Denninger on the Definition of a ‘Right’

Here (H/T to WRSA).  It’s worth reading.  Did I mention it’s worth reading?

If you’re a ‘Super Trumper,’ consider objectively putting the President’s support of the 2nd Amendment to an acid test and see if Denninger isn’t being brutally honest (and, IMHO, in today’s state of our nation, we really need to be brutally honest when it comes to our elected leaders).

Read the whole thing, but here’s a snippet that is basically, “Rights 101” (emphasis in the original):

“Most of the Bill of Rights deals with declaring rights that pre-exist government.  All government.   Not just the United States and its government but all governments throughout the time of Man on this rock.  A government can disrespect a right but it cannot grant it because to grant something you must first have it.

The First Amendment is a declaration of pre-existing rights — to speak, to gather for peaceful purpose (such as debate, demonstration and similar) and to worship (or not) as one chooses.  No government can grant that as a privilege because it never had any of that to begin with.

The Second Amendment is a declaration of the pre-existing right to self-defense of one’s life and those around you who you happen to choose to defend against any and all who would take said life from either you or they through force.  No government can grant that as a privilege because the government did not give you the right to defend life itself; you were endowed with that by the virtue of your humanity.  One can only forfeit same in a lawful system by committing one or more acts of equal gravity to your own self-defense, which must be proved.

The Fourth Amendment is a declaration that once you acquire something through lawful means it is yours on an exclusive basis.  That is, the government cannot rifle through it at whim.  Your right to exclusive possession and privacy of same is absolute with one exception: After a showing of probable cause that it is the instrumentality of an offense against a valid law.

The Fifth Amendment is a declaration that one has the absolute right to shut the **** up.  Government cannot compel you to speak even if doing so would incriminate you.”  

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