My, How Things Change!

Jog your recent memory banks….remember these gems?  We went from, ‘Only medical professionals and first responders need masks to ‘don’t wear one, and you can’t buy anything and I’ll fine your ass $500 REAL quick!!  That is, if I can find a cop to do it for me….’

COVID-19 – March 2020:  “You don’t NEED a mask!  Save the N95 masks for medical personnel!  Donate what you have to them.  You’ll be fine, because the masks won’t do YOU any good!”

  • We need to ‘flatten the curve!’
  • We need to get a  vaccine!
  • We need to make sure it’s safe!
  • I won’t open schools until I think it’s safe!!
  • You can’t have a haircut, but you can have an abortion, go to a bar, but DO NOT try to buy vegetable seeds!!
  • You can’t go to property you own in the northern lower or upper peninsulas.  Sorry.
  • Traverse City (incidentally where my summer home and my boat is) can open completely up; the lower half?  No, you stay closed.
  • Stay home (while I go to Traverse City), stay safe.

and the biggy:

“I will not sign ANY legislation that takes any power away from me!”

COVID-19 – July 2020:  “If you don’t wear a mask, you can’t go in any public venue, and all retailers will refuse you service!  If you’re in a crowded are without a mask, you can be fined $500 and be guilty of a misdemeanor for violating my Executive Order!”   Oh yeah, “And I have directed that all medical professionals must take Implicit Bias training to renew their licenses.”  (No stacking the deck there, I’m sure!}

The above is accurate paraphrasing of our governor, Gretchen (Look at ME, I’m QUEEN!!) Whitmer

It’s interesting that the police throughout most of the state aren’t enforcing her ‘executive orders.’    Personally, I think this is happening because they know she’s violating both the Michigan and US Constitutions, and has worded her ‘orders’ in such a subjective and ambiguous manner that whomever tries to make it stick will end up on the losing end of a justifiable law suit.

As for our governor?  I’m betting that she’s going to be a ‘one term wonder,’ if she lasts that long.  She’s a short-list for Biden’s VP slot, and says she thinks along the same lines he does.   Same with the Lt. Governor.  He’s out.  Same with the State Attorney General, Madam Rainbow flag.


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