Challenge Accepted….

Shamelessly stolen from, “The Vulgar Curmudgeon,” here.

Challenge Accepted, Your Move



3 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted….

  1. everlastingphelps

    The ones doing the prying will be the ones at the end of the stack. Probably the second stack.

    Y’all remember that when you’re deciding how to stack up.

  2. lewisp

    It always seems like these guys have no limits as to their inflammatory rhetoric. Nothing is out of bounds, nothing is too outrageous. Nobody ever really calls them on their crap.The cries of “free speech” always seem to save them from any sort of persecution, legal or social. Pretty comfortable conditions to be able to say and do whatever you want, when the “law” is protecting you. You can make all the signs you want and be a tough guy to everybody you meet, as you are risking nothing. I sometimes wonder if these people really believe their own bu!l$hit, or are they just pushing the envelope to see how far they can go, just how much they can get away with, supported by the constant adulation of the media and their peers motivating and applauding them.
    I always seem to come back to the simple math about this standoff, as in who has the guns, who has the numbers, and who has the will to actually use real force. Hard to say how it could go. The left seems to believe the government has their back and will protect them from the evil right-wing gun people. As soon as it becomes politically costly, the left might be abandoned by the government, and the libs will have to stand on their own and may have to answer for their actions, without big brother standing behind them. I don’t think the rank and file leftie will have the sand for that, and will likely make sure they are elsewhere when it “get’s real”.

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