Special Endorsement: Intention Pens

I don’t usually endorse products; they’re few and far between.  This, however, is an exception.  Intention Pens are decidedly for the discriminating writer who appreciates quality!  I’ve known the proprietor for 40 years  – he’s a master craftsman, and ‘quality’ is his only requirement.  Not only is the fit and finish world class, but the cartridge inserted writes like very slick glass.  I’ve got a Waterman that doesn’t write as nicely, and Watermans’ are expensive!!

This picture below is my second pen from Intentionpen.com; I like the Ebony wood and either the chrome or gun metal finish.  It goes with everything.  Except, of course, my camouflage kit.  I have stuck it in a  blouse pocket though, and it stays hid and protected.    Typically, I’ve taken the pen with me to client meetings with an old fashioned note book, and it gets noticed.  

Now here’s the BIG news!  They’ve got a 25% off sale going on right now!  So, check out the site linked above, and get a couple of them.  One for you and one for someone you really like who deserves a great gift!

Disclaimer:  I get absolutely nothing for endorsing the pen; I just know quality when I see and use it, so get yours today!

3 thoughts on “Special Endorsement: Intention Pens

  1. Arpad Deli

    Hi Bubba!!!,
    Cool Pen!!!! I recall from back in the mid 50’s or there about’s.. PARKER Pen Co., came out with the “PARKER P-51” this was back in the day of “FOUNTAIN PEN’s”……. “NOT!!!” to be confused with “FOUNTAIN SYRINGES” which you have to be really old to remember!!! (‘Another story!!!!) anyway…………….
    ‘Grew up in the ’50’s and High School in the early 60’s… When me and my troops got too old for “Boy Scouts” .. those of us interested in “FLYING” navigated our way to the local airport and the “Civil Air Patrol”… Airplanes, people learning to fly, lot’s of fun… some of our senior member’s were pilots and “Working on advanced ratings!!’ In the pilot’s lounge in the late afternoon, the “Instructor’s would be there, critiquing students and “filling out their “LOG BOOKS!!!!!!”
    I recall one day … Ed Dufreche, our CAP “Commandant of Cadets” one of our pilots who at the time had acquired his Commercial License but not yet the “Instrument Rating” …needed to be able to fly commercially more that 50 miles from place of take off!!… was talking with Frank Laninere… a CFI who was acquiring hours so he could go “ATP!!!” (look it up!!) He needed “LOT’S OF HOURS” and one way to get those was to “Flight Instruct!!!!!” … any way.. Ed Asked him how many “Hours” he had and and then, Ed asked him… “How much ‘P-51’ time do you have!!!!!!??????????????????…..

    Got to be a standing joke around the “AIRPORT” about “P-51″time especially when some hot shot pilot comes around, talks the talk but can’t fly his way out of a wet paper bag!! Someone will mutter… “YUP, another ‘P-51’ Jockey!!!!” (and I don’t mean those 3 strands of nylon wrapped around some young, shapely model’s lower unit being touted as the hot S#!T!!!!!)

    Well, several cases of beer ago I told this story to my friend James, One of our Jump Pilots, Skydiver and My Good Friend!! …. He got on E-Bay and found a “Parker 51” and got it…. He “Gave” it to me for Christmas that year!!!!
    “HO-LEE-S#!T!!” I got a real “Parker P-51!!!!!!”

    Hope I didn’t bore you… but having a “HOT S#!T WRITING INSTRUMENT” is worth a tale or two!

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!!,

  2. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Nice story about CAP and the Parker P-51. They’re not cheap anymore, that’s for sure! You’re always welcome here! I remember fountain pens; learned to write long hand with one. I remember my grandmother had a syringe pen.

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