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Range Day – New Ammo for the .45ACP Glock 41 – Freedom Munitions Remanufactured Review

Interesting day to say the least.  I tried out a new ammo (new to me) in .45ACP FMJ from Freedom Munitions.  In fact, its’ their own brand of .45ACP 230gr FMJ.  I chose them over my usual Winchester .45ACP 230gr Q4170, as the 4170 is about as available as gold hen’s teeth.  So, I figured, what the hell and bought 500 rounds.  They were available, there was not ungodly wait of months, and the price was reasonable (about .43 per round).

I figured it’d be ok to shoot as it was ‘remanufactured’ ammo of Freedom Munitions, and would be good to 25 meters.  So I didn’t have super high hopes for other than mediocre performance.  First thing I noticed out of the box was the ammo didn’t look remanufactured; it looked NEW.  Like made last week new.  The FMJ projectile looked like it had just come out of a tumbler, as did the brass.  I all of a sudden hopes started climbing, which were pretty well justified after shooting the box.

Straight up, my groups  were not as good as I usually get with the Winchester, but I put that down to the Freedom Munitions ammo being actually a bit hotter.  At least it felt that way.  The specs say it is rated at 830FPS, but it felt a LOT faster with a bit of a harder punch during recoil.  Not enough to cause flinch, but enough to be noticed.

Here’s the first target – my aiming point was the nose – this was at 20 meters.  10 rounds, slow fire.  All 10 are hits, and would have definitely ruined the guy’s Sunday and given me time to follow up, in the case of the scalp hit upper left.  I used the same aiming technique I do with my standard Winchester ammo.

Here’s a full target 5 group target.  The head shots are Group 1, the group from the eyebrows to the chin is group 2 &3  The eyebrows group fared way better-I ignored my tritium sight dots and used the tops of the front and rear sights.  Group 3 was fired with the focus on the tritium dots aiming at the chin.  Group 4 was fired at the hip area and was all over the place (more rapid shooting and high impact again.  Group 5 was fired at the heart, directly.  It stayed centered nicely, but as you can see, was all about the vertebrae and only nicked the aeorta.

Bottom line is this is GREAT training ammo!  Glad I took a chance on it.  Their ‘new’ .45 230gr runs at .48 per round, and I’m betting it’s worth it, especially in this environment of disappearing supplies, non-existent raw materials, and fewer products being chased by more dollars.  If you can, get you some.  I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Last target is an occular cavity target I shot with 30 rounds of my ‘go to’ Winchester .45ACP 230gr FMJ at 20 meters.  Results were predictable as I’ve been using this ammo forever, and I’m completely used to it.  That one round that’s not in the occular cavity?  Well, as Davey Crockett said, “….Wind kicked up…”  LOL

Hope you enjoyed your ranged day!

NFAC Leader at the Range and Teaching Basic Nomenclature – Rated “E” for ‘Entertaining!’

I think a better title might be, “YOU GOT TA BE SHITTIN’ ME PRIVATE PYLE!”  Great entertainment and very interesting from the perspective that he is wearing his ‘kit’while he shoots, keeps pointing the rifle at the ceiling between relays and loading, has ill-fitting kit, doesn’t ground his weapon pointing down range, has the ejection port closed (indicating a bolt in the forward position, recoil from the 5.56 giving him a hard time, forgetting to close the bolt to fire, and so on.  Lots of information in the video if you have what it takes to watch the whole thing.  The guy is a safety issue.  And he’s trying to teach people on the range.

I’m really looking forward to the week in August when he said NFAC is going back to Louisville to either get justice or burn it down.  I’m thinking that’s not going to work out so well, in fact, I bet they don’t go, or if they do, they’ll be REAL polite.

UPDATE:  The ‘Grandmaster’ teaching basic nomenclature and functioning of a Post-Ban AR he states he bought in Germany in ’90.

And another.  His ‘weapons’ training for his ‘army.’  All I can say is, “HO-LEE-SHIT!”  POSER ALERT!!!

Looks Like BLM is Stepping Up it’s Armory…

Forewarned is forearmed.  First, stay away from crowded protest locations.  Second, go ‘heeled’ at all times, as they used to say in Tombstone, and three, if forced to engage to save your life or that of another, make sure you don’t hesitate and you hit your aiming point to neutralize the threat.  Controlled pairs in the Occular Cavity do nicely.  Remember, everybody, including NFAC, wears vests.

From Natural News.

