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They. Never. Stop.

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They’re like zombies – they don’t stop until you take away their authorization to inhale and exhale legislatively speaking.

“It’ll never pass,” you say.  “Trump will never sign it,” you say.  People thought the “Assault Weapons Ban” wouldn’t pass, either.  They’re going to keep throwing things against the wall until it sticks and people pass it.  And then, look out!

Let it sink in real good:  The 2nd Amendment goes, and it’s over.  It’ll be boxcars and transport trucks next.  Peace, or relative peace, only exist in this country because of two elements:  God’s Grace, and all the guns and ammo in private hands.

Every un-American gun bill imaginable is in H.R. 5717!

federal license to transport gun and ammo

cannot buy ammo for another person, like your wife or brother

poor won’t be able to afford the license

background check reform: outlaw private sales

can’t gift your guns without paying transfer fee

7 day waiting period

minimum age for purchasing firearm and ammo – 21

you have to securely store your gun – one size fits all

extend gun free school zones – all schools and everywhere that students go

red flag gun laws

silencer ban

assault weapon ban

bump stocks ban

outlawing 80% guns – every gun must have a serial number

dealer reform- require dealers to use lock metal cabinets and safes and anti theft alarms, security gates, more

industry reform

30% tax on guns on top of sales tax

50% tax on ammo

gun safety initiatives (anti gun groups)

can only purchase 1 gun a month

“You really need to hand it to the Democrats. While the American people are concerned about their health and distracted by the coronavirus, the Democrats proposed the most sweeping anti-gun legislation in American history.”

“It’s like the old adage, and one Law Enforcement Today has been warning about…when politicians, especially liberal ones are holding something in their left hand, in this case the coronavirus, watch out what they have in their right.”

-Create a nationwide gun registry

-Universal background checks

-Seven day waiting period for gun purchases

-Ban almost all semi-automatic rifles

-Institute a federal magazine ban

-Implement national “Red Flag” gun confiscation

-Tax guns at 30% and ammunition at 50%

-Ban people under 21 from exercising their Second Amendment Rights (keep in mind, Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16)

-Ration guns by making it illegal to purchase more than one firearm in a 30-day period

-Force “Safe Storage” requirements on gun owners

-Ban home builds

-Ban suppressors

-Force FFL’s to spend massive amounts of money to comply with new “security requirements”

-Expand “Gun Free Zones”

–Establish a national database of gun owners

“That is not even the worst of it. FPB reports that HR5717 would require gun owners to obtain a permit from the government to purchase guns and ammo. In addition, in order to obtain this “permit,” gun owners would be required to submit to a live-fire exercise.”

Now the tricky part. How can one participate in a “live-fire” exercise if that’s a requirement to purchase a gun in the first place? This legislation basically makes it impossible to purchase a gun as a first-time buyer.

Think about this. The government is certainly not going to provide guns and ammunition for first-time gun buyers. See where this is going?

The legislation would also repeal the law which excludes product liability for firearm manufacturers when weapons are used in the commission of a crime.


The Price Gouging Fallacy

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Very good explanation of ‘market rationing,’ which is part and parcel of basic economics.  Enjoy, and post your comments at his site!  Emphasis mine.


Wiped out: No toilet paper or paper products to be found at Walmart in Pella, Iowa. Photo Credit: Shane Vander Hart

Those who are casting those stones need a lesson in economics: The gougers are the heroes, and the hoarders are the villains.

The law of supply and demand tells us that when the demand for something skyrockets, its price will increase accordingly. This is not only natural, but it’s necessary. When we are faced with an emergency (in this case caused by fear more than anything else), the demand for critical supplies goes through the roof. If the price remains the same as it was before, which is what most people mistakenly think should happen, people will hoard that product. In other words, they will buy far more than they need. The result? A shortage. When shortages like this occur, large numbers of people are unable to obtain those critical supplies because the hoarders have selfishly bought it all up, leaving none for other people who desperately need it. Increasing prices in times of emergency are the only thing that protects us against shortages.

The so-called “gougers” are doing society a favor: they’re making sure through higher prices that people don’t hoard supplies and that others who need those supplies can obtain them.

The people who are harmed the most by shortages are the poor. Why? Because they can’t afford to stock up on critical supplies like wealthier people can. In other words, hoarding is a luxury that is not open to them. They indeed have to pay more for those supplies in times like this, but they would rather pay a higher price than be unable to obtain them at all.

Rather than shaming Amazon, everyone should be thanking them.

