5 comments on “Rediscovering the Beretta M9 – Range Update

  1. Cool . I’m glad you found a great deal. No experience whatsoever with them, my ‘wondernine’ of choice is the CZ-75. An aquaintence has a 9mm and .40 S&W so I have some experience with them. Pretty accurate (the 9mm anyway) and magazines are very easy to find. Some bad luck with after market magazines, so he now sticks to factory and has been smooth sailing ever since. Gobbles various brands with no problems.

  2. Ishka. All I got to carry when I was in was one of those crappy old WWI Colt 45s. Not that I’m complaining. Even as sloppy as the parts were, I managed to qualify expert six years running. (Not that that means anything these days ‘cuz now my eyes are so bad I can’t even see the barn!)

    But, gosh, now I want to find a new toy. Down, Dog! Down!

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