PSA for the DTG Readership – The Definition of ‘Free Speech’ Applied to Blog Commentary

With my motivation to save myself, as well as others, time when they might be inclined to ‘flame’ any post here or any member of the DTG staff, I offer this Public Service Announcement:

I have noticed that many proponents of ‘free speech’ conflate that to mean ‘license to say anything anywhere without consequence.’   That is a patently false perspective on the part of those who like to take license and spew venom in the comments section of any blog while claiming, “First Amendment, free speech!”

For the slow ones, the First Amendment applies to a citizen’s right to speak freely on or about political subjects with no interference from the federal government.  It does not mean ‘free rein’ to say anything that comes to mind without having oneself bounced from a site.

So, here’s the cornerstone of the rules here:  This is my blog.  It is not a government entity.  Therefore, I have no obligation to allow rude, denigrating statements by any commenter on any subject.  And, I won’t.

The requirements for comments to be posted are in plain sight at the comment block.

Anyone who violates those rules are blocked from further comment.  In fact, I reserve the right to not give ‘do overs.’  This ain’t kindergarten.  Let your conscience be your guide.

Have a very DTG day.

Addendum:  I truly appreciate those who provide thoughtful commentary even when disagreeing, most especially when it’s done with objectivity, lack of rancor, and mutual respect and courtesy.  Most commenters do that – it’s the small percentage that this post is aimed at, simply because I don’t want to waste the time bouncing them or deleting their comments.

Feel free to comment! Debates are welcome, so long as they add to the discussion. Ad hominem attacks, accusations, uncontrolled vitriol, thread hijacks, personal threats, or any comment that otherwise detracts from DTG's stated mission will not be approved or posted. Repeat violators will be banned.

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