UPDATED: OUTSTANDING Letter to the Michigan Governor from an Attorney!!

Comment from State Senator Ed McBroom, submitted by a reader.

Originally posted here.  The link will open the letter.

Brought to my attention by another Michigan citizen up north on a blog post at WRSA.

Glad to see an attorney telling the Michigan Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House that the Governor is in egregious violation of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 as well as the US Constitution!

Spread the link far and wide, even if you’re not in Michigan – maybe attorneys in other states will follow this example and push back on these totalitarian violations of our rights!


3 thoughts on “UPDATED: OUTSTANDING Letter to the Michigan Governor from an Attorney!!

  1. tfA-t

    Senator Ed McBroom
    2 hrs ·

    I have thought a lot about what happened with Governor Gretchen Whitmer not just extending the stay at home order but increasing the burden in doing so on businesses and citizens. I have been taking lots of frustrated calls, emails, and posts all day. As a person with his own family business teetering on the edge, I am in the same boat as so many other desperate people calling.

    I don’t know why many of these choices were made. I suspect and believe that the governor and her people continue to believe they are making choices to minimize the death toll of the virus. I do not subscribe to any conspiracy that places our governor attempting to end Michigan’s representative democracy. Are there some politics involved? Quite probably but not to be a power-hungry dictator. I suspect instead it has to do with some over-zealousness and the usual divide between understanding the diversity of our state — rural to urban, downstate to the U.P. A prime example is the decision about keeping folks from traveling to second homes. This was a repeated request my office and others across the U.P. and the northern lower heard: “Keep people from the infected areas from coming up here where we don’t have it and don’t have the medical resources to handle a lot of out of town folks.” This new order does that but it missed how it also restricts people in those same rural areas from going to their own camp or cottage which may be just a few miles away or in the next county.

    The restrictiveness on products that stores can sell or even advertising is very troubling as well. People want fairness — if one business has to close their competitors shouldn’t be able to run the table. But this order just serves to further confuse and divide the people while not acknowledging how many activities can be can be done safely if we keep the distancing and wear masks and practice other safe hygiene. Other states are not going to these extremes, why are we finding it necessary? Why not adopt the updated list from the federal government on what qualifies as essential? Why be more restrictive all across the state than Ohio or Wisconsin? Why restrict movement within the state but say nothing about moving in and out of the state? Why ban motorized boating but allow other forms of boating? For those who want to catch up on home improvement projects while stuck at home: why are these products outlawed? These actions and questions demand answers that only the one making the decisions can give. They also lead to great concern regarding the continued infringement on people’s constitutional rights without good cause.

    I know some are now questioning the extension granted and that’s fair. But, as I’ve posted before, if we hadn’t limited it she was set to go to seventy-days. And all of us were just as blindsided by the sudden, and extensive increase in the onerous rules as everyone else. There is a bipartisan senate committee working now to release a plan soon that will ask the governor to consider switching to a process of looking at what jobs and activities can be considered safe versus ones that are not rather than essential versus non-essential. This will be rolling out in the next week.

    In the meantime, yes, the laws regarding all of this are being followed and give this power to the governor. The only way we can stop it is with super-majority votes or with the budget. We do not have the votes and the budget is set until October. My office will keep advocating for everyone we can and trying to make a difference. We will keep trying to help with unemployment applications and the dozens of other requests for service that we can. Please also share your thoughts and suggestions with Governor Whitmer by calling (517) 335-7858.

    Stay safe, healthy, and practice good social distancing so we can end this plague as soon as possible.

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