This is Your Governor, Michiganders….

From the Detroit News.   Read the whole thing, there.

Whitmer applies for Trump’s extra jobless aid, but doesn’t add $100

The Whitmer administration applied Tuesday for an additional federal unemployment payment of $300 per person but rejected a Trump administration option to offer a $100 per person state match.

Michigan will not add another $100 to the supplemental payment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for wages lost because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the existing $362-per-person state unemployment payment from Michigan’s Unemployment Trust Fund will be considered to constitute the required 25%, or $100, match for an average total of $662 per person.


So what happens when the ‘Unemployment Trust Fund’ is tits up and people who become unemployed cannot receive unemployment?

She always seems to make decisions that will not affect HER adversely, just the average citizen.

And, yeah, Governor Whitmer is like ‘school in the summertime….NO class!’ (and now, school throughout the year….


2 thoughts on “This is Your Governor, Michiganders….

  1. h0neyc0mb

    When you know you’re a one term stooge .. you act like it .. and she has done that ..

    Frankly .. she showz the class how socialist she can be .. is .. or willing to become .. if she had the opportunity (i.e. more terms as yenz supreme leader).

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