Some of us remember the 1973 kurfuffle known as the “Energy Crisis.” This was fueled (no pun intended) by the Arab oil embargo. When gasoline subsequently became scarce, the government imposed price controls at the pump so the “greedy” oil distributors wouldn’t “take advantage” of the situation. The result? A massive gasoline shortage, long lines at the pump, and people being unable to go anywhere for lack of gas in their cars.

A current example of this reality is the toilet paper shortage. Retail outlets like Walmart and grocery stores let us all down in a big way when people started hoarding toilet paper. As soon as they realized there was about to be a run on toilet paper, they should have immediately raised the price for it—by a lot. If they had done this, they would have curtailed the buying frenzy on toilet paper, and there wouldn’t have been a shortage. But since they failed us consumers, those shelves are now empty. This is true of several other items as well.

We intuitively think it’s cruel, selfish, and unjust to raise prices on critical supplies. Most people would condemn this as unbridled greed and malicious exploitation of those in need. I call this the Bondi Fallacy, named after Pam Bondi whose ignorance of basic economic principles drove her to outlaw price “gouging” in times of emergency. Because of her ignorance, untold numbers of people have had to do without crucial supplies they desperately needed in times of crisis.

There may be people who will take advantage of a crisis, and will genuinely act out of greed by buying up supplies and selling them at a higher price. I would argue that those people are few and far between—do we really think anyone is going to get rich selling high-priced toilet paper? But the people who are not greedy but want to do this to help others will do exactly the same thing. So at the end of the day, the motivation behind it is irrelevant.


Repelling Boarders…

Kind of gives you the impression of being on a ship, doesn’t it?

I’m not writing about dealing with pirates on the open sea, but another kind of pirate that you may soon find yourself dealing with whether you want to or not.

That’s the urban, living from EBT recharge to EBT recharge, or the low income wage earner suddenly out of a job that has several children to feed.  They’ll be just as lethal to you and yours as the pirates of old, or the more modern kind out of Somalia that were a ‘thing’ for awhile a couple years ago.

Old or new, they all understood/understand one thing:  Violence of Action, meaning, they go on to other targets when things they’re after get too expensive in terms of their lives.  Whether you face one or more, the same rules apply:

Surprise & Violence of Action against an aggressor(s) invading  your home will overcome the perps.

But what if there’s more than one and they attack from different angles?

But what if they enter from an area I’m not watching?

But what if they shoot from outside my home?

I’m sure there’s a whole bunch more questions out there like the ones above.  Basically, what you need to do is ‘own’ your home from a tactical perspective.

You need to know ALL avenues of approach (how they can get to your house, seen or unseen, any obstacles, and ‘dead space’ areas (places they can stop and not be hit by your fire or seen).

You need to determine if you can defend your home in-depth, inside or out.  How many people do you have that can take up an armed position and fire on the bad guy the same time you are, but from another angle (old timers used to call it a ‘crossfire’ – now we call it, ‘Interlocking Fields of Fire).

You need to have some sort of system that buys you time to either get in position or call in the cavalry (if they’ll come…).  Like door or window barricades.  You need to know where you can and can’t shoot inside your home where other innocents are during the invasion.  You also need to have them practice moving to your ‘safe’ spot before the repelling action starts so they’re out of the line of fire.

Most of all, you need to respond to a home invasion with your AR or AK or Scout M14 type rifle.  Remember, pistols are for surprises, once you know there’s a problem, you get your rifle.  They trump pistols 24/7.

Now’s about THE best time to do some walk-through drills in your home.   It’s only a bad idea to not start thinking and acting in a positive manner toward your family’s defense.  Remember:  Once the supply chain breaks down (and it’s slower than it ever has been) and markets, grocers, and big chain stores can’t provide food, you have about 72 hours before the danger needle goes into the red zone.


The U.S. Constitution, and in particular the Second Amendment, is the last obstacle before One World under Power

From, “The Burning Platform.”

H/T to WRSA.

The Burning Platform


Do read the whole thing first, then think about it.  Especially these paragraphs:

“China has the largest population on earth. And the United States has the most advanced healthcare system in the world. Do you know why the U.S. now has more cases of COVID-19 than any other nation currently? It’s because America was always the target. The U.S. Constitution, and in particular the Second Amendment, is the last obstacle before One World under Power.

America was sold out by the Global Corporatocracy long ago. Either by design or by never letting a crisis go to waste, it is the psychopaths in power who are now using COVID-19 as the means to lock down the world and avoid economic blame in one fell swoop. Just in time, too.”

