Another Reason to “BLOAT”….

(Buy Lots of Ammo TODAY!)

From Pet’s place….WRSA, here.

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3 thoughts on “Another Reason to “BLOAT”….

  1. anonymous

    Yep, handwriting is grafittied on the wall, sometime in near future, available ammunition may become much more difficult to purchase, especially anonymously. Now is the time for due diligence.

  2. No man

    It doesn’t have to all burn down. This thing is ours. While Donald Trump is not anyone’s savior, he is ripping a hole in the 24hr a day corruption cesspit of our capitol city. I don’t even care why. He’s doing it. For those who think they will be the warlords of a dystopia American wasteland…get over yourself. This is not a video game. Here’s the deal…We are in this world, not of it. 300,000 men are needed to march heavy to Wash DC. Talk endlessly about your preps, or be available. 300,000. A miliion more will watch and wait to see what happens. Be the 300,000 or at least the Million. Stand by.

  3. Defensive Training Group Post author

    You’re exactly right – this isn’t a video game. What you suggest will take some really detailed planning. A few questions: How many you got so far? What’s your vetting strategy to keep your enemy out of your ranks? Who’s in command? What’s the mission? What’s the end result? What’s the exit strategy? Is everyone going to simply have a spontaneous moment? What kind of logistical support do you have to sustain your 300K ‘heavy’ men? Medical support? How’s your logistics train looking? And what’s your plan after you get there?

    Reasonable questions to your observation. Otherwise, if you have no reasonable answers, you’re simply trolling.

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