If This Poll is Accurate….

Things will go kinetic very, very soon.  With one third of the country indicating they won’t take a vaccine (that’s about 110,000,000 people), and 28% refusing to wear masks or at least don’t prefer to wear masks, should laws be passed penalizing those who refuse to comply with this draconian pavlovian conditioning, I’m betting things get out of control really quickly.  And the charge will be led by one person……”Karen.”

(Natural News) A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico claims that a majority of Americans support forced muzzling under the penalty of fines or jail time in order to placate their own fears about catching the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Supposedly 72 percent of those asked indicated that they either “strongly” or “somewhat” support allowing the government to implement mandatory face mask edicts that are punishable by fines or prison time for those who violate them.

“Based on what you know about the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus), would you support or oppose your state instituting a face mask mandate in public spaces, where not wearing a mask could be punishable by fine or jail time?” the questionnaire asked.

Interestingly, the group that indicated the strongest support in response to this question was Baby Boomers, which generally lean “conservative” and claim to support minimal government intervention into people’s personal lives. A whopping 78 percent of them indicated that they support mask mandates based on these terms.

Next in line were millennials at 68 percent, followed by Generation Z at 63 percent. In other words, the younger the person, the more likely that he or she opposes mandating that people cover their noses and mouths with cloth or plastic.

As you might expect, nearly all of the Democrats polled – 86 percent, to be precise – expressed support for mandatory masks, while only 58 percent of Republicans support mandatory masks, demonstrating the partisan aspects of mask-wearing.

Why wear masks when there’s already a coronavirus cure?

Since this is a Politico poll, it is important to take it with a grain of salt. There were maybe a few hundred people who were asked this question about masks, which is hardly representative of the population at large.

At the same time, some suggest that masks might be a hot-button political issue this November, with an alleged majority supporting measures to keep them on people’s faces indefinitely.

Still others, including Dr. Stella Immanuel, a medical doctor in Houston, contends that masks are unnecessary, and that all people need to do if they are worried is to support their immune systems, including with the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Be sure to watch Dr. Immanuel speak below (around the 5:25 mark):


What more people in this country need to hear and watch are videos like the one above, which offer a fresh perspective on the plandemic that goes beyond the rote fear-mongering about social distancing and masks.

“We need your help,” Dr. Immanuel petitioned a day after the America’s Frontline Doctors press conference video was banned from the Big Tech gamut of platforms. “We are being attacked, ridiculed, and discredited. We need our patients to speak up.”

“If you have been cured by this drug (hydroxychloroquine), share your story online using this hashtag. #HCQWorks,” she added.

One Twitter user responded to Dr. Immanuel’s video tweet with additional information about how hydroxychloroquine supposedly also helps against HIV, fungal infections, rheumatological and cardiovascular conditions, kidney disease, diabetes, thromboembolic events, lipid problems, cancer, insulin issues, and graft-v-host disease following bone marrow transplants, along with much more.

“Now ‘they’ know how easily led are the American people,” wrote one Big League Politics commenter concerning the face mask poll. “Are we going to wear these for the rest of our lives or just until the next election that Dems want to win?”

“This shows me that the majority of Americans are brain dead and will just follow orders of convenience,” wrote another, adding that the next step will be for the “sheeple” to line up and get vaccinated. “They deserve the FEMA camps coming their way.”

More associated news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at Pandemic.news.


4 thoughts on “If This Poll is Accurate….

  1. Unfuck U

    Those numbers may very well be made up. It’s like with polls over here. They’ve all become instruments of propaganda.
    They’re telling us how high a support Mrs. Merkel and her government really is: always above 90 percent!
    Who’d have thunk?
    Just like in good old German Democratic Republic. Or USSR.

  2. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Not many people know this, but I lived in Germany for 10 years; 2 in Bitburg and 8 in Kaiserslautern. I really loved the country then, and damn near became an ex-pat and retired their from active service. I weep in my heart for what Germany has become. I so miss the people, the customs, and the land.

  3. Unfuck U

    I can relate. I was once pretty close to marrying a Californian girl but decided against that commitment because even though I liked that girl and the country side of San Francisco’s Bay Area, I couldn’t see how I could cope with the mentality over there.
    I believe it was the best decision for now I am a happy family father of four children and together with my wife since 25 years.
    I would still love returning to the USA and maybe staying there for a couple of months but I don’t think it will happen – especially with all that BS going on in airports and with TSA since 9/11.

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