Anti-Gun Social and Cultural Marxists Weep – Good Guy Takes Out Bad Guy WITH A GUN!

From ‘‘:


Liberals love to mock the idea that a good guy with a gun can take out a bad guy with a gun, saying it’s absurd that an untrained non-law enforcement officer could possibly save lives and stop an armed madman. It happens all the time and liberals get around this fact by ignoring it in favor of their bogus anti-gun narrative. They will most certainly brush off what happened in Oklahoma when a potential mass shooter was stopped dead in his tracks by a hero with a gun.

Fox News reports:

A man “opened fire” Thursday in an Oklahoma restaurant, leaving at least four people injured, before he was fatally shot by a bystander, police said.

The gunfire unfolded at about 6:30 p.m. local time at Louie’s on the Lake in Oklahoma City…

The unidentified shooter entered the restaurant and fired his gun, Oklahoma City Police…added that four people had been injured.

The man, police said, “was apparently shot-to-death by an armed citizen” outside the restaurant and there was “no indication of terrorism.”

Another thing that there is no indication of is a mass casualty event, thanks to a good guy with a gun. Police report that one of the injured was in serious condition but there are no reported fatalities besides the gunman. Of the 4 injured it appears that only two were shot and they are expected to survive, including the one in serious condition.

The two gunshot victims are described as a mother and daughter who were at the restaurant celebrating a birthday. The police at this point do not know if the gunman knew the victims or if this was a random attack.

There’s obviously a lot of things that aren’t known about this shooting, but one thing is for sure: an armed good guy took out an armed bad guy. Whatever the motive of the gunman, whether he wanted to commit a mass shooting or was targeting someone specific, he went to the restaurant to kill people and was stopped by an average person who was carrying a firearm.

I guarantee that everyone at that establishment who wasn’t killed is glad they don’t live in a liberal city and state where people are denied the right to carry a gun. I’m sure they are also thankful that there happened to be a hero present in the face of evil.

So the way it works on the left is that when an insane person breaks dozens of laws and kills people in a gun-free zone, they blame the gun. They don’t however give the gun any credit for stopping a potential mass shooting. I tend to believe that people are responsible for the things they do, both good and bad, but if liberals are going to blame guns when people use them for bad things, they ought to praise guns when people use them to save lives.

The liberal media of course will not spend any time on this story because it’s not “sexy” like a mass shooting and it doesn’t help promote their anti-gun agenda. It’s kind of hard to argue that people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns when a person with a gun saved so many lives.


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