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Now, truth be told, I don’t think this has a chance in hell of passing both chambers of Congress.  However, I do think this is a trial balloon, to see where and who might resist this are, and of what party (yes, even some democrats would not sign on to this).  Even if it was unanimous in the House and Senate, and the President signed it, enforcing it would be the mother of all conflagrations.  At least, in my opinion.  But, you should read it to see what they’re up to….

Me?  I’ve read it, and I’m headed to the range tomorrow.  With a bolt gun, and an AR, and a pistol, AND a revolver.  Be there most of the day.  I hope you do the same.

“I know you all don’t want to read this but you should. It’s not an Assault Weapons Ban it’s a complete GUN BAN.

My sources the Corporation is desperate & expect a Big False Flag when school starts to spark the Safety & Welfare of Children just like Germany.

Remington 870 Shotgun & Remington R700 Bolt Action are included it’s a complete irradication of all guns. In other words it’s UN Gun Ban …






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