A Nation at War


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A Nation at War by Usarmyretiredsgm

“Anthony Howard, then editor of the left-wing New Statesman, once pointed out that if Huey Long had only used left-wing phraseology he would have enjoyed wide support from the New York and London intelligentsia.”

― Robert Conquest, Reflections on a Ravaged Century

Publisher’s Note: Ladies and gentleman, America is now an apartheid state, again. The government has played their hand and shown that they will not only step aside to encourage it but they will look the other way whenever their demented pets in the media and academia. The long communist march march through the institutions that saw a similar apogee in the 1930 when official CPUSA strength above board was massive. One should note that the twentieth century communist movement in the Democratic Party has always been a cozy relationship. So close that Henry Wallace was running on the Democratic ticket in 1948 and was endorsed by the CPUSA who chose to not to run a candidate that year because fit Comrade Henry fit the bill. You may recall Wallace was FDR’s VP.

I just watched the movie, “Mr. Jones”, and highly recommend it. It is in a nutshell a story that deserves wider exposure to show that the rot in American journalism goes back over a hundred years when it comes to defending communism and its derivative barbarisms. It portrays Walter Duranty as the evil and conniving New York Times communard apologist he was. He even got a Pulitzer Prize for Stalin stooge reporting. He covered up famine, death and countless crimes against humanity to protect his precious fever-dream of communism, the modern NYT continues the proud and loathsome tradition.

Nothing changes, huh?

We are all Rhodesians now.

Get to the range.

The author of the guest post served with me in Afghanistan.

We are a nation at war, whether ready to accept it or not, it is upon us. What happens in the near future will determine not only our country’s fate, but the world as a whole.  If you doubt this then I can only surmise you are one of our enemies or simply one of the dumbed down useful idiots, the powers that be are utilizing to advance their agenda.  What we determined as normal at the beginning of 2020 will never return, without much loss of life.

The war is one of design by globalist who have been hell bent on destroying this country since Woodrow Wilson was “president”.  Make no mistake, their plan is a long game rapidly coming to a climax, whether one is onboard or reticent about the outcome makes no difference.  The events of this year pulled back the curtain on the activities of the power brokers whose sole purpose is to destroy the working class and subjugate us to the wills of those individuals behind this activity.  The goal is the elimination of our remaining freedoms and ensuring we are nothing more than tax cattle whose sole purpose is to feed the state.

The concept of an oligarchy with the ability to guide the world to their desires has been debated by many over the past has now manifested itself as a reality.  The argument against this possibility was the government is populated with drones incapable of organizing a concerted overthrow of the people’s rights.   The idea this action was impossible is because of the incompetence of a government’s ability to coordinate these efforts.  This is bigger than the US government.  This is a global takedown, i.e. WHO, CDC, CIA, FBI, NSA, British monarchy, Chinese, MI6, the EU and many other institutions and governments.  The lies perpetrated on the world’s population are so large as to be virtually inconceivable to most rational human beings, but here we are in the middle of a world-wide coup of the freedoms which formally existed.  Those freedoms are long gone.  These nefarious powers are in the execution phase of their final plan.  Submit or die is the order of the day.  The news of the day is replete with examples of this order.  Put on that mask, stay home, do not travel, no bars, no freedom of religion, cashless society, cancel culture, Antifa, BLM, etc, ad naseum.

The useful idiots, Antifa and BLM, tools of this movement are prime movers in the destruction of our culture and way of life.  It is difficult to attribute any rational thought to the individuals in these movements.  The demographics of these groups highlight the ability to utilize these people in pursuit of the globalist goals.  There are two clear groups of individuals which make up the BLM and Antifa.  Both of them are products of our government, the welfare class and the degreed but uneducated class.  The state has created both of these groups with their policies.  Keep the poor in their state through managed welfare, fake education and false promises of change after the “next” election.  Those changes never come.  Examine where this particular group draws it members, democrat-controlled cesspools of poverty and destruction.  The uneducated degree holders of Antifa are a product of an education system bent on elimination of our history and socialist/communist indoctrination of our youth.  This has been taking place for well over 45 years.  Children are sent off to “educators” to learn how to survive as adults and how to be productive citizens.  The education system is using this time to force feed every manner of socialism and behaviors designed to destroy the social fabric of the country.  Then off to the universities (Communist finishing Schools) to finalize the indoctrination.  These degreed uneducated students then, in large numbers, leave the institutions of higher learning with useless degrees and tens of thousands of dollars in debt and a belief the rest of us “owe” them.  They utilize “colonialism” tactics in these two groups, and no one notices or at least mentions it out loud.  The Antifa, degreed uneducated, mostly white liberals, are installed in the midst of the BLM movement and are clearly the leaders during these riots.  This is old school tactics of placing colonial leaders in the midst of the indigenous population to control the actions during these riots.  BLM screams about systemic racism but allows Antifa activists to give them their marching orders during these riots.  The managing class simply pulls back and lets these riots continue and file charges against the law-abiding population when it resists.

The rest of us watch and wonder where all this going to take us as this continues to unfold.  Is there a way to turn this around?  I once thought we had a chance at the voting booth but due to voter fraud this seems less than viable.  We watched a duly elected President assaulted from all corners during the last four years, unprecedented.  One does not have to like Trump but if we take this as the way of the future then what is left for us but to resist?

We are currently in a one-sided war because the majority of the country cannot believe what they are witnessing as these riots take place and the governments retreat into their “safe” spaces.  The time is coming when this narrative must change, and the reaction of the silent majority will not be as many imagine.  Just look at how we arrived in this current (2020) crisis, a manufactured pandemic to lock down society and destroy the economy.  The ultimate goal, defeat Trump, and move the socialism/communist agenda forward.  When one crisis begins to subside, another is created.  We are now being pitched against each other as never before.  We are currently in an attack on anything white, or so they wish us to believe.  Yes, it is true we as whites are currently a prime target, but the true target is what’s left of any semblance of freedom in this country.  Make no doubt about it, this is a real war and there will be winners and losers.  Where and when the silent majority stand up and fight back is and may be the question for the ages.  We may have lost the chance already; one cannot know the future.  What will the historians of the future write when they discuss the fall of the American “empire”?  When did we become too weak to stand up for our rights?  What will our children and grandchildren say of us as they slave under the global yoke?

We live in most dangerous times and what we do will determine the course of history.  As the old saying goes, you can vote your country into socialism/communism but there is only one way out.  Lead Implants.  Choose wisely and remember timing is everything.  Today you may be considered criminal for certain responses, in the near future, a patriot.  Keep your circle small.

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