Black Lives Matter caught making homemade BOMBS out of fireworks, lacing them with NAILS

Image: Black Lives Matter caught making homemade BOMBS out of fireworks, lacing them with NAILS

(Natural News) A Black Lives Matter (BLM) “protest” group in Georgia modified fireworks and turned them into nail-laced bombs that they chucked at the Atlanta Field Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a new document obtained by federal law enforcement officers reveals.

The commercial-grade fireworks-turned-bombs were discovered almost immediately after the “protest” ended last Sunday, prompting federal officials to investigate. What they found is that the makeshift devices were intentionally tweaked to make them deadly, putting the very lives of BLM targets at risk.

“The alert states that approximately 100 to 200 people dressed in dark clothing, backpacks, goggles, and helmets approached the ICE office in Atlanta,” writes Bob Price for Breitbart News, referring to an “activity alert” that was issued by the FBI following the incident. “The subjects reportedly carried shields, bats, and large sticks.”

Some of the fallout from the incident included 20 broken windows and the remnants of “commercial-grade fireworks with nails embedded in the mortar shell,” according to bomb technicians. You can see these embedded nails for yourself in the following image:

The incident in which this all occurred had originally been dubbed as a “Freedom Fighters” event based out of Portland, which quickly spread all the way across the country to Atlanta after organizers called on BLM “activists” from other cities to take a stand in “solidarity.”

Video footage of the incident, which you can watch on Twitter, shows some of these firework bombs going off in front of the Atlanta ICE field office.

Atlanta “protesters” used green lasers to BLIND law enforcement

Some of the “protesters” there also reportedly used green lasers to try to blind and impair law enforcement officers from trying to intervene. They also smashed windows, set fires, and inflicted whatever mayhem they could on the facility.

“This kind of device is clearly designed to maim or injure anyone who might be close when it goes off,” stated an unidentified federal official about the firework bombs, speaking on the condition of anonymity as he is not permitted to speak publicly about this investigation.

Other buildings that incurred damage and destruction include various immigration-related field offices, including an immigration court where immigrants go to receive documents and comply with the laws concerning their presence in the United States.

Federal Protective Services (FPS), along with the FBI and the Atlanta Police Department, are all looking into the matter further as part of a multi-agency investigation. They hope to determine who is responsible and hold them accountable.

Mainstream media still falsely claiming that the “protests” are all “peaceful”

Despite continued violent incidents such as this, the mainstream media, including ABC News, is still falsely claiming that BLM “protesters” are all acting peacefully and with civility, and that all reports of extreme violence and destruction are “fake news.”

In Oakland, California, as another example, where “protesters” vandalized and set fire to a police station, ABC News reported the incident as “peaceful.” After receiving a flood of tweets challenging this false claim, ABC News responded by saying that it was “a peaceful demonstration” that merely “intensified.”

“These people are not protesters, they are terrorists,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter, affirming what President Donald Trump has previously stated about these violent groups being akin to domestic terrorists.

“Use the Insurrection Act to blow them away,” wrote another, offering a slightly different perspective on the situation. “They are not protesters but traitors to the U.S. and deserve terminal sanctions.”

More of the latest news about the endless chaos and destruction being fomented by the violent left is available at

Sources for this article include:

Rubino Warning on World Out of Control…

MIght wanna check your semi-numismatic coins in silver and gold and see if your disposable FRN’s can be used to add to your stockpile….this doesn’t bode well.  Barring that, other precious metals are also getting dear:  Brass, Copper, and Lead.

He does say one thing that would be favorable for getting more of each:  “Rubino says look for corrections in the gold and silver markets that will be “pretty scary” but adds, “This is a buy the dip market . . . . The long term trend for gold and silver are in place, and nothing is going to stop them short of their ultimate fair value.””

Check out ZeroHedge here.

UPDATE: Here’s Some Facts About What’s Going On…and the Constant Contradictions by Our ‘Leaders’

UPDATE:  This ‘scamdemic’ is looking more and more like a tool being used to subdue the masses into begging for world governance and ‘relief’ from ‘the Rona’ – a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate.  Another reason is that ‘Big Pharma’ wants the dollars from vaccine development and sales.  Check these two links out.

Trump was right on Chloroquine.  “Dr. Immanuel cured three hundred fifty coronavirus patients with a 100 percent success rate using a combination of hydroxychloroquine (sixty-year-old anti-viral compound with a track record of safety and effectiveness) zinc (an immune system modulating mineral) and azithromycin (broad-spectrum antibiotic).”

