Keep Calm – It’s the Final Countdown

T – 118 Days

That’s how much time we’ve got before the presidential election this November.

Put another way, that’s how much time you and I have left to get our stuff together before it really hits the fan.

If Trump wins – the Left escalates their current low level guerrilla war against the United States targeting conservatives and anyone they can find who voted for Trump.

If Trump loses – the Left escalates their current low level guerrilla war against the United States targeting conservatives and anyone they can find who voted for Trump.

Make no mistake; they’re going for broke, and they will have a blood bath with the goal of taking our country down.   Our culture and history is already under attack; even monuments to black Americans significant in our History are being torn down.  This is exactly what happens during revolutions when a country becomes totalitarian; erasure of the past.

Scorching the earth and salting it by destroying the past.

They’re going scorched earth because they’re not being actively fought by the silent majority yet.  They’ve got the initiative, proven by the scores and scores of people prostrating themselves before the Marxist partners, ANTIFA and BLM, including various leaders of police, clergy, and administrative organizations, cheered on by the main stream media and so-called, ‘entertainers’ in all facets of the entertainment industry.

Whatever you need, you better get.   That equates to, ‘beans, bullets, and band-aids,’ and everything related.  I hope you have goods you can barter, because that will become important, too.

Where ever you are, unless you are independently wealthy and can move in the next 45 to 60 days, that’s probably where you’re going to go through what’s coming.

I  truly hope you use the time remaining to hone your skills, get your preps finished up, and learn to defend your AO with like minded people.

Fair warning to readers here:  One day, sometime in the near future, either by my own choice or from a nuke by wordpress, this blog will disappear, so I hope you’ve gotten everything you want from the posts.  I wouldn’t hesitate to do some subject searches and download and print the ones you find useful.

I hope I’m completely wrong….

20 thoughts on “Keep Calm – It’s the Final Countdown

  1. MN Steel

    I peruse all kinds of sites, trying to find diamonds in the septic tank that is the internet.

    One thing that sticks out in my pattern recognition is September, where some small pieces are coming together about the long-awaited financial crack-up.

    Combined with the deteriorating WORLDWIDE food destruction by weather, insect, virus and bacteria, looks to be the start of the really bad times.

    We’re still living in the “good old days”…

  2. Paraclete

    I would encourage you to change over,
    like wrsa did, to .org
    This way you hold control.
    At least this is what I understand how it’s done.

  3. Oddball

    Food prices are going up exponentially. The local food marts are still with the plandemic hours and luckily one store has a wear a mask or don’t attitude.
    Another big box mart is mandatory mask and cash is not welcome.
    Shopping there is a no go zone anyway due to the high prices.
    The big reset will be a Hell on earth but they can’t get all of us to believe that down is up or that evil is good.

  4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over

    DTG…make sure to get current backups of your site…you can also try this little gem of an app that will let you mirror your site to a storage drive or nas (network attached storage, usually 2 or more drives mirrored RAID 1, 5 or 10, based on number of drives, to insure data security ) device.. Insert drives into device, log into it, set up the raid config and shazam multi terabytes of redundant secure data, on you personal network….

    If you need help, send an email….i do this stuff for a living btw…

  5. Charlie Mike

    Probably won’t see a market crash until just before the mid-terms 2022. If even then.
    That’s totally based on historical perspective. Also that Deagle anticipates a 2025 U.S. population of 100, million. At least they were nice enough to upgrade it from 54 million. What are friends for.

  6. sjester666

    You most definitely need to escape from the WordPress jail. One complaint (or “uncomfortable post”) and you are at the WP green screen of death. WRSA survived because they had options and helping hands.

  7. bluemudpatriot

    My Forum Boss sez:
    [QUOTE=”Dennis O, member: 3″]
    Own your own server. That’s never been as clear as it is today.

    Hosting isn’t Wizzard’s or Mage’s work.
    It’s seriously easy, with the tools available now.

    Note that WTF talks hardware.
    All you REALLY need (with his Caddy level hardware) is a fixed IP address OR a referral IP service (CHEAP) and yer up.
    I popped my first one up on a spare laptop in my dining room.

    A little bit of LINUX and SQL box-checking and you have a site n blog.

  8. Grenadier1

    Tom, you know you always have a space down here in Georgia.
    You lead, I will follow.
    I appreciate everything you have done for it Brother.

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