PSA: Don’t Be a Litterbug!!!

It’s never polite to leave your brass laying around after you shoot, especially when you shoot a lot!

To that end, be considerate and get brass catchers for your rifles and pistols.  Revolvers and bolt gun brass is easily managed – it’s the semi-automatic pistols and rifles that leave the mess!

Here’s a couple of very modestly priced suggestions:

Gloryfire AR Brass Catcher

Graco Pistol Brass Catcher – mounts on your hand, so it works with virtually any semi-automatic pistol.  Not uncomfortable, either!

I’m sure you can get both less expensively on other sites; the links were provided for convenience.

Remember, DON’T leave brass laying around!!!  It’s not polite!

3 thoughts on “PSA: Don’t Be a Litterbug!!!

  1. anonymous

    Looking at the pistol model in the above post, it appears an aquarium fish net could be modified for that purpose. About the correct size and the handle could be bent to wrap around hand.

  2. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Nice idea, so long as it can last a range session and the net isn’t fascinated by hot brass. Remember, we need to set an example with other people by not littering with oute expended brass.

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