favorable to the nation’s left wing.

On the night of the elections, local media reported that police arrested at least 19 people for looting a pharmacy and a supermarket. In the commune of Melipilla outside Santiago, rioters attacked a police station, injuring eight officers, while also installing barricades on a carriageway to prevent the movement of traffic.

No doubt, this was all part of the “wild celebrations” that followed the vote result.

So just to be clear:  if the Left loses, they riot and loot;  and if they win, they riot and loot.

Something we can probably expect in the U.S. when Trump cleans their clock next week.  See the next post for details.

I think I’ll head off to the range as soon as it opens in a couple hours.  Handgun practice this time?  I think so.


In the above post, I pointed out that whether the Left wins or loses, they riot and loot regardless.  So here’s a little preview on how they’re planning to respond to a Trump victory:

Under the guise of seeking to “prevent a constitutional crisis,” a massive network of well funded left-wing activists and progressive groups are training, organizing, and planning to mobilize millions of Americans should President Trump “contest the election results,” refuse to concede, or claim an early victory.

More than 80 advocacy groups and grassroots organizations have joined in a broad coalition calling itself “Protect the Results” and proclaiming that “we cannot ignore the threat that Trump poses to our democracy and a peaceful transition of power.”
The coalition is a joint project of Indivisible and Stand Up America, two left-wing groups founded in response to President Trump’s 2016 election and whose goals are “to organize and resist Trump’s dangerous agenda” and “to defeat Trump and his enablers.”
Seeking to “protect” election results by use of its millions of members, the coalition calls to “take coordinated action” and “prepare for a potential post-election crisis.”

Note that even if Trump wins by an overwhelming majority, they’re still going to “mobilize”, because  of the “the threat that Trump poses to our democracy and a peaceful transition of power.”  (See the Chilean example above.)  As Roger Kimball puts it, channeling Commiespeak:

But what if Trump, you know, actually wins the election?
He can’t. And if he does, it won’t count. Listen to this statement gathered by Pullman: “At some point in the days following the election Trump will almost certainly either attempt to declare outright victory or attempt to invalidate the results of the election. That is the start of the coup.”
So what happens next? “We need to show that we’re ungovernable under a continued Trump administration. … That can mean blocking traffic at major intersections and bridges, shutting down government office buildings … or blockading the White House.”

Nice.  So the plan is to create instability and sow fear and discord, and then… what, exactly?

See how clever that is?  If Trump wins and they start their bullshit, and Trump responds with some kind of police action like calling in the National Guard, then he’s the one opposing a “peaceful transition of power”?   I, for one, am curious to see what will happen if their “coordinated action” is met with resistance from either police action or “counter-revolutionaries” (that, in case anyone is wondering, is us — people like you and me).

In the above article, Kimball is quite optimistic, by the way, ending with:

But if, as I expect, he wins, there will be much wailing and gnashing of liberal teeth, but widespread peace and prosperity will dull the pain and transform the anguish into the guilty pleasure of histrionic self-indulgence.

Me?  Not so much.

Which reminds me:  I need to go and pick up my ammo order.  The Communists aren’t the only ones who can make plans.