Sanity from the Michigan House and Senate….It’s ABOUT TIME!

After our governor’s expected extension of  the ‘Stay at Home’ decree while simultaneously allowing motorized watercraft back on the water, garden stores sell gardening supplies, and paint stores sell paint, and golf courses can let folks golf – only if they walk (apparently, using a cart is WAY too chancy for picking up COVID-19 – the logic, again, is really ‘iffy’).   However, you can’t sell or buy a house, condo, or rent an apartment quite yet.  Construction is also on the ‘bad’ list.

We also learned that today the Michigan House and Senate were voting on bills to oversee and evaluate the Michigan government response and add transparency to the process while the Michigan Senate will debate repealing her unilateral power under a 1945 law providing the Michigan governor powers that we’ve seen make her, in fact, a tyrannical dictator.   The senate passed the bill 22 to 15 along party lines.  Good news is that the Republicans have a 2/3 majority, and if the House approves (presuming they’re voting on it next), she can have her tantrum all she wants – she’s stated she won’t sign any bill that takes power from ‘her’ or any future governor.  Well, sweet cheeks, don’t abuse power and it won’t be taken from you.

Kudos to both the Michigan House and Senate for getting this done…..finally.

Old saying:  “Just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should do a thing.”  Apparently you missed that, Madam Governor.    You also missed the part about being a free citizen able to make their own choices based on being an adult.  Government is by the consent of the People; apparently you have many, many, many, many people who are removing their consent.

Of course, she’s pissed off.  Death looks to all who disagree, I’m betting.  Then again, maybe it’s the Botox not allowing any natural wrinkles that make her look so pissed off….who knows?

Personally, I cannot WAIT for her to run for re-election so I can help get her booted out!!!

2 thoughts on “Sanity from the Michigan House and Senate….It’s ABOUT TIME!

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