Arrests for Practicing One’s Religion and Not Wearing Masks Have Begun…

I read an interview some years ago from a then active duty soldier involved in publishing, “The Resister – The News Letter of the Special Forces Underground,” to which I subscribed when it was in print.

The interviewer asked the speaker what would be the tipping point to civil war, revocation of the Second Amendment?  The speaker answered, ‘No, the First Amendment.  When you can’t speak or practice your religion, there’s no recourse available to you…’  I am paraphrasing his answer, but this was in the mid-90’s, so it’s been awhile.

Well, here we are.  Practicing freedom of association (going maskless as a Jr High football game)  or freedom of religion or its exercise (singing hymns in public at a public park) is now getting people arrested, and sometimes tazed.

Check this out at InfoWars   We have police officers arresting football moms for not kowtowing to the ‘mask decrees’ that are not born of legislation, but tyrannical decrees from power drunk governors.

Key grafs:  “…when it gets to a point where the police are actively hunting for “non-conformers” and are dragging them off to prison in handcuffs, that should tell all of us that we aren’t living in a free country anymore.”

“Literally, while hundreds of believers were singing “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”, officers were slapping handcuffs on people…”

This is a complete abrogation of Constitutional protections for the free practice of religion without interference in the First Amendment.

If that isn’t enough, check THIS out.

Read the whole story, here, at Breitbart.

The initial excuse for the arrest:  “Officers arrested Gabriel Rench, Rachel Bohnet, and Sean Bohnet, according to Moscow Report, a local independent news outlet. A video uploaded to social media shows Bohnet, a local music teacher, and his wife telling officers they refused to comply with an inaudible order. Moscow Report says the apparent infraction is that they refused to show identification.”

The story then goes on to say in an update, The Moscow Police Department’s daily activity log lists the reasons for the arrests as “public health emergency order” violations.”

These police officers should realize their freedom of movement and ability to serve the public only lasts as long as the citizenry allows it.  Each officer making those arrests should be summarily fired for violation of their Oath.  Period.

The irony burns in that Christians, singing praises to God, are arrested while Portland, Seattle, Louisville, NYC, Kenosha, and many others burn with NO censure, arrest, or most times, even justifiable return fire to the rioters.  Hell, the police won’t even shoot them when the rioters, armed with rifles, pistols, and Molotov cocktails are in front of them screaming, “All y’all are gonna fXXXXX die!”  But they’ll arrest people for self-defense of their homes, businesses, and others in grave danger.

Somethin’s gotta give….just sayin’.

3 thoughts on “Arrests for Practicing One’s Religion and Not Wearing Masks Have Begun…

  1. chris

    Completely off the rails. I saw today because of the “virus” church attendance has been down 75% because of “edicts”. People have gotten used to watching services on you tube and Facebook. And we know how they scrub everything that goes against the party line on those platforms. Religion and guns. Sad that.


  2. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Yes; I cannot believe what I see insofar as ‘Christian Soldiers’ go in the kowtowing to the state. If memory serves, one of the battle cries of the War for Independence was, “No King but Jesus,” and this was shouted as the revolutionaries ran against the British with their muskets and tomahawks. How the mighty have fallen in their zeal for liberty…..

  3. gwheels73

    I encourage all to regularly watch pastor Chuck Baldwin preach on issues of liberty. He is a model of the Revolutionary pastors whose preaching inspired churchgoers to stand with their muskets against the British army.

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