I Carry A Handgun Because (2018):

Found this over at Wirecutter’s place.   Do read the whole thing.  Well worth your time.

I Carry A Handgun Because (2018)

I Carry A Handgun Because (2018):


This is a topic I last addressed on this scruffy little blog in August of 2016. In light of recent events, and the newly energized anti-liberty/Second Amendment movement, it’s time for an update.

I do not advertise the fact that I carry a concealed handgun, or that I am an instructor. However, on the occasions when this comes up, people are often amazed. Not because I am a diminutive wisp of a fellow–I’m anything but, and if I do say so myself, and I do, I’m roguishly masculine (anyway, Mrs. Manor likes me)–but because I am an English teacher and singer, and my default facial expression is a smile. The usually resulting conversation:

Friend:  “Really?  You carry a gun?”

Me:  “Yup.”

Friend: “Where?”

Me:  “Everywhere.”

Friend: “Everywhere?!”

Me: “I even carry a spear gun in the shower.”

Friend:  “No!”

Me:  “No; but everywhere else.”

Friend:  “But why?”

I usually hit on a few of the high points, issues of logic, common sense, gentle persuasion enabling those that already know me to accept a side of me previously unimagined. Employing my most frequently used weapon–the keyboard–let us, gentle readers, reason together.


1 thought on “I Carry A Handgun Because (2018):

  1. lewisp

    Had this same experience myself. People are very surprised when they “discover” I am armed. People I have known for years, and participated in many and various activities with. It really causes mouth agape followed by some form of “who the hell ya gonna shoot!”. When I tell them truthfully, they have never seen me anywhere, doing anything, where I was not armed, most just cannot fathom it. There is no use trying to explain anything to these people. I don’t even try to explain it anymore. I can try to explain it, but I can’t understand it for you. The believers already believe and protect themselves and others already. Most will never ever try.

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