An Update on ‘The Velvet Glove Slips’…

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Over at Knuckle Draggin, there’s an interesting post titled, ‘A True Dictator,’ on the same subject. The source article is a site called, ‘The Bridge:  Michigan’s Nonpartisan, Non-Profit News Source.’

What’s interesting about the piece is not so much the article, but the comments.  Reason?  Because it gives Michiganders are really clear picture of what the left’s factual knowledge base on ‘the law’ and constitutional principles are.  Suffice it to say, we have commies galore here.  I’d say about half the state.  Maybe more.

Let that sink in for a minute.  If SHTF (and with Whitmer doing her level best to permanently cripple the economy to further her Vice Presidential dreams it most likely will right before or right after the November election), one of every two people are going to want either cheer or do what’s been going on in Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Atlanta, and last night, Chicago.  And there are simply not enough police in and around our major cities to stand between them and you if you live inside their confines, or in the suburbs.   I’ve talked to a few police officers, and many have one foot out the door, and another on a banana peel, so to speak.  Their issue is ‘qualified immunity,’ which there is a movement to rescind.  If that occurs, a HUGE percentage of police are going to walk off the job because they won’t have special protection and civil and criminal litigation.

So, add the inflated percentage of infection rates (testing is NOT accurate, admitted to by the medical community), the now admitted COVID money to hospitals for postive diagnosis, the extremely low fatality rate here in Michigan, the logistics chain getting weaker (evidence in many, many stores), the governor threatening to not open schools, close down various industries, and reinstate the total lockdown if the state doesn’t follow her edicts, and we have a real recipe for ‘bad things’ to happen here.

I hope it doesn’t; I hope the governor loses her power through all the signatures on the petition to limit it as well as the petition to rescind the 1945 law she’s using to keep extending the ‘state of emergency.’  I hope whoever replaces her when she’s voted out of office is a constitutionally minded person who believes in limited government.   I kinda doubt it though, as there are WAY too many entitlement addicted people of all ethnicities in the state.


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