5 comments on “Re-Post: Essential Skills: Field Craft 1 – Land Navigation

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  2. I have the basic Suunto and Brunton clear plastic compasses, all the way up to the $500 Brunton transit (aka US M2) at work, and I have found nothing that beats the G.I. lensatic compass I learned on over 40 yrs ago. Buy a good one today and it will be with you your whole life.
    I have 2 WW2 G.I. issue compasses that still work just fine.

  3. Just watched all three videos and read your article on the subject. I am fired up for more. Went looking for “Part 4” on his YouTube channel and came up dry! As a flight instructor knowing the importance of navigation the “old school” way this is an outstanding primer for anyone to learn. In addition, the Brunton Tru-arc 20 set appears to cover the bill for using either the USGS or MGRS mapping systems. Cannot thank you enough for posting this very important education for those of like mind.

    Semper Vigilans

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