Raw Information from Local Hospital Staff Member

This is unverified raw information – I find it interesting how military phraseology has become part of the medical lexicon.  I wonder how they’re going to describe it when they’re overwhelmed with patients?  “Overran,” maybe?

I think you might have to have face crack to see the video; I was shown by someone who has the app.  I will not have it on my pc or phone.

As Usual, Remus Nails It!!

Read the rest, here, but DO read it!

Samuel Coleman, Sunset on Lake George, 1860

Lake George  drains north via the picturesque La Chute River into Lake Champlain. Lake George became a summer resort favored by New York City’s upper crust in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It remains popular with a somewhat less august clientele.

These are your choices. They always were and they always will be.

Prepare when no one else is preparing.

Panic when everyone else is panicking.

Got food? Ammo? Meds? It’s too late now to prepare adequately for the pandemic much less the impending derailment of civilization itself. Preppers were calmly topping off their stashes in early January, at regular prices, in any quantity with lots-o’-choices. They saw the foreshadow of this emergency and acted appropriately. Prepping always looks crazy until the rug gets pulled. Paranoia is a survival tool, panic is not.

Systems are visibly collapsing. The stock market is out-crashing the 1929 debacle in both speed and depth. “No Admittance” signs are posted at hospitals and needed surgeries are being cancelled. Police aren’t responding to anything less then a murder in progress. Cities are opening the prison doors and chasing off the inmates. Food wholesalers were cleaned out in a fortnight and many can’t restock enough to matter. Others have stopped answering their phones.

Guns and ammo are selling at a record rate. Dealers say even anti-gun leftists are buying ’em. No one will say it, but it won’t take much scarcity for the perpetual EBT Diversity to go where the food and supplies are. It’s just there they’ll meet real resistance for the first time in their lives. The suburbs have learned their family freezers are worth more than social posing. Unlike the stock market, price discovery will be utterly reliable when it comes to fried chicken and a six pack.

Our Open Borders Diversities already clog the ER and get it all for free because you’re paying their bills. Activists will choose the most deserving victims and it won’t be the Deplorables. Compulsory charity can’t be any other way. Tribal loyalty or redemption will be served. Either way, traditional Americans are a problem to be solved and inaction leaves no fingerprints.

The CDC had one job. Virology. Other countries had reliable test kits ready to go, in sufficient quantity to be useful. The technology is decades old yet the “renowned” CDC managed to botch it. The CDC distributed excuses and promises. N95 masks? Ventilators? Um, no. Maybe eventually, their Top Men are working on it. Somehow they always have plenty of everything to “fight the epidemic of obesity and racism” but not enough to perform their mandate. The CDC is useless and incompetent, an 11 billion dollar scam, benefiting no one except otherwise unemployable social activists.

And He’s Not the Only One…. Op-Ed.

[First image looks a lot like a WWII Nazi check point, don’t it?]  Emphasis mine.

I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights

22 Mar, 2020 11:46 / Updated 1 day ago
I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights
Do we really think “it can’t happen here” in America? Could we quarantine the constitution? Are we doing it already?

Panics from pandemics unleash unchecked governmental power. The very premise of popular films like V for Vendetta reveal this: a group uses a virus to seize power and create a totalitarian society. Anyone could witness this from far-off lands, watching the news about China locking people up in their own homes and then removing them screaming from those homes whenever the state wanted. World War I and the Great Depression birthed virulent forms of governments with leaders like Hitler, Mao, Mussolini and Stalin.


Lockdowns, curfews. Troops on the streets. Governments handing out free cash. This utter madness was entirely avoidable

Governments across America already used the pandemic, and the media-stoked panic around the pandemic particularly, to limit, restrict or remove First Amendment freedoms of speech and free association, with officials complaining about the potential restraints the freedom of religion imposed upon them.  Others denied or declared the right to deny Second Amendment rights of gun purchase for personal safety (at a time governments are issuing no-arrest and no-detention orders for a wide range of crimes in their community while publicly freeing inmates from jails and prisons). They want to coordinate with tech companies to surveil and spy on your everyday movements and activities, in violation of the Fourth Amendment and potentially waive, unilaterally, your medical right to privacy in multiple contexts. Stay-at-home orders deprive you of your profession, occupation, business and property, without any due process of law at all beyond an executive fiat in violation of the Fifth Amendment right to due process. Governments request the authority to involuntarily imprison any American on mere fear of infection without any probable cause of crime or clear and present danger of harm by that person’s volitional conduct, deny access to personal counsel in an unsupervised, un-surveilled manner in violation of the Sixth Amendment, and act as judge, jury and executioner in violation of the Seventh Amendment right to a trial by jury, as jury trials themselves get suspended around the country in the nation’s quieted courts and fear-muted public.