“Dr. Carrie Madej, an Internal Medicine Specialist, warns that the covid-19 vaccine is nothing like traditional vaccines and will be a Trojan Horse to turn human cell lines into patent-able property. The new mRNA vaccines contain DNA-altering technology that instructs human cells to produce properties of a foreign infectious organism. In this case, the vaccine inserts genetic instructions from coronaviruses into human cells, forcing the ribosomes of each cell to create infection-causing spike proteins. This trans-humanist process will cause the immune system to attack the body’s own proteins, forcing B cell antibodies into action.

GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Inovio, and Moderna are all in a race to bring this new experimental technology to market, all backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”


Personally, once you read the following, you might, like I do, think the writer lives in Michigan, as our guv, G.Whitmer, has followed this playbook from the get go.

H/T Irish at, The Feral Irishman.

Original posted, here, ‘In the Middle of the Right

So lemme see if I got this straight:

The people making policy that we should (now!) wear masks tell us that they will prevent infections from being passed from one person to another….

These are the people who told us that masks DON’T work, and actively discouraged the wearing of them in the early days of the “Covid-19 Pandemic”….Where they (IF they are effective) might have made a difference by preventing the early cases that led to other infections that led to other infections….

These are the experts that told us that hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine were unsafe drugs, dangerous to take, even though they have been in use safely in other applications in the US since 1955. Who discouraged the use of Remdesivir, even though it has been used as an antiviral drug since 2009 and is a well known drug which can be administered safely.

These are the folks who predicted 22 million deaths, in the US, then revised that downward…to 12M, then to 6,3M, then 2.6M, then 1.2M, then 600,000, then 420,000 ….when the real number is about 145,000…..Pretty big difference. (While no estimate is terribly accurate, being off by a factor of nearly one hundred is an “estimate” that is pretty bad).  And who predicted that hospitals would be overwhelmed as early as March 30….when they never even came close. Who told us we would need hundreds of thousands of additional ventilation assisting machines…when we didn’t even use the ones we had already….These are the folks who told us that the disease began in this country in February…when all evidence (even then!) showed that it was likely here in Novermber of 2019…..who decided that scanning people’s foreheads at airports with an infrared thermometer as they deplaned was an adequate screening in defense against travelers bringing the disease from other countries…no quarantine or other followup….

These are the folks that decided, apparently at random, that 6 feet/2 meters “Social Distancing” (with absolutely zero science or research or evidence that the chosen distance was effective, but simply picked a number) would prevent the transmission of disease (even though masks would not help) and with no regard to airflow or other environmental factors that would move the disease from one person to another….

These are the people who told us that we needed to shelter in place for 2 weeks to “Flatten the Curve”….that led to 90 days of “lockdown”…
Who then allowed the country to reopen, and were then surprised and unprepared when the rate of infection increased greatly once people began to interact again…effectively showing that the first 90 days of lockdown did nothing to stem or otherwise stop the infection, merely delay the increase for 90 days. We, under their advice, wasted the past 90 days….gaining nothing except the destruction of our economy and increased unemployment and economic ruin for a great many of our citizens.

These are the “experts” who told us we could not shop in small stores, but allowed larger retailers, like WalMart and Target and Home Depot to remain open….who told us we could not attend funerals or get our hair cut, could not attend Christian Church services (but allowed Mosques to remain open)…. Who told us that eating at a restaurant 6 feet from other patrons was dangerous, but allowed convenience stores to remain open so we could stand in line 6 feet apart to buy lottery and cigarettes, and allowed car dealerships to operate with absolutely no restrictions because they were “essential”. Who told us that bakeries and clothing stores and shoe stores were dangerous and should be closed, but liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries were “essential”.

These are the “experts” that now tell us that wearing cloth masks will greatly reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus in our population and threaten us with fines if we don’t wear them (where were they with this information and demands that we wear masks 90 days ago…would that have not prevented many secondary and tertiary infections in our population??)….but fail to make sure that people wear them properly, negating the usefulness of those masks when they are worn on the chin or the upper lip.

I’m thinking that these experts are either incompetent or have another agenda.

If you like Reynolds Wrap as a material for your chapeau, then one might think that the agenda is more important than our economy (or the economy IS the agenda) or that Social Conditioning is more important than public health…. and that actual Public Health is secondary…

I actually prefer my “experts” to show a bit more expertise before I listen to them…..


PSA: Educational Videos

Sent to me by a reader; I watched both completely and recommend you do as well.  You don’t have to agree with it, you don’t have to believe it.  What you should do is seriously consider this very credible lecture on what exactly the ‘Deep State’ and ‘Shadow Government’ is, how it was created, and the reach it has into our lives.

The one thing these two videos validated for me is my belief that nothing happens spontaneously.  No. Thing.  All the violence, riots, and the ‘scamdemic’?  Planned.  November is going to be epic.

If you weren’t aware of this,  after watching these, you may feel some despair, but don’t.  Being educated is the foundation of any solution.

On Nick Sandmann’s Win…

From the Stream.

H/T to WRSA.

Nick Sandmann Wasn’t Supposed to Survive. He Was Meant to End Up Like Mike Adams.

By JOHN ZMIRAK Published on July 26, 2020 • 97 Comments

Nick Sandmann just turned 18 years old. And he’s settling a $250 million lawsuit with major media outlets that libeled him. Let’s send him our congratulations and prayers.


Read the rest, here.

The most key graf in awhile:

“They’re coming for him. They’re coming for me. And then they’ll come for you and your kids.

Get yourself to the gun range. Make friends there. Organize local militias, to step in when the police (afraid for their pensions) meekly disband. We don’t need two Americans like the McCloskeys in St. Louis, but two million or ten million. That’s the only way this madness ends.”

Re-Post: The Tomahawk – Worthwhile Tool to Consider


If you want a good tool for those times or tasks that a good fixed blade knife or multi-tool just don’t measure up, you may want to consider the good, old fashioned tomahawk.  Especially the Pipe or Trail Hawk by Cold Steel as prepared and sold by the Great Lake Survival Company.  Here’s just two reasons that you may want to mull over if you don’t already have one.

  • It’s a superb tool that provides the leverage necessary for performing various tasks whether or not one uses it for a hammer, skinning tool, or for forming stakes, building shelter frames, natural snowshoe frames, etc.
  • If needs be, if used as a last resort weapon, it has a much better reach than a knife, and has a pyschological ‘edge’ as well.

DTG staff gets their ‘hawks exclusively from Great Lake Survival Company[Discontinued the offering in 3 years ago.]  The folks there sell several different types, all Cold Steel brand, and offer a new ‘bomb proof’ and a ‘GLSC Sharp Edge’ upgradesas well.  Just the base hawk prices include user friendly upgrades we haven’t been able to find anywhere else.  We don’t recommend the more exotic ‘spike’ hawks, as they are primarily weapons and aren’t suited as well to survival or preparedness tasks.  If spike hawks are your thing, great, but we tend to lean towards tools that can be used for general purposes, meaning they can do many things well, a few things ok, and only one or two things not so well.

As we like the best we can get here at DTG, our hawks have the ‘bomb proof’ upgrade as well as the ‘GLSC Sharp Edge’ enhancements.  It makes a difference, too!  During this past October’s Basic Survival class, DTG staff used their ‘hawks to demonstrate shelter building and enhancement, cutting kindling, and various other sundry tasks, and at the end of the class, the ‘hawk edges were as sharp as they were before class.  We’ve used these ‘hawks in warm, wet, and extremely cold weather, all with superior results.  You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Here’s the description from their website:

When you get a Pipe Hawk  or Trail Hawk from us, we do the following:

1. We stained the hickory  handle.
2. We included a cordura sheath.
3. We wrapped the handle with paracord, and added a lanyard.
4. We score the handle so that the paracord stays tight and doesn’t move on you.
5. We cut down the handle to 18″. Easier to handle, just as powerful.

and now . . .

We take every Tomahawk and reset the hawk head with a bonding agent that fuses the metal hawk to the hard hickory handle.  What you get is a solid mass that will hold up for generations of use.

Through abusive testing, we’ve found a way to improve the hold that our hawks have on that tough hickory handle..  Without our upgrade, will the hawk head ever come off?  No.  It’s held on by set screw and has a great bite on that handle. 

However, our bonding agent cements that hawk head in place even with repeated abuse, there is less chance that your hawk will become get a “wobble” to it.   So you too, can have an absolute “bomb-proof” tomahawk.

The reason you don’t see many hawks with this much thought and time put into them is simple: time is valuable.  It takes time to process great tomahawks like we have.  At Great Lake Survival we believe that a good product is just as valuable as time.  Could we charge more than we do for our ‘hawks?  Yeah, in a heartbeat.  Especially with the hand crafted improvement that we put into each unit.

Base model or ‘bomb proof’, you can’t go wrong with Great Lake Survival’s tomahawk pricing or enhancements.