Briggs: Stop Using the Enemy’s Language!

From WRSA, here.

Briggs is 100% Correct.  Using their terms gives them a pass and allows the perception that the murdering communists have the moral high ground.   Call them what they are; label what they do as what they are:  Evil on its fact crime!

Stop Using The Enemy’s Language: Reality Dictionary

My dear friends, please stop using the enemy’s language. When you do, they win.

The most egregious mistake is to say protesters in place of murderer or thugvandalrioterlootersavage, and so on.

Here’s an example from the Daily Caller, a Fox News-like “right” site: “BLM Protester Kills Photographer Who Supported The Movement“.

The photographer was BLMed, which is to say, murdered. Not by a protester, but by a murderer. Why would anyone say protester here?

Here’s another, again from a “conservative” site: “Black Lives Matter Protester Shot Driver In Provo, Utah.” No! Not protesterKillerthug, or (best) terrorist.

Why say protester? A protester is a person who, in accord with civil behavior, provides his voice to redress some wrong, without intimidation, by receiving the proper permits, without resort to violence or intimidation.

Almost none of the people illegally disrupting traffic, illegally strong arming and frightening neighbors, illegally tearing down statues, illegally trespassing, illegally rioting, illegally looting, illegally pillaging, illegally forming an insurrection and illegally seizing territory are protesters.

Please do not say protester ever again unless the person so described is a genuine protester. Especially do not say peaceful protester when the thug you are describing has just broken several laws and is attempting to effect change through the use of violence.

Further, every time you see this asinine and most harmful mistake, point it out. Tell the propagandist who tweeted peaceful protester he should have said criminal.

We expect the media to lie, but that doesn’t mean we should not be tireless in pointing out their lies. Here’s a CNN tweet: “The video, filmed by a protester, shows a Detroit Police Department SUV drive through a crowd of protesters after some climbed onto the vehicle’s hood. After a few seconds, the car speeds up, knocking some protesters back and flinging others onto the hood.”

The criminals were illegally blocking traffic, and threatened the police in the car with violence. The criminals then acted on those threats. The thugs broke the cops’ window, a clear violent act. The cops should have run the criminals and thugs down, but they instead drove off as carefully as possible, only slightly wounding one or two.

Some, women in particular, scream at police at the top of their lungs. The content of these harangues are meaningless. These women are not protesters, they are foul-mouthed harridansaddled blue-haired cat womenunhinged females, and the like. But not protester.

It’s time we make a Reality Dictionary. Here is a start, and only a start. Let’s share this as widely as we can, and I’ll update it and make it a permanent feature.

On the left we have Media Words, and on the right Reality Words. There is often more than one option for a Reality word because the media often uses catchalls. You have to select the proper one depending on the context. Note that Media Words only apply to when the media, the government, progressives of all kinds, use them, and not when a Realist uses them, as a Realist will use the word properly.

Media Word Reality Word
BLM terrorist group BLM, BLM terrorist
cis-gender normal person, man, woman
far-right centrist, right-wing, person
hate normal reaction
hate crime crime, legal act
hate speech words, quote, speech
homophobe man, woman
journalist propagandist
LGBT(Q+++) pervert
liberal progressive, far-leftist
media propaganda outlet
noose hoax
pride sin, perversion, sodomy
problematic fine, normal, expected, harmless
pro-choice pro-killing (the lives inside would-be mothers)
protest riot, illegal gathering
protester thug, criminal, vandal, rioter, looter, thief, insurrectionist, murderer, arsonist, rabble-rouser
racist white person, person, man, woman
systemic racism the absence of racism
transsexual man woman
transsexual woman man
transphobe man, woman
vile banal, harmless
white supremacist white person, person, man, woman

Add yours to the comments, and I’ll periodically include the good ones above.

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