The real pandemic threat is here. It’s the panic that will quarantine our Constitution.

First Amendment Quarantined?

Already, governments in America suspended the First Amendment freedom of millions of citizens with shutdown, stay-at-home, curfew orders that prohibit obtaining a petition for a public protest, or even being physically present for a public protest. Indeed, even meetings in “more than ten” are prohibited by various governing jurisdictions within the United States. Surprising places like Missouri did so. Towns like Hartford did so. Maryland soon followed suit. The effect of the stay-at-home orders of New YorkCaliforniaNevadaIllinois and Pennsylvania [ and now Michigan] effectively achieve the same outcome. Other governing officials recognized the dubious lawlessness of these orders, but remain outliers. Remember the Hong Kong protests? Gone. Remember the Yellow Vest protests? Soon to be gone. Seen any protests on American streets today? A pandemic is here. Protests gone. Constitution quarantined.

ALSO ON RT.COMCovid-19 dismantles the hollow commandments of European liberalism

Second Amendment Quarantined?

But that is not all. Under the guise of “unnecessary businesses,” “emergency powers,” or simply by furloughing or reducing staff in the background checks department, governments show the willingness to limit Second Amendment rights as well as First Amendment protections. Mayors declare the right to ban gun sales, governments declare no background-check personnel to process a background check, delaying gun sales indefinitely, and other governments simply shut down all gun sales businesses entirely. Most worrisome, this happens while governments release inmates into the streets, and discussreleasing even more, and, at the same time, issue no-arrest and no-detention orders from Philadelphia to Fort Worth for a wide range of criminals. Want to defend yourself, give yourself a deep sense of personal protection that comes with gun ownership for many, as the Second Amendment safeguards? Well, no luck, according to too many of our governing overlords. A pandemic is here. Self-protection sacrificed. Constitution quarantined.

Fourth Amendment Quarantined?

Few protections are more American than the right to privacy against coerced, compelled, secretive, subversive invasion. The government operates like a virus in a case of a pandemic panic, infecting our minds and bodies, monitoring speech, association and movement, with tools of surveillance unthought-of to the founders. Coordinating with private companies (unrestrained by the Fourth Amendment; why do you think NSA uses them to gather all your emails, conversations, texts, and internet searches, at the first stage?), governments used the panic about the pandemic, a panic the government itself stoked with aid of a compliant, complicit press, to waive your medical privacy and invade your personal privacy, looking for tools to monitor your every movement, associations, activities, and behavior. The watching eye in the sky can now be the Alexa in your home, the camera on your computer, and the phone in your hand. A pandemic is here. Privacy ended. Constitution quarantined.

Fifth Amendment Quarantined?

The protection for our right to make a living arises from the Fifth Amendment right to property without deprivation by due process of law, and the obligation for the government to compensate any such takings. Yet, governments across America did just that to millions of businesses, workers, and property owners, stripping them of their ability to make a living, or even to engage in a free market of commerce, by shutdown orders, curfews, and stay-at-home orders. The political and professional class ensconced in its work-from-home environs fails to appreciate the hardship this imposes on working people. No compensation. No substitution. No wages. No revenues. No opportunity. Labor lost that can never be recovered, ever, while it leaves our economy teetering on the edge of a worst-ever depression. The foundation of government is to protect the pursuit of happiness. Now all we get to pursue is Netflix-and-chill and hope miracles happen to pay next week’s bills, and pray the market doesn’t crash like in 1929. A pandemic is here. Opportunity & property gone. Constitution quarantined.


Our founders were intimately familiar with pandemics, viruses and plagues, yet they did not allow any to suspend our Constitutional liberties. Not one word in the Constitution about plagues or pandemics to exempt the government from any of our Bill of Rights. Why do our current courts allow it? Because the public is asleep at the wheel. Think the pandemic threatens to kills us all? A review of the data shows the pandemic is more panic than plague.

Time to wake up. Maybe it is time in the motto of V for Vendetta, to “Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.” As that film’s lead character well said: “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” Only when an awake public asserts their human liberties to protest the loss of their liberties will, then, governments quit using public health crises to seize power that does not belong to them. The answer to 1984 is still 1776.

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