Apropos of Nothing Whatsoever….

I had an urge to go to the range yesterday, which was finally open.  Got there early to make sure I got a lane.  Ironically, I had the pistol range to myself for the first 25 minutes.  So I had some quality time to work on with my Glock 19 & M9.

Full Size Human Anatomy Target – Distance: 25 Meters

Close Up of Low Percentage Target – Distance: 15 meters with both Glock 19 & Beretta M9                                                                                                  1st drill covered with pasters.

A week ago I went to the finally open rifle range I frequent, and was able to fire 62 rounds in as many seconds (not counting mag changes) at a reduced human silhouette at 100 meters.  I did the last 2 as head shots because, well, I felt like it.

                                   Federal .223 62gr MSR mixed in w/various M855 for comparison – works great!

It’s always good to know that your dry fire exercises don’t fail you at the range.

So then, today, I made sure my kit was up to snuff, and then checked AR mags and various other accouterments, should things get spicy in my little corner of the world….you know, should these guys or their friends or friends of friends show up?

I know they’re about to be declared a Domestic Terror Group, but I still sleep better knowing I’m still able to effectively manipulate my carbine & pistol as well as having more than a simple working knowledge of the area in which I live.

Hope you’re doing the same.

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