Re-Reading Savage Continent – A Prescient Warning

Just understand that a WROL/SHTF situation here, in our country, will be similar to the aftermath of WWII in Europe…..this work could go into the ‘Required Reading’ list of any prepper or patriot community member, and rightfully should…..

When reading, a recurring pattern becomes apparent to the reader:  The liberated, unless very, very careful, may well become the same, or very similar too, those they were liberated from, and foist the same barbarities on those whom they now over power, thus negating any claim to ‘righteousness’ they may have believed they had by being the oppressed.

My personal lesson after reading:  Do not, no matter what, resort to the same tactics as the barbarians you fight, because you will become what they were, and if that occurs, what was the fight about in the first place? If you become who they are, they have won, even after you’ve killed them.  To paraphrase a movie quote, “….you may have to live as animals, but you will not become animals…..”

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Imagine a world without institutions. No governments. No school or universities. No access to any information. No banks. Money no longer has any worth. There are no shops, because no one has anything to sell. Law and order are virtually non-existent because there is no police force and no judiciary. Men with weapons roam the streets taking what they want. Women of all classes and ages prostitute themselves for food and protection…

Thus opens Keith Lowe’s Savage Continent, an unrelenting non-fiction account of ground truth across Europe at the close of World War II and the years immediately thereafter. Based largely on primary sources on both sides of the Iron Curtain, Lowe takes the reader into a world obscured for multiple reasons by both victor and vanquished alike.

What is most chilling about Savage Continent is its blending of individual tales of brutality, deprivation, and survival with the national…

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