Ammo Availability Impact on Live Fire Training

Here we are, months into this ‘thing,’ and favorite brand ammo (whatever your favorite is) has become more scarce than hair on a frog.  I’m on about a dozen, “notify me when back in stock,” lists, and I’m sure I’m on the light end of people on ammo availability email lists.

Time on the live fire range is becoming more dear and time between sessions is getting much longer.  Gone are the days of expending 500 rounds in a training course for combat pistol/rifle.  Besides the ammo cost, the course and travel cost could go for purchasing ammo, right?

So if you’re like me, and are not independently wealthy, meaning you have to watch where you spend your money, what are some things that can be done to mitigate less time on the range?

How can you make the ammo you have last longer while not giving up live fire completely?

Here’s a few ideas, none of which are ‘the best idea ever’ – these are just to get started:

  • Bite the bullet and use what disposable funds you have and pay the higher cost for the ammo.
  • Increase the amount of dry fire you do, and if you have a regularly scheduled time to go to the range, make that particular dry fire session reflect your range time as much as you can.
  • Lessen the amount of rounds you fire.  I usually expend 150 to 200 rounds per session.  I could drop that to 50 and thereby shorten my range time.  That’d extend the amount of  time my practice ammo is currently projected to last a long time.
  • If you are performing services or selling things, take ammo in trade.

I’m sure you get the idea; there are many more things that can be done.  List your suggestions in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Ammo Availability Impact on Live Fire Training

  1. anonymous

    To keep my ‘shooting eye’ and rifle trigger control in practice, I shoot break barrel spring powered air rifles. The rifles are cocked with breaking the barrel open, loading pellet and firing. Their back and forth spring generated recoil takes some time to get used to, you need a soft hold, only supporting rifle and pulling trigger. Let the rifle move within your hold and as long as its consistent, your accuracy will not suffer. Sometimes referred to as the ‘artillery hold’ by people a lot smarter than me. :^) These are very quiet and rarely cause issues with neighbors (who mind their business). A quiet backstop is mandatory – I use a couple of old blankets which drop the pellets at foot of blanket where I keep a tarp.

  2. Paraclete

    Airsoft is the logical answer here, for times such as this.
    Many manufactures have endorsed copies of their arms.
    Some military units around the world use these, just as
    some air force units use simulators when fuel and parts
    are too expensive. There are very realistic “acting copies”
    of your fav firearm. Whether it be a long gun or handgun,
    they’re out there…at least for now.
    Until the herd realizes this option. Although, the better ones
    are not cheap, but they are more than likely cheaper than
    ammo these days. So get what you can, while you’re able,
    and get your practice fix in .

  3. anonymous

    I recall the similar ‘rimfire drought’ some years back on shooting behaviors changing. Did you shoot what you had, not knowing if you would be able to buy more in the future ? Or did you cut back, keeping a reserve just in case it didn’t come back.

    This situation reallyl drives home the point of keeping some put back for emergencies. Most of us had time to do this – did we do our due diligence and take care of this.

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