10 comments on “Re-Post – Essential Skills: Land Navigation – Get the Best Map You Can Find

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    Solid advice from DTG. Everything I and others have written about land nav are tips and techniques to assist you when you attend an actual land nav course. You’ve spent the big bucks on your weapon systems, and to learn how to use them effectively. You paid the big bucks for that high-speed, low-drag kit and the same to learn small unit tactics. You’ve got your PT, intel and med training squared away. But if you can’t get your team to the objective and back….what’s the use of it all? Go get some professional training.

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  3. I’ve bought my maps from the USGS for about 30 years. Mytopo.com is great. it’s free as long as you download. Most are scaled 1:24000 so make sure you have a tool with that scale on it. You’re gonna need a plotter to print them out properly though. Fortunately I have one in the company shop where I sneak one through now and again. You can also send the downloaded file to a local blueprint company. Cost is about 4 bucks per print.

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  5. BTW, caveat to remember with the natgeo PDFs is that they are at about 70% scale, so your protractor is going to be such a pain in the ass as to be useless.

  6. Thanks for stopping by; and that’s why we choose the actual 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 maps. I can see where the NATGEO maps would be really good for familiarization or quick reference, but not for actual route plotting….

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