Virginia – WRSA Post Comments

Really interesting commentary there – looks as if there’s going to be ‘some doins’ on 20 Jan 2020.  I hope the day is peaceful, but reading the comments at WRSA, there are definitely some provocateurs looking to start something…anything.

Or as Phil from, “The Vulgar Curmudgeon,” in the comments about half way down (when I checked) ‘Two words:  Pig. Trap.’

4 thoughts on “Virginia – WRSA Post Comments

  1. Notwende

    Excellent! You mention Phil!
    I consider him a friend and I am proud being part of his (virtual) tribe!
    Plus, I don’t think what’s going on right now in Virginia is going to lead towards a satisfying solution for anyone considering the flare-up in temperaments and grandstanding by many individuals. My thoughts (if you permit) from a somewhat disconnect European viewpoint:

  2. anonymous

    A lot of people are worried we are going to get a scenario like the Waco Biker rally at the Twin Peaks restaurant in 2015. An altercation starts, police begin shooting and you get a lot of innocents hurt, more arrests and a media feeding frenzy on how ‘2A people started the trouble’.

    Never mind the reason why 2A was there in the 1st place …

  3. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Was very possible – to the minute, as far as I’m aware, it turned out very peacefully. Patriotic Americans outnumbered the leftists about 10 to 1. Which, I believe, is why it ended peacefully. Thanks be to God!

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