As Tempus is Fugiting (H/T to Pete at WRSA) REALLY Fast Now….a Public Service Announcement

It might be time to break open that little nest egg and BLOAT!!  Just hope it’s not too late!

Buy it cheap (never been cheaper than it is now) and stack it deep!  Don’t sweat buying on line, either – you’re already on a list if you’ve ever bought with a credit card or check.  Just. Get. The. Ammo!  For both rifle AND pistol/revolver!!

Here’s a good place to start:

And, don’t forget the other expendable resource for your chosen defensive platforms:  Magazines.  Basic rule of thumb:  Half the money paid for a platform (rifle OR pistol) should be spent on magazines, ie, you paid a grand for your rifle, you buy $500 in magazines.  Remember, they’re an expendable item!!  Right now you can get 10 aluminum 30 round mags at Palmetto State Armory for $90 with free shipping!  Can’t beat that with a stick!  Hurry, expires sometime tommorow!

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