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Aesop’s Take…

From his blog, here.

It’s worth looking at, because he’s right.

On The Games Of Summer

Are the police in this country over-militarized, and under-accountable for jackassery?
Hell yes.

If that (or anything else, frankly) pisses you off, do you have the absolute inalienable right, under the US Constitution, to peaceably assemble, exercise your free speech, and petition the government for redress of grievances?
Hell yes.

But the minute any part of your herd of halfwits breaks the law, and starts rioting, looting, and committing arson, you’re simply terrorist thugs, and TPTB should begin gunning you down with extreme prejudice, using lead bullets, not rubber ones, and anyone taken alive should receive a PR-24 shampoo all the way from the scene to the lock-up, and any bail set (should anyone think you even merit same) should be set at the levels normally reserved for terrorists with a side-gig in molesting children.

And anything you had to say on the original topic goes up in the smoke of those storefronts.

And you think you’re going to bring that to the suburbs next?

Do the math on that, 158 grains at a time.

You have now been negotiated with.

Play ball!

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Apropos of Nothing Whatsoever….

I had an urge to go to the range yesterday, which was finally open.  Got there early to make sure I got a lane.  Ironically, I had the pistol range to myself for the first 25 minutes.  So I had some quality time to work on with my Glock 19 & M9.

Full Size Human Anatomy Target – Distance: 25 Meters

Close Up of Low Percentage Target – Distance: 15 meters with both Glock 19 & Beretta M9                                                                                                  1st drill covered with pasters.

A week ago I went to the finally open rifle range I frequent, and was able to fire 62 rounds in as many seconds (not counting mag changes) at a reduced human silhouette at 100 meters.  I did the last 2 as head shots because, well, I felt like it.

                                   Federal .223 62gr MSR mixed in w/various M855 for comparison – works great!

It’s always good to know that your dry fire exercises don’t fail you at the range.

So then, today, I made sure my kit was up to snuff, and then checked AR mags and various other accouterments, should things get spicy in my little corner of the world….you know, should these guys or their friends or friends of friends show up?

I know they’re about to be declared a Domestic Terror Group, but I still sleep better knowing I’m still able to effectively manipulate my carbine & pistol as well as having more than a simple working knowledge of the area in which I live.

Hope you’re doing the same.

I Need to Distract Attention from My Boat Fiasco….

So, the best thing to do is to claim I’m being threatened….yeah, yeah, THAT’s IT!!


From Breitbart, here.

So during Tuesday’s press conference to address her husband’s attempt at special privilege gathering to get the family boat in the water, governor witless decides to deflect the issue by implying she and her family are under constant threat (apparently the State Police Protection Detail doesn’t make her safe, and being a democrat, her husband isn’t capable of protecting his own family – he’s too busy trying to get the boat in the water ahead of others) to distract the public from her own family’s violation of her illogical edicts:

“…Whitmer said, “My family has ha men with automatic rifles standing in view of our front window outside our home.”

She did not say how she ascertained that the guns were “automatic” or whether she was referring to them as such because other Democrats have used the words “automatic” and “semiautomatic” interchangeably. The distinction is not trivial; an automatic firearm, such as an M4, shoots multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger while a civilian firearm, such as an AR-15, shoots only one round per trigger pull.”

A Couple of Gems….

Emphasis and bracketed additions are mine.

First, from Fox News, here, it seems that Governor Whitmer’s husband DID, in fact, ask if being the governor’s husband would get him some preferential treatment in regards to getting their boat in the water (in violation of the NO MOTOR BOATING rule still in effect).  She finally admitted it, but said it was a ‘failed attempt at humor.’

Gretch…you need a new fashion advisor…haven’t your heard that you NEVER wear more than 10% animal print??

Personally, my belief is that the humor involved the Mallory/Whitmer household (his surname is ‘Mallory’) when she found out he tried to get a perk.  I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall for THAT conversation.  I also believe that in the middle of the heat wave we’re in that an arctic wind settled over the Mallory/Whitmer home for a couple of nights, and that Mallory’s only peace was found either sleeping on the couch in the den or ‘elsewhere.’  Heh.  Honeymoon’s most likely over now, that’s for sure.

Key quote from the Fox article:  “To be honest, I wasn’t laughing either when it was relayed to me. Because I knew how it would be perceived. He regrets it [I bet he does – long LONG cold nights were probably had in Lansing at the Mallory/Whitmer residence]. I wish it wouldn’t have happened. And that’s really all we have to say about it,” she continued.”  [At least she’s still got enough sense to not flay her husband publicly, which surprises me, as she’s a ‘self described ‘extreme feminist’…]


Next, from the Patriot Retort, here, on our governor’s latest extension of the stay at home debacle, which, believe me, VERY VERY VERY few people are complying with.  Case is in point, today, midday, I had to go to the East Side to visit my elderly father.  It was like rush hour.  Stores are packed.  The roads are packed.  ALL OVER Southeast Michigan, most folks are basically voting with their cars and wallets.  Costco?  Forget it.  Walmart?  Well, it’s Walmart.  But I digress.

Here’s there take on her latest ‘you’re grounded to the back yard, order (do read the whole thing)

Governor Lockdown implementing the Whitmer Plan reminds me of that scene from I Love Lucy where Lucy takes a job at the candy factory.  Remember that?

Gretchen isn’t going to admit she can’t handle the job.  Extending the lockdown is her way of shoving the problem down the front of her uniform.way of shoving the problem down the front of her uniform.

Rather than make the hard choices and tough calls now, the Whitmer Plan is to put it off as long as possible in hopes that nobody notices she hasn’t a single solitary clue what in the hell she’s doing.

The Whitmer Plan is pretty much no plan at all.  It’s kicking the can down the road and hoping nobody notices she’s kicking the can down the road.

When it comes to serving as a chief executive of a state, Whitmer is out of her depth.  So she avoids doing her job and blames it on a so-called “second wave” of infections.”

Stay tuned; this can only get better!  It’s like waiting for the next installment of the sitcom/horror hybrid.

Remember the Fallen…

“Absent Comrades!”


Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Austin J. Prisbrey)

U.S. Army photo by Elizabeth Fraser / Arlington National Cemetery

“On behalf of the President of the United States, the United States Navy, United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, and the United States Air Force, and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service.”

Gratefully dedicated to all those who gave, “the last full measure…..”

In Michigan, ‘They Live’

The only thing missing for us Michiganders is the sunglasses to see the subliminal messages.  Since we don’t have those, we have a constant stream of radio and television ads encouraging us to wear masks, stay away from each other, don’t go places unless you need to, as well as our governor making radio appearances describing how she’s working tirelessly to ‘save lives,’ etc.


UPDATE: When Someone Tells You Who They Are, You Should Believe Them….

Update from FOX News, here.   RTWT.

My commentary in boldface:

“…Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is going on offense against mounting protests rocking Lansing over her strict stay-at-home orders…”

Don’t forget the lawsuits, gov!  They’re rocking Lansing, as well!  

Whitmer, a Democrat who earlier this month extended her austere stay-at-home order until at least May 28, said in an interview with Fox News that while people have a right to protest, she believes the demonstrations have now morphed from protests against the lockdown into something more partisan.”

Of course she’d think that – her political career is on life support due to her ‘lean in’ for totalitarian, draconian, illogical ‘executive orders.’

“But she has also extended her order until the end of May and vetoed a bill that would have limited her powers – leading two GOP state lawmakers to file a lawsuit to compel her to reopen the state’s economy and prompting a number of law enforcement agencies across the state to announce they would not impose Whitmer’s orders.”

See that little red light in the corner of your eye blinking faster every day, gov?  That’s your ‘political viability dissipation light going into overdrive.  Even democrat sheriff’s are refusing to enforce your edicts.

“We’ve attempted to partner with our governor, but she’s rejected,” Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, a Republican, tweeted. “We offered cooperation, but instead she chose court. This was avoidable, but today we filed a lawsuit in our state to challenge her unconstitutional actions. The law in Michigan is clear, and nobody is above it.”

Yes, gov, you might want to check out the Michigan Constitution for an explanation of checks and balances in this State, and how your ignoring the protected rights of the citizenry is going to come back and bite you in your….political end.

Please, read the whole interview.  Be careful, though, doing so if you’re a barber, restaurateur, hair salon owner, or anyone she doesn’t want to be open and your reading habits are analyzed, she MIGHT just send 6 Michigan State Police to deliver your cease and disist letter….until she has your license pulled…..just sayin’.


She is so confident that she’s warning us herself about the kind of ‘public servant’ she happens to be.

From Breitbart, here.   Do read the whole thing; it’s not long at all.  She’s commenting about former Vice President Joe Biden.

Key quotes, emphasis mine:

“He came and helped me a bit when I was running for governor. We’re cut from a similar cloth,” she said.

Heh….’a similar cloth’?  The cloth the embattled projected Democratic nominee is cut from?  The candidate dodging sexual assault claims/charges and calls to step down from members of his own party?  THAT cloth??

“He’s regularly checking in with me about what’s going on here in Michigan, and what do we need. I’ve gotten some counsel from him in terms of, you know, just trying to communicate to people what we’re confronting, the seriousness of it,” Whitmer said.

I’m thinking he wants a hug and to sniff her hair.  In a fatherly way, of course.

We. Have. Been. Warned.

From her own mouth.

Had Enough Yet?

Swiped from Busted Knuckles, here, who swiped it from someone, somewhere.  No matter, it’s to the point.

Thanks, Phil!


It seems the beatings will continue until moral improves.

I swiped this and can’t find the original source, the one I got it from was an anonymous poster but it needs to be looked at by a lots of eyeballs.

Here are some common sense questions you should be asking about the response to this Coronavirus.

These are the important questions folks need to be asking themselves!

Why can you go to Walmart but not Kohl’s?

Why the Dollar store and not a mom-and-pop shop?

Why can’t you have an elective surgery, but you can have an abortion which is elective?

Why should you stay inside but yet heat and sunlight kill the virus?

Why can’t kids (who are not at risk) play on an outdoor playground, where sun kills this virus?

Why don’t people know that these are “recommendations” not laws because they have not gone through due process?

Why is it okay for government officials to get a haircut, but not common citizens?

Why the fear, when this virus has a less than 1% death rate?

Why have coroners questioned death certificates listed as CV-19?

Why are areas like Chicago and NY gearing up for mass vaccination?

What makes one person essential and another not?

Why are they dividing us?

How do people not know that we are a Republic, not a Democracy?

Where has the flu gone?

Why do the homeless consistently demonstrate the lowest infection rates?

Why are they telling us to mask up after 2 months of lockdown?

Why is the CDC saying kids need to be masked when they return to school or attend church, when they know cloth masks restrict oxygen?

What is this oppression and loss of liberty doing to the mental health of our kids…to us?

Why have most other death rates dropped since the virus?

Why did world leaders meet in China in October 2019?

Why are the common people being controlled by the government and no one is controlling the government?

Why are hospitals paid more for Covid 19 deaths?

Why are some doctors speaking out and then getting silenced?

Why did Obama give the Wuhan lab $334 million dollars?

What does a computer geek have to do with a pandemic and why does he want 7 billion corona virus vaccines?

Why did the CDC have a job posting for pandemic relief workers in November 2019?

Why did Dr. Fauci say in 2017 that the Trump administration would be faced with a ” SURPRISE PANDEMIC ” and then runs the pandemic team?

Why are they infringing on Christian religious freedoms?

Why can people shop at Menards or Home Depot, but we are not allowed to go into a church building?

Why are they insisting on a vaccine when there’s a cheaper alternative that is proven effective and safe solution: Hydroxychloroquine?

And here is a contribution from Irish that begs a little introspection,


I certainly can’t speak for anyone else but I know that I can say I haven’t been beaten into submission by any stretch of the imagination by these Tin Pot Dictators and their Commie Fucking Tactics.

BFYTW is very much alive and well in my little corner of the world and it’s going to stay that way.

Maybe some people just need to be reminded who they are and where they came from?