There’s Nothing New Under the Sun….

Including the subject of this post:

The Modern Minute Man Kit

Why a “Minute Man” kit, you ask?

Well, we got riots, we got supply chain issues, we got civil unrest (where there are no riots in many places), we got recons going on (even in my relatively unimportant and mostly peaceful AO, we have BLM/ANTIFA on street corners in 1’s and 2’s asking for money.  In places they’ve NEVER been seen before.  The coming and going from those places is where the recon is happening.)

So, what’s the prepared person to do when it concerns the defense of hearth and home from ‘flash riots’ or ‘flash mobs’ or ‘flash social justice protests’ in front of your house?  Remember, these folks are very, very fond of Molotov cocktails (when they don’t end up burning themselves to death with them – who knows?  They could get lucky at your place or business….)  They also happen to like the 50 or more to 1 odds with bats and clubs for beatings, and sometimes, they even pull a weapon out, aimed sideways, that might hit something or someone you care about.

This idea is a simple solution for two main concepts.  Primary armament for simple every day activities, and transition to a light, but functional and sufficient rig that is decidedly NOT your ‘SHTF’ harness/gear set up.

Primary Armament:  You should be carrying your primary service pistol every day, 24/7 if you’re not already doing so.  Example:  I carry any one of a few different pistols chambered in either 9mm or .45 caliber.  Depends on my mood.  I have one up the pipe, a full mag, and 2 additional mags.  For me, that’s anywhere from 44 rounds all the way up to 65 rounds on my person for the pistol.  That’s just for standard activities – working in the garden, cutting the lawn, going to the store, etc.  If you’re going to travel, for each hour you’re traveling away, take ano extra mag, as my good friend, JC Dodge, counsels.  I’ve upped that to 2 extra mags per hour, but that’s me.

Second, have a rig set up and close by (in your car, in your home; where ever you are that’s either a quick/light H harness/chest rig, and a small pack with necessary accessories including an IFAK, water, and other items appropriate to your AO.

Mine has 9 mags – one with the optic equipped, confirmed zero AR – 8 on the rig), a full tang fixed blade combat knife, multi-tool, water bladder (treated against bacteria), and a few other things.  Something bad happens, and the first thing I do is get the rig out.  Remember the old adage here:  “Pistols are for surprises; if you know there’s a problem, get your rifle!”

This is in addition to the EDC things I have on me, like a USGI green triangular bandage pre-washed and folded for use as a sweatband, arm sling, or whatever, some ‘Mechanix’ brand gloves for hand protection, spare flashlight, EDC folding knife, local map, and so forth.  Note:  All these things are carried on my person and do not look all bulked up.  Of course, I wear old, well worn, surplus OG107 jungle tops over a t-shirt, as is the style with some older former and retired military.  Nobody ever questions a thing.

Make sure you can get your gear on and your AR up in a minute or less.  Might be all the time you have.

Oh, and apropos of nothing whatsoever, you ain’t doing this if you’re toting a large, mobile food storage unit.  Get off the couch, get out of the fridge, and start getting yourself back in shape.

Just sayin….

15 thoughts on “There’s Nothing New Under the Sun….

  1. anonymous

    It is getting a bit rowdy out there, but I have some slim hopes ‘the silent majority’ is watching and getting ready in case the Left pushes it and attacks. One blessing of Covid – prepping for ‘just in case’ measures often coincide. The preps that that are left is addressed in your post above – thanks for writing it.

  2. h0neyc0mb

    I prefer UW Gear .. mid-priced american made options.

    Anyway .. Keep’em rolling .. the minuteman / lightweight fighter is finally getting some traction.

    Concealable Low Profile Gear will be important very soon.

  3. DWL

    Discussions of load out and gear is always interesting. You know what else is interesting? All these heavily armed patriots and so far, remind me, exactly what has been addressed? What actions have been taken to roll back the evil? Which one of you has done squat other than read articles about “what’s going to happen” What is the line…..anyone……..???

  4. riverrider

    but looks like the guy in n.m. will be doing 20 to life. the rest are in jail. that really showed them. but there have been successes in az and northern kali where leo backs the militia. here they put on the show of support for 2a but when it came down to using it leo went mushy. still not time yet.

  5. Defensive Training Group Post author

    “Standing up” doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get knocked down. The question posed was regarding, ‘where’s the line’? Apparently, that line had been crossed for the folks in New Mexico. As to the rest of the questions in the comment, have the ‘successes’ in Northern California and Arizona ‘rolled back the evil’ as the commenter asked? Having the backing of ‘law enforcement’ for a ‘militia’ is fine, and a step forward, to be sure — but it’s a LONG way from rolling back any ‘evil’ So, please describe what actions you’re talking about, please.

  6. Steve

    “I prefer UW Gear .. mid-priced american made options.”

    Is this the gear you are speaking of? I want to make sure that I’m looking in the right spot and thank you for the tip.

  7. joe tentpeg

    ‘River Rider’

    Perhaps. But how he’ll be judged by 12? TBD.

    Not an option if’n he’d let his brain case do double duty with the skateboard.

  8. stormsailor1981

    who is to say the line has not been crossed. just because no one stood around to get caught on tv, or to be interviewed. who is to say that two or three antifa thugs with 16oz bottles of gasoline didn’t get ventilated. be a shadow warrior and do not get caught, ever

  9. pineslayer

    I read the guy in NM was cut loose, self defense and all that, video can be great.
    I’m working on LBV set-ups for patrol and/or quick MM antics. Really cheap and adaptable.

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