7 comments on “Product Review: Nikwax ‘Cotton Proof’

  1. You mentioning fabric softener made me think, does this waterproofing reflect UV?

  2. Good find!
    I’m going to give this stuff a try.
    Ohio spring turkey hunting season tends to be wet and rainy at least half of the days.
    I’ve got several pairs of 100% cotton camo cargo style pants and a couple lightweight jackets, along with some that are cotton/nylon blends.
    All my high tech fabric hunting clothes are insulated, sometimes late April-early May temps are 60’s and 70’s in the afternoons, so no good for spring hunting most years.
    Wonder how well it works on cotton canvas clothing? They claim it works on canvas tents, so it should work on cotton canvas clothing.
    I’ve got some cotton canvas pants that are great for going through brush that has lots of briars and other sharp things that tend to rip the cotton/nylon blends.

  3. Pretty damn good! Train wasn’t torrential, but the water beaded piety good. Equal to our better than camp dry type products. I’m looking now to see how long between treatments.

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