7 comments on “From a Comment at WRSA

  1. Thank you so much for not just linking, but putting up my post.

    It’s information that needs to get out. Too many people, ESPECIALLY my fellow Jews, think “Well, that couldn’t happen here”.

  2. You’re quite welcome; that post was the best I’ve seen in a long, long while on the need to stay armed! It never fails to surprise me to no end some of the Jews I know REFUSE to even discuss what happened to their own relatives and people! I am in total agreement with your post/position on it happening here.

    I’ve put your blog in my favorites; you’re welcome here any time! Oh…and don’t let what you see over at WRSA and possibly other sites get to you. Feel free to drop a line to the blog email when you get a mind to do so. ‘defensivetraininggroup@live.com’

  3. I have now… 🙂 I’m also familiar with Dr. Warner, as I have several of his books in my library. Very well laid out. Also, Dr. Gary North has illustrated the population growth issue of Islam several times on his site.

  4. Thing is the ‘sensible’ will agree with the sentiment and reasoning of this article.
    Except the world isn’t full of ‘sensible’.
    It’s split into people who are, others who are told what to think and those who can’t or won’t think, aka the stupid.

    That’s 3:1 against sensible.

    ‘Sensible’ also doesn’t use the emotion driven anger, revulsion, and loss, of a disaster to make things better because that’s the wrong thing to do.
    Reasoned argument is how they think.

    Problem after that is we are back to that 3:1 split.
    The stupid waiting patiently to be told what to think by those they appointed into power.
    Thus government wins every time.

    They LOVE emotion, fear, and ignorance because they use that to keep them in power.
    Together with the media (if it bleeds it leads), they then go to work playing on those fears, enhancing them to fever pitch by blowing even the tiniest of minor event into a crisis and beyond.

    Then, they simply step forward to ‘save the people’.

    Bottom line?
    Sensible will never win until it learns to manipulate the sheeple as shamelessly as government.

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