6 comments on “UPDATE: Product Review: Waxed Cotton Fire Starters

  1. Very cool. I make a product similar to this at home, melting small amounts of paraffin wax and IMMERSING cotton sash cord (window curtain cordage) in the container. Allow a minute or so to become fully impregnated. Pull out with tool (HOT Stuff – use care!) and hang to allow to cool for a few minutes. Cut to shape – approximately 25 will fill a 35mm fllm container.

    Not my idea – I read this in one of Len McDougall’s books and it works well. Thank you for your review.

  2. Those who have bought from reading here said they wished the listing had the ones with jute in them. If you put in the notes or send an email you found them here Ill mix and match what you want at no additional cost. This is a thank you for supporting this site. Halfpint45
    Always clearing my 6 God Bless

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