NFAC Leader at the Range and Teaching Basic Nomenclature – Rated “E” for ‘Entertaining!’

I think a better title might be, “YOU GOT TA BE SHITTIN’ ME PRIVATE PYLE!”  Great entertainment and very interesting from the perspective that he is wearing his ‘kit’while he shoots, keeps pointing the rifle at the ceiling between relays and loading, has ill-fitting kit, doesn’t ground his weapon pointing down range, has the ejection port closed (indicating a bolt in the forward position, recoil from the 5.56 giving him a hard time, forgetting to close the bolt to fire, and so on.  Lots of information in the video if you have what it takes to watch the whole thing.  The guy is a safety issue.  And he’s trying to teach people on the range.

I’m really looking forward to the week in August when he said NFAC is going back to Louisville to either get justice or burn it down.  I’m thinking that’s not going to work out so well, in fact, I bet they don’t go, or if they do, they’ll be REAL polite.

UPDATE:  The ‘Grandmaster’ teaching basic nomenclature and functioning of a Post-Ban AR he states he bought in Germany in ’90.

And another.  His ‘weapons’ training for his ‘army.’  All I can say is, “HO-LEE-SHIT!”  POSER ALERT!!!

9 thoughts on “NFAC Leader at the Range and Teaching Basic Nomenclature – Rated “E” for ‘Entertaining!’

  1. Mark

    GMC isn’t much of a shooter. Looks like a 3 inch spread, maybe larger – with a rifle at 10 yards while sitting and using a bench. I get single hole accuracy with ten rounds doing that. A typical concealed carry 3 inch pistol gets better accuracy than that at the same distance. And that p!ss-poor grip he was teaching that woman on the pistol, and those Spandex ninja outfits)))

  2. Sanders

    Never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake. I wouldn’t even critique him, or even mock him. Just keep quiet and let him carry on.

  3. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Personally, based on his videos and arguments in his own group, I don’t think he’d try to improve what he’s doing with his, “bullpup” of he was offered a free high speed course anywhere. He’s a narcissist. And is ttherefore perfect. I don’t think it’s possible to interrupt this fool.

    But that’s my .02

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  5. Scott McLeod

    His skill at arms musta been learned with his vast military experience as Acting PFC in the 103rd Mess Tin Repair Regiment

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