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“Come and hike with me, Grandpa and Grandma!”

Updated from June 18.

Can you get up and hike with your grandchildren?  Does your lifestyle demonstrate that you would most likely resemble these grandparents?

Or these?

Both sets of grandparents pictured above will have an influence on their grandchildren.  Based solely on their images, which generation will most likely grow to be active & healthy, all things being equal?  Following that, which generation has a better chance of positively influencing the future and conserving Western Civilization?

Many readers here are grandparents, and those grandchildren are the future of Western Civilization.  Without the rudder of western values, they will founder in the stream of the world.  As grandparents, we can, and should, cultivate our grandchildren by mentoring them in traditional customs, beliefs, and values.  To ignore this wonderful duty is to abandon the future.  Therefore, set the example for them.  Turn off the tube, get out into the air, do physical things with them.  Teach them the skills you have.  They crave it, and if you don’t fill the void, someone else will….and not necessarily those who embrace the values you do…

We proved this out to ourselves the last 10 days with our own grandchildren; walking, playing, chasing, bouncing on trampolines with them, taking them shooting (they absolutely LOVED the clay pigeon targets), team cooking on the grill, teaching them how to read and plot a map, read a compass, set declination, and watching good movies together.

We had a ball!  And slept for 10 hours when we got home yesterday.

Normal posting to resume in a couple days.