Couple Protects Property….

From Breitbart, here.

All well and good.  But let’s see what we can learn from this incident that’s gone viral, shall we?

The good:

  • Weapons are availalbe to both man and woman.
  • It appears the man is indexing, which is good; much less chance of a negligent discharge due to stress/adrenaline, etc.

Not so good:

  • Neither are performing over-watch for the other – ie, no defense in depth.
  • Both are barefoot.  REALLY not good.  Sure, they’re having dinner, however, the primary defender, especially in areas that may combust into protests, violent or not, should be dressed to respond immediately, however needed.  That means good shoes/hiking boots.  ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Neither are in the, ‘low ready,’ which would be more appropriate than the poses both chose to display.  As anyone with a modicum of training knows, the low ready can go from Zero to Engage in a couple of nanoseconds. In particular, his, ‘ready’ position will not allow him to immediately respond with anything more than ‘instinctive’ shooting, and that’s not good in almost all situations.
  • The female is using a 1920’s to 40’s shooting stance.  Unless she’s a very, very, very well trained person, she’s not going to hit anything she means to hit.
  • Both weapons are pointed higher than the crowd.  Several things here.  First, under stress, untrained and familiarization fire trained people will shoot high naturally.  If the point of aim is already high, as shown in the photo, they’re going to shoot over the bad guys and possibly endanger innocent bystanders behind the bad guys.
  • Where’s the spare mags for either piece?  One is not enough, especially under stress or when you start to get swarmed.  Crowd report was 100 +/- people.  I’m betting a few of them were armed.
  • Optics – Red Dots are cheap and accurate.  Not having one these days means you really don’t shoot a lot and really don’t have a good idea of what you can or cannot do with your piece.  I can’t see if he’s got a flat top or not, but I imagine he does.

Point of my critique is not to belittle or degrade their intent (which was good) or the people themselves.  It’s simply to point out that doing what the couple above did is tantamount to buying a piano and advertising that you can play a concert.  The result of that potentially places others you care about in jeopardy.

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Couple Protects Property….

  1. Unfuck U

    I posted the video of this incident yesterday:
    My first impression was that the woman was endangering her husband (or whatever he is) since she’s standing behind him and because of the way she’s holding her sidearm. She seems frightened (very understandable) and it also seems that she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. Holding a sidearm seems to be something utterly unfamiliar to her.
    She doesn’t look at where she is pointing her pistol. At one point she’s getting closer to the man while swinging the sidearm sideways so that it seems the barrel even points at his head.
    Since she doesn’t use trigger control and is scared it only needs one scary moment (like a loud bang) to cause some negligent discharge into that guy’s head.

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