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Right Now….TODAY….at PSA, You Can Get an AR Kit for UNDER $300



Ammo is cheaper than it ever has been, so are magazines.  So are replacement parts.  So are upgrades.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my Yugo M48 and my other rifles, but if I gotta defend hearth and home, I’d really rather have an AR with about 4,000 rounds of barrier blind ammo and about 20 mags…..along with another couple thousand practice rounds and some range time.

Get thee hence and upgrade your ‘survival’ armory.


The ‘dumbing down’ started long ago, and its fruit is now ripe on the vine.  Here’s where we are in 2019….imagine where we will be, in 2020, 21, 22….

“Self-determination, which has nothing to do with self-government but has become confused with it, is barbarous and reactionary: by sanctioning secession, it invites majorities and minorities to be intransigent and irreconcilable. It is stipulated in the principle of self-determination that they need not be compatriots because they will soon be aliens. There is no end to this atomization of human society. Within the minorities who have seceded there will tend to appear other minorities who in their turn will wish to secede.”

Walter Lippmann, U.S. War Aims (Boston: Little, Brown, 1944), p. 174.

Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War” by Patrick J. Buchanan


“Lady Balls”

A mother….with the heart of a lion bolstered by common sense and a good notion of what her rights are and and what will happen if they are restricted to oblivion.  You know, like the communists who call themselves ‘progressives’ and ‘socialists’ want to do NOW.

Read about this act of courage in the heart of a communist rally at Breitbart, here.

And practice echoing her statement with conviction:

“HELL NO, you’re NOT taking MY GUNS!”

And then don’t give your vote to people who believe the Bill of Rights (actually should be called, “The Bill of Prohibitions on the Government”) are flexible, can be stretched and interpreted until they no longer resemble the English they were written in.


The Results of Communists Acting ‘For the Greater Good’

I received a couple of jpgs over the transom and thought, taken together,  they provide a quick and simple way to demonstrate what happens when you disarm a country or a people.  No long diatribe, just a couple of pics loaded with facts.

Right now, today, we have general election candidates and serving politicians (who are, in fact, communist) shouting from the rooftops to begin the wholesale disarmament of the American nation.  Well then, let’s see what these same actions have accomplished over the last……oh, say 119 years across the world.

Now let’s take the latest example, Venezuela, and examine it just a bit more closely:

Let’s see…..socialist president, check.  Socialist medicine, check.  Free college, check.  Ban gun ownership, check.  Opposition to socialist government imprisoned, check.  Food and healthcare become like ‘dark humor’ – not everyone gets it, check.  Constitution and elections suspended, check.

UNARMED CITIZENS (who most likely voted in the crap they’re getting) MASSACRED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT, check.

The narrative hasn’t changed in over 100 years.  Show this to your left supporting friends and relatives and ask them to disprove it.  They can’t.

Then, go get yourself another AR or AK, a couple of cases of ammo, and get to the range.  And then, of course, do the other things you need to for preparation of the next few years.  If you think the unrest of the 60’s was severe, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  Just pay attention to Venezuela.  Maybe look at what happened in Bosnia.

Oh, and voting for Trump?  If you want to stave off what’s coming, you might want to consider it, unless you’re one of those sick bastards that wants to see this country devolve into its own hellish war.

One last thing:  A socialist is a communist who hasn’t found his/her AK-47 yet.  Mike Vanderbeogh said that, and it was right